Hello Kitty Boxers

See, things can get worse. I should have seen this coming, but part of living in Hello Kitty Hell is also living in denial that things will one day get better. It was bad enough when my wife was wearing Hello Kitty underwear, but now she wants me to wear it. Today I received a pair of Hello Kitty boxers:

Hello Kitty boxers
Hello Kitty boxers
Hello Kitty boxers
As you can see, not only are they Hello Kitty boxers, but Hello Kitty is in her famous “1974” original pose where she appears to be flipping me off. And you read the writing on the front correctly: “The Purr-fect Pal! She’s The Cat’s Meow!” Somehow that feels quite appropriate for Hello Kitty Hell – being mocked by a character on my underwear.

I imagine that it’s going to be extremely hard to keep my manly respect if I ever have to wear these which once again brings me too the Hello Kitty Hell catch 22. If I don’t wear them, then my wife will assume that I don’t appreciate the gift. Since non appreciation usually relegates me to the couch and the Hello Kitty sleeping bag for a week, sometime in the near future I am going to actually have to wear these (and make sure my wife sees that I am wearing them) or tempt my couch sleeping fate.

Just the thought of it is sending shivers down my spine…

30 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Boxers

  1. Maybe they’re girls boxers, like boy shorts? Cuz I have HK boy shorts and theyre definitely not for a guy. These shorts would look great with a black bra or tank. Where did she buy it?

  2. Ok my husband totally needs those! One more thing to hunt down! It would be SOOOO much easier if you would just tell me where I can get these things.

  3. I have no idea where she finds this stuff and really have no desire to learn since that would merely indicate to her that I actually have an interest in Hello Kitty which would make my Hello Kitty Hell even worse than it is…

  4. Maybe you can wash the boxers over and over until the Hello Kitty disappear.

    Just be glad that at least the Hello Kitty appeared discretely on your boxer. I’ve once seen a pair of bright pink Hello Kitty boxer with a huge Hello Kitty head on each butt cheek, imagine wearing that!

    H&M carried an entire line of Hello Kitty lingerie in Eastern Europe, which totally shocked me because I thought Hello Kitty was an Asian thing.

  5. could you tell me where to get a pair of these please cos my friend loves hello kitty so it would make an awesome pressie .. please someone help me out

  6. I think you need to do the laundry this week. With extra bleach. With any luck, HK will be devoured by a huge “oops” bleach hole.

    Be sure to feign repentance.

    Or you can eat a bunch of Ring-Dings and drink beer until you can’t fit in them.

    I’m female, so Sanrio does make the “zomg, cute!” genetic buzzer sound, but HK herself has never done it for me. Two cheap Chococat items is where I draw the line. There’s cute, with a cat, and then there’s rot-your-teeth cute, with another cat. I’m too rock’n’roll to get too cute. 😉

  7. You HAVE to tell me where to get those. Or I will actually buy them off u!
    Seriously, I wanna get my bf a pair for his birthday to piss the hell out of him. And to make me laugh. Cant find them anywhere! x

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