Is This A Hello Kitty Fan Site???

Apparently the public relations firm that is promoting the new Sanrio site believes so:

Stumbled across your blog when I was doing searches for hellokitty stuff. Nice blog. Let me introduce myself first. I’m Allan Lianza, I work for Outblaze Limited. We provide online services to our clients. One of these clients are Sanrio. We run, a site that offers email, forum, games, video uploads and etc. We were wondering if you can post a PR of our new upgrades to the site? Its just a simple press release nothing fancy. I’m attaching a copy in this email if your interested.

Hoping for your reply and thanks!


Allan Lianza
Content Support Supervisor

????!!!???? (shaking head in disbelief) I thought it was a joke from one of my readers when I first saw it, but sure enough, a press release was attached. I attribute it to Hello Kitty fanatics not being able to comprehend that a negative word could ever be uttered against her. That is the only logical reason someone promoting a Hello Kitty site would ask me to help…I’m trying to escape.

Isn’t that typical Hello Kitty Hell for you? I complain and ridicule Hello Kitty fanatics and then the company that runs Hello Kitty asks me to help promote Hello Kitty. This nightmare is becoming even worse than I imagined….

26 thoughts on “Is This A Hello Kitty Fan Site???

  1. Who is doing the PR for Hello Kitty in Indonesia? Any ideas. We are devoted Hello Kitty fans at Indo Pacific Reputation Management Consultants – yep even the kitty without a mouth has a reputation she has to manage. Keep up the good work. Loved the red devil version of HK.

  2. OK, this is starting to freak even me out (and I live in Hello Kitty Hell) – Hello Kitty pr representatives trying to hook up with other Hello Kitty pr representatives on a Hello Kitty Hell blog and thinking that I would even want to know this. I do not like how this is developing…

  3. I bet they did read your website and noticed your wife’s fanbase collecting here. It’s smart of them.
    Just found your blog tonight and read the whole thing – hilarious! Well, not for you, sorry. I happened to search the web for a HK Tee for my daughter and found you. When you mentioned your love life with the bra and then boxers, I couldn’t help but think of the item I saw a few websites back – the Hello Kitty personal massager for women. “HK sits happily atop her rocket.” My condolences in Hello Kitty Hell. May your wife never see it.

  4. Hi, do you know where i could donate my hello kitty stuff toys?, i have so many and i’m really sad that i cannot bring them to my new place, is it ok if i post here? you seem to be a nice guy having hello kitty items, you’re a fan perhaps? thanks….

  5. Did I just read that correctly??? This is going downhill quickly…Please do not post any hello Kitty items here – I have far too many already to deal with than to have this place turn into a Hello Kitty trading place.

    Seriously, see how Hello Kitty Hell follows me around and how Hello Kitty fanatics have no clue to the realities around them. how could anyone imagine that I like Hello Kitty???

  6. You poor dear – you are courting disaster. Hello Kitty reaches up from Hell to drag you back…There is no escape, resistance is futile…

  7. dear hello kitty hell,

    i love your site and your wife’s store. i think you LOVE hello kitty and you secretly enjoy all the HK stuff!

  8. I was kinda hoping this was an anti-Hello Kitty site….Hello Kitty’s evil. VERY evil. And most of the people who like her end up as… x.X And aren’t very nice. See?

  9. Hello Kitty is for LOSERS and JERKS…and only they will like her.

    PS: Hello Kitty is the devil
    PSS: Most cute things were created by saten…
    PSSS: When will Hello Kitty be BANNED off the planet? She make’s me wanna just kill myself……

  10. “Hello Kitty is for LOSERS and JERKS…and only they will like her.

    PS: Hello Kitty is the devil
    PSS: Most cute things were created by saten…
    PSSS: When will Hello Kitty be BANNED off the planet? She make’s me wanna just kill myself…… ”

    It’s okay, we know you don’t mean it, Hello Kitty still loves you, and so do her fans. What’s not to love about a cute little Kitty…here Kitty Kitty Kitty

    i love hello kitty and so should others……she is not harmful all she wants do to is make the world a better place………and if u can’t except that then well i am sorry but face it HELLO KITTY IS NOT I REPEAT NOT HARMFUL!!
    if leemy says wen will hello kitty be banned SHE WILL NEVER BE BANNED how could she and if leemy says she makes me wanna kill myself then i am sorry but face the fact hello kitty will never be banned OFF THE PLANET and if u can’t except that i am sorry but u r just an idiot!!!!!
    hello kitty is not 4 jerks and losers u r a loser if u don’t like her!!!!!!!

  12. Okay… where is your wifes store? I seriously need to buy somethings. I love hello kitty. My brother hates it. can you give me a link? Thanks.

  13. lmao!!
    ok first thing, i do like hello kitty but i understand most of sanrios products are utterly useless and for people to collect and then not even use them eg. hello kitty toilet paper xD is just beyond me.
    I think its fine for anyone to love or hate the cat but to be obsessive and believe the little icon is going to make the world a better place is just stupid and naive.

    Saying all this, god damn it i just want the HK converse XD
    Good luck lol, (y)
    Sara x

  14. Also, i just cant believe fans come on here to ask one of hello kitties sworn enemies the whereabouts of products! roflmao its unbelievable.
    oh and haha i saw a hello kitty air rifle earlier! making the world a better place indeed.

  15. wow some of the hello kitty fans sure are serious about the whole thing
    I mean i admit when i was little i used to like hello kitty as well … but once you reach a certain age its time to pack away the hello kitty toys

  16. It should be , i mean its all around the world now…Even here in Virginia of all places..Just got a new lunchbox for work. Very cool! Well theres my opinion for this blog…Lets change it to a fan friendly site ..Thanks for having me.

    The Big E and his sidekick D
    Peace out..
    San Rio is on my mind.

  17. You’re so stupid, wouldn’t you just promote sanriotown. Would you just embrace the cuteness of Hello Kitty instead of insulting her and the people behind her. People, i am the hello kitty preacher and the hello kitty god (which is Hello Kitty by the way) will punish you if you won’t worship her. YEAH, THATS RIGHT, I WORSHIP HELLO KITTY. HELLO KITTY BLESS YOU LOOSERS! SEE YOU IN HELLO KITTY HELL!!!

  18. Hello Kitty fans above age 12 are officially A) idiots, B) crazy or C) both. I’m crazy too but at least I 1) am aware of that fact and 2) am not THAT crazy

  19. That is freakin hilarious. Goes to show just cause someone looks at page doesn’t mean they read it. lol Wow if they even bothered but we fans read it still anyway.

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