Hello Kitty Postage Stamps

The problem with living in Japan is that there is absolutely no place that Hello Kitty can’t be found. No matter how innocent the task, Hello Kitty will be there in some shape and form. Take, for instance, a letter I wrote recently. I had the entire letter written, addressed and ready to send when I asked my wife where our stamps were (I do almost all my corresponding over the Internet by email and it’s my wife that sends out a lot of packages and letters for her work). Now, one would assume that postage stamps would be postage stamps, but that is not the case in Hello Kitty Hell.

The Japanese post office actually has made Hello Kitty stamps.

Hello Kitty stamps

and apparently my wife purchased all of them (only slight exaggeration). I can safely say we have well over $500 worth of Hello Kitty stamps (and only Hello Kitty stamps) in our house which means my letter went out with Hello Kitty plastered on it. Believe me, there can’t be a much more pitiful sight than watching a grown man place Hello Kitty stamps on his letters and it pretty much sums up Hello Kitty Hell…

Update: We don’t currently live in Japan and have no need for Japanese postal stamps, but my wife is getting all her friends back in Japan to buy these newly released Hello Kitty stamps for her. Typical Hello Kitty Hell…

hello kitty postal stamps

hello kitty stamps

22 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Postage Stamps

  1. I saw those at the post office, too, however I don’t know how postage works here. However, my husband has the same views you do of Hello Kitty. Make sure your wife hits the 100 yen stores…. and she can find HK Kotex and bidet’s at the drug store!

  2. I love this blog because frankly you are HILARIOUS! But i often wonder how rich you folks are! 500 dollars on stamps…really?

  3. 500 dollars on stamps…really?

    You have to remember that my wife runs a Hello Kitty business through eBay (at least some of them leave here!) – lots of packages to send out and therefore the large amount in stamps…

  4. I’d use those to decorate my school folder. My friend and I like your site because we like to know about all the items Hello Kitty had put her love on.

  5. i love those stamps! they are sooo cute! i seriously love hello kitty. i have all types of stuff that’s hello kitty: pez dispensers, toilet paper rolls…but i dont have any stamps.

  6. Love the story. I really want those stamps. Can you tell me where i could get a hold of them. Can you get them in the U.S.. Any info on how to get them would greatly appreciated!!

  7. Sorry to make your life more hell, but where can I order Hello Kitty postage stamps in English? Yes, I have a daughter who’s a fan(atic). The page I found on Japan Post’s website is only in Japanese. Thanks!

  8. Sorry to make your life more hell, but where can I order Hello Kitty postage stamps in English? Yes, I have a daughter who’s a fan(atic). The page I found on Japan Post’s website is only in Japanese. Thanks!

    It won’t make my life any more Hellish because I have a strict policy of not telling – this is for the good of you and your daughter.

  9. I will admit….. I kind of want those.

    One of the only three things that i own of hello kitty is a HK Letter set. I do think i need stamps to go with it. (But right now i have Bette Davis, so i’m ok for a while)

  10. I’m surprised your wife consented to HK stamps actually be used for their intended purpose. HKtoiletpaper and HK pinata come to mind here.

  11. I just went back and read the previous comments. I see where you clearly state in plain English, in black and white, in ones and zeroes that you have a strict policy of not telling where to get any of these items. And what does the very next poster plus one ask???

    Seriously, I want to postulate that these people have some form of blindness which completely destroys their ability to see anything that does not have HK on it, and this drives their frantic drives to construct around themselves zones containing only objects bearing the likeness of the evil feline.

  12. people don’t u understand mr. hello kitty hell is not going to tell u anything. so I will… google/yahoo search the items, go to sanrio.com, amazon.com it, or ebay it. Hope that helps. Trust me I have tons of hello kitty items. Some places like Avon sell hello kitty also. Try those sites.

  13. Hi…while doing some research on my project..suddenly i saw this blog….I’m collecting stamp as well….so nice the kitty stamp…how much is one after convert to Malaysia currency??

  14. Hi… I like HK alot too. So envy you get to stick stamps
    on letters for your wife. I dun mind to stick it on for u free hee hee. No lah, just wonder if I could buy HK stamps online too, that will b great to add on to my other collectibles! I’m quite a fanatic over HK. I’ve got HK stamp album set in singapore version only, sad!

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