Hello Kitty Microwave

My wife has gotten it into her head that we need a new microwave oven. I think this is an extension of the “can we eat only Hello Kitty food” craze that has weaved itself into her head (I can tell that this is not going to end well in Hello Kitty Hell). Her only problem is that our current microwave works perfectly at the moment (she’s struggling to come up with an answer for this) — something she is determined to solve because she found something that she really wants – the Hello Kitty microwave oven.

Hello Kitty Microwave Oven

It’s gotten to the point in Hello Kitty Hell that I no longer like walking into the kitchen and if our current microwave decides to break, it will be all the worse…

Update: Of course, there are more. Now if we could only find a Hello Kitty microwave where we could place the evil feline inside:

Hello Kitty microwave oven pink face

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28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Microwave

  1. I wonder if the nasty neko beastie yogurt maker and microwave were allowed to get together for some cuteness sharing, would it kill two birds (er, kitties) with one stone? But would it be best classified as a murder/suicide, or a mercy killing? Perhaps the neko nuker could be used for just that, reducing the Kitty flotsam assaulting your every sense to cute little puddles of colored goo… poetic justice if ever there could be in Kitty Hell.

  2. I heard those egg moulds don’t actually work that well. They turn out nothing like that… boo… that would be cute actually. I’d like to hard boil my eggs that way.

  3. I have a Hello Kitty microwave. It’s pink, very cute and quite a comment piece in the kitchen. Everyone always says something when they see it. I like it because it is not really loud and obvious unlike the microwave pictured here. I bought mine a few years ago and I think the style is discontinued.

  4. They have a different microwave that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas, it’s pink and I think sold at target among other things, like the hello kitty coffee maker, and the waffle maker.

  5. Love it!!! Have been searching for it and have yet to find a site that actually sells it. But on the bright side, dreamkitty.com sells the maching oven toaster that is currently on sale. If anyone can post where I can purchase the mircowave pls let me know. Thanx!

  6. I’m a Hello Kitty fan but that Microwave is Fugly~

    I few years ago my microwave broke & i did replace it with a Hello kitty microwave but it look a lot better than then the one pictured above.

  7. Oh how cute! I just wish it’d match the rest of my kitchen which is green, my mom would love this microwave. it’d be so cute in a college dorm for girls too.

  8. It seems that every time your wife sees something HK themed you really do need that certain appliance….

    “but honeeeeey, we really need this hello kitty waffle iron.”


  9. OMG I CANT WAIT TIL I MOVE OUT IN A YEAR AND A HALF IM GETTING THIS!!!!! does it leave hello kitty on your food like the toaster and the waffle maker?

  10. OMG…. I have this major urge to start buying a ton of HK crap for my house!!!! My only other solution is to have a kid soon, pray that its a girl & spoil her & bombard her with all that is HK!!!! Wow…. thats enough to put any kid into a lifetime of therapy!!!!!LOLOLOLOL!!!!

  11. I understand your wife’s fetish I too was a Hello Kitty junkie and have a lot still in storage including the pink microwave toaster etc. I got my microwave @ Sanrio.com in like 2002. There’s hope I just turned 35 it took a while so goodluck! Now I’m a single mom of a 3yr old daughter and a 9 and 13 year old boys and the obsession embaressesed my oldest!

  12. Oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!! *squeels* ITS A HELLO KITTY MICROWAVE!!! I am in love. I must have one, if it’s not too expensive. omg omgomg ! It completes me. I love it!!! where it is???? me likes! ??????????

  13. You’re totally right. Hello kitty is just aweful.
    I’m a fool. A mans opinion is just as good as a womens.
    If you don’t want hello kitty, don’t allow you’re wife to buy alot.

    Also, I suck.

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