Hello Kitty Snowboard

We went on our last day of skiing and snowboarding for the year. As you can imagine, it’s not difficult at all to spot my wife on the slopes with her Hello Kitty snowboard:

Hello Kitty Snowboard

Hello Kitty Snowboard Bag

Update: At these these Hello Kitty snowboard designs reflect how most of us would like to see the evil feline:

Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty snowboards

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37 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Snowboard

  1. Oh wow!!!!!!!! And a question for the Hello Kitty Hell man: i.e., didn’t your wife have Hello Kitty items before you got married? If so, you should have seen the signs… ;DDD

  2. PLEASE tell me where I can find one of these Hello Kitty Snowboards, I’ve been searching everywhere for my girl . . .

  3. dude I so am gonna be like your wife before I even knew this site I talk to my fiance everyday how I want are house filled with hello kitty appliances and everything!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU HELLO KITTY

  4. Muahahahaha! 😛 I have a black and white womans sized Empire Hello Kitty snowboard and I don’t even snowboard!!!! Its been sitting in bubble wrap for the last 11 years!!!!!

  5. HI… i was just wondering if you were selling the hello kitty snowboard or if you would know where i could get one for my daughter. please get back to me thank you!

  6. Is this snowboard or gloves sold anywhere? My daughter is in love with Hello Kitty and is asking for a snowboard for Christmas and would go crazy if i had a snowboard that is like the one in the picture, any ideas?

  7. oh the pain, i LOVE snowboarding, when i saw this i almost lost all of my inner organs to upchucking everything i’ve EVER eaten, that was a low blow. i’m gonna go cry myself to sleep now

  8. Why won’t you tell people who are asking about where they can buy the snowboard..I don’t think you actually have the board….I think you just got the images from the internet and posted it here….and besides I don’t it’s your wife(if you have a wife) that likes hello kitty I think you’re in denial…hello kitty lover! I think you’re gay!

  9. ok, for a little girl it’s kind of cute. And i may even kind of want them…. But only a little because i can’t snowboard anyways. SO it would be a waist of my money.

  10. Dude hes a LIAR.! that snowboarding stuff is pasted from the internet; cant you tell. its for Little Girls. & he claims its for his “Wife” .. if he even has one. HAHAHAAH.

  11. Actually, in Japan, I’m amazed you can spot her on the slopes at all in her HK gear. I seem to remember a lot of that going round. When it wasn’t perfectly coordinated, never-used North Face gear.

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    oh and……………


    I think this is the highest proportion of ”where can I get it?” that I’ve seen since I started reading this blog! AWESOME!

  14. I had a lucky find today at a japanese thrift store here in Misawa!!! I got the same exact board but adult size.. on the hunt for more HK snowboarding gear! Love Japan! Mother land of Hello Kitty!

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