Kitty Cat (more)

We all hoped, prayed and basically got down on our knees and begged that the Hello Kitty cat was an aberration – a Hello Kitty marketing attempt that was woefully wrong that nobody would ever purchase. It wasn’t possible that there were actually Hello Kitty fanatics out there (beyond my wife) that would be willing to humiliate their cats, right? Oh, how wrong non Hello Kitty fanatics can be…

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Hello Kitty cat

Thanks to jean (via Gizmodo Japan) who should be forced to wear these outfits along with the cats for sending this to me…

Update: Apparently there are more cats planning their owner’s death out there:

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77 thoughts on “Kitty Cat (more)

  1. Isn’t this a tad bit strange? Taking your cat and turning it into…well a cat. Does this mean Hello Kitty will have outfits that turn herself into Hello Kitty? I’ve seen HK turn herself into zodiac animals among other animals…

    Yup, tad bit strange. Not sure what to say to this.

  2. Sioxie has a point…..
    u know that movie White Chicks? the one where the black guys turn into white girls via costume.

    It’s things like this that kinda make you wonder if the cat is even a cat.
    Foamy the squirrel is better than Hk by a long shot if you ask me,
    and do you see people running out and buying costumes that make their animals look like him???
    nope sir, you don’t.

    Well I now know why when you die in a room with a cat, it eats you.
    It’s not because of survival instincts.
    It’s a vendeta.

  3. Blah, it’s like those teddy bears that you can get that are wearing bumblebee costumes or whatever. The initial manifestation is already charming! You don’t need to cute-ify it even more, that just makes it tacky. But no-one ever accused HK fans of elegance and restraint.

  4. it’s like multiplying a positive number with a negative number, and you end up with a negative number.

    for example, 1 x -1 = -1.

    cat (cute and lovely) x hello kitty outfit (…..sigh) = a weird and bizarre looking cat that isn’t cute anymore.

  5. I have a different opinion. I think it is adorable!!! My kitty would look so cute in it. Does anyone know where to purchase one? Thanks for any help.

  6. alright, to be real with you.
    those cats are actually quite adorable..
    but, even though i admire hello kitty and i’m starting a collection –
    this is WAY too much.

    i pity those poor kittens that have to wear this;
    but who am i kidding.
    i’m sure that in a couple of months/years they will have hello kitty for dogs, hello kitty for lizards and hello kitty for hamsters –
    make sure you dont buy a cat!

    🙂 but, to be frank, hello kitty IS adorable but since i live in Spain i can’t buy anything! (apart from the hello kitty shop, ebay and the hello kitty underwear.) so i would really love to have a day in hello kitty hell!

    haha, and probably rob a couple of hundred items (do you think your wife would notice?)

    mm yea, and i’m trying to convince my parents to go visit japan, but they say i’m to young (is 13 young?!) to visit japan.

    so just a couple more years until i go to hello kitty paradise!

  7. The high concentration of Hello Kitty in this website has converted me to the ways of your wife. What is worse, I am turning into a HK snob with a taste for red Hello Kitty nicknacks – I notice a lot of the freakish aberrations occur with pink HK goods. Coincidence? I really don’t think so…

    What is it about a cat with a bow and an abyssal stare who likes apples that makes me want to buy? WHAT IS IT?

    I blame YOU for this!

  8. At first I thought it was totally stupid, but now I kind of want it for my cat… it’d be hilarious. Too much money though, think of how much little Hello Kitty crap you can get for that money.

  9. Yeah, it is. And shutterbug74 is right, they are kinda cute…Although I think the cats are doing most of the “cuteness” work.

  10. Those outfits cracked me up! Not that I would do that to my own cat. they would think I was nuts. so would the neighbors. Just imagine the cats in the kitty suits hanging out on the window sill and the neighbors saying”what the hell is that?”

  11. Years ago I had a cat that loved to dressed up in doll clothes. She was an indoor cat but liked to go out on our balcony, she would’nt go out though if I didn’t put this old doll sweater from the sixties on her. She would actually throw a fit and try to get back in if she was put outside without it. I’m just sad for her that this did’t exsist back when I had her, she would have loved it.

  12. You know that cat on the top actually looks like a hello kitty as an actual cat… And the scary thing is my thought was “That kinda makes sense”

  13. omg! how humaliating!those cats MUST be DYING in those outfits my gosh!wonder how those people would feel like in those outfits?

  14. I would understand if these were on dogs or babies, but a cat hat/mask in a cat??? lol! very weird!
    Were those designed to make cats look like cats? :L :S

  15. cute for a halloween costume but i cant see a cat sitting still in that for long, cats hate wearing anything on them even bells. i know my boy cats wouldnt appreciate that…

  16. Slightly cuter than the other headwear the cats were wearing in the other post, but its kinda stupid to have a cat wearing a cat head don’t you think? Why not just give the white cat a pink bow.

    Also slightly better that these cats don’t look like they are being abused like the other ones. Except for the one being held by the lady in the red shirt. Get her a doll to abuse.

  17. this is a completely cool idea i would love one one for my cat where do you get them from please let me know!!!!

    catch you later
    laura xxxx

  18. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my life.

    i love cats.

    and this is totally ADORABLE.

    gimmegimmegimme sum.

  19. sometimes i think “wouldnt it just be fabulous to have a cat that looked just like hello kitty trotting around my house?! if only there was a….. oh no wait. this can be done. =|”
    i would never do that to a kitty though, i’ve seen them being put on, and the poor cat did not like it 🙁 was confused! poor babies, PLEASE dont do this to your cat people D:

  20. I cant believe you r doing this these poor cats its cruel animals shouldnt be treated like this infact the RSPCA should find out about this how would you like to be dressed up in a hot stuffy costume were you cant breathe this is a disgrace you should be ashamed of yourselves. i have every right to contact the RSPCA infact i might just!!!!! STOP IT IT’S CRUEL!!!

  21. this is terriable how embrassing for the cats i love hello kitty but this is wrong how would u like to be dressed up in a silly costume then taken a photo of and then put the photo on google AARRRRRRRH

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