Hello Kitty Race Queen

If you ever had any doubt that Hello Kitty wants it all, this should help put it to rest. Not satisfied to been the queen of cuteness, Hello Kitty also wants to be sexy. What other explanation can be found for this Hello Kitty Zent race queen plush:

Hello Kitty race queen

Hello Kitty race queen

Hello Kitty race queen

What exactly is Zent you ask? It’s a Super GT race car team:

Hello Kitty race queen

Just because you associate with women in skimpy outfits does not mean that you, yourself should wear the same outfit. The same holds true with Hello Kitty (like that would ever make a difference to Hello Kitty). Of course, my wife thinks this makes Hello Kitty “both cute and sexy.”

Normally this would not warrant a Hello Kitty Hell entry because on the scale of having to look at Hello Kitty, there are plenty of alternatives in the photo to keep my eyes occupied. If I have to look at Hello Kitty, looking at her being held by women in skimpy outfits ranks much higher on my acceptability scale than just having to look at Hello Kitty. Apparently my “acceptability scale” isn’t appreciated by my wife…

When my wife noticed that I wasn’t itching to change the subject or get way as quickly as possible, her Hello Kitty sense kicked in that something wasn’t quite right. Then she noticed that my eyes were fixated more on the models holding Hello Kitty than Hello Kitty herself. This is when I was informed in no uncertain terms that I am only allowed to “love and adore” my wife and Hello Kitty (not any other women).

I have no problem with the wife part, it’s the damn Hello Kitty part that keeps me in this Hello Kitty Hell…

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Race Queen

  1. I think your blog is funny and witty BUT if you hate Hello Kitty so much, why don’t you forget she exists, ignore her? I think you write this blog because you LIKE her and you can fuel your hello kitty addiction while hiding behind the mask of hating her!!! But thats my opinion…

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  3. Interesting post, given my recent discovery that Hello Kitty is marketing diet pills. Perhaps that is where the body image problems derive from as kitty has a very big head compared to her body. Ever noticed that?

  4. Oh Hello Kitty looks so pretty there! i haven’t got that doll yet! where is it form i simply must know! oh this is almost exciteing as the Paris Hilton Hello Kitty Doll! hehe!

  5. Nice pics but I think the hey day of RQs has past, there don’t seem to be the big names anymore like Miho Yohioka and Chisato Morishita who all became actresses or something. But I agree Japanese RQs are the best.

  6. Yeah race queens aren’t that popular anymore, especially in the U.S. its all about the gogo dancers like jeri lee or whatever

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