Hello Kitty Golf Ball Holder

There are a lot of Hello Kitty items that are unfathomably useless such as this and this (Hello Kitty items come in three different categories: useless, completely useless or unfathomably useless). We can now add another one to the unfathomably useless category. Let me introduce you to the Hello Kitty golf ball holder:

Hello Kitty golf ball case

Hello Kitty golf ball case

Hello Kitty golf ball case

Can anyone explain to me why anyone would need a golf ball holder, let alone a Hello Kitty golf ball holder? Let’s think about this logically for a second (my apologies in advance to the Hello Kitty fanatics who I know I’m asking quite a lot from with this request and, yes, I know that I have just broken the Hello Kitty golden rule of logic which states that logic can never apply to Hello Kitty fanatics, but humor me…) It’s a golf ball. It’s been created knowing that someone is going to whack it as hard as possible with a titanium golf club. When this occurs, it has been constructed to suffer no damage. So what exactly is a padded golf ball holder going to protect the golf ball from?

Of course, my wife has a perfectly acceptable explanation for Hello Kitty fanatics: “It’s to give the proper care and love to the Hello Kitty golf balls.” Obviously, even after all these years in Hello Kitty Hell, I still don’t get it…

24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Golf Ball Holder

  1. You’re useless, completely useless and most of all unfathomably useless. How does it feel to have those terms thrown at you? Your blog wouldn’t exist without Hello Kitty and her fans so you should show her more respect.

  2. Darlene’s comment is just another reflection of how logic is absent in a god damn Hello Kitty fanatic’s mind.

  3. Seriosly Darlene, wtf. You could seriously be sent to a mental institution if your comments are any reflection of your daily persona.

    I do like Hello Kitty, but am disgusted at least weekly by items I see on this blog, or comments I read.

    If you worship hello kitty as your own personal goddess, you need to get a life. She’s not Jesus/Buddah/etc. “She’s” not even real. Go see a doctor about this affliction ASAP

  4. I think you should collect all the comments by Darlene and present them as a blog post showing the kind of “love” that Hello Kitty fanaticism really inspires 😉

  5. This is just plain useless. Why would anyone need a golfball holder, let alone a Hello Kitty golfball holder? It just doesn’t make any sense!

  6. Does that thing only holds one golf ball?? It looks like it is a carrier for one single golf ball. I do not play golf, but do you only use one golf ball during the entir game??

  7. First off, Darlene, You keep talking about HK “spreading love” and “doing good” in the World. Prove it! All you need to do is post some independant (IE not your blog, or a Sanrio Corp link) links to stories that support your point.

    Second and last Cindy and others; You’re quite right in some respects and wrong in others. Technically, under the strict rules of Golf, you can only use one ball per round, unless the ball “gets cut” or lost during the round. For this reason, most golfers tend to carry several balls, maybe half a dozen or so, in one of the pockets in the bag. Which would make a ball holder that only held one ball useless; a ball cleaner on your bag would be usefull though.

  8. Darlene: I can’t even think how someone can be so stupid and blind as you! People have the freedom to choose what they like or not… Go away! And please go have your mental health checked.

  9. I think people like Darlene are an important part of this blog activities. Without Hello Kitty fanatics like her, people won’t believe that Hello Kitty Hell ever exists in a real world. And, without their logic-less arguments, Hello Kitty Hell guy’s logical argument won’t shine. In some sense, Hello Kitty fanatics visiting this blog is like “Wasabi” to non-Hello Kitty fanatic readers. Am I sarcastic? Probably I am.

  10. darlene always leaves one random “i hate kittyhell blogger guy” comment and runs. she never defends herself when we bash her in return. roflmao!

  11. Aww, this is cute! Come on . . . .admit it. It is.

    Darlene, Hello Kitty told me that she’s very upset with you for calling people worthless. Kitty needs you to help spread her love around the world not hate. Now say 100 Hail Mary Kitties and repent. LOL! :oD

  12. how on earth did darlene go from this:
    “This is one of the most brilliant blogs ever. I’m a Hello Kitty fan and I know that every post you write is going to insult me because I like Hello Kitty, but deep down I know that me liking Hello Kitty is exactly like you say. I have to say, “yes, he’s right” and at the same time say, “I want that damn Kitty” and I feel sorry for your torture and I’m completely jealous of your wife all in the same instant. And because of all this, I just want more because every time I visit, I have to laugh at it all.”

    to the above^^^???

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