Hello Kitty Halloween Costume IV

It doesn’t seem like Hello Kitty fanatics want Halloween to end and I continue to get more emails of pumpkins (I’ve added a couple more sent in) and costumes:

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

Hello Kitty Halloween costume

This is what the email said:

I saw some of your other hello kitty costumes so i thought I would send you pictures of mine (it’s totally badass) Though most of the night I didn’t wear it as I was too busy smoking and drinking (are there hello kitty cigarettes yet?)

It took me 47 hours and your website actually inspired me to make it! I really hope the pics show up on your site as I love it 🙂 it’s opened my hello kitty eyes ^^

It’s quite disturbing that any one would spend 47 hours working on a Hello Kitty costume. It’s even more disturbing that anyone would consider Hello Kitty to be “badass” in any way, shape or form. But far the most disturbing part is that my blog is now inspiring Hello Kitty fanatics and their fanaticism – a very sad day in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Corpse Esproc who should have to wear that costume everyday as punishment for thinking it was a good idea to send me these photos and prolong my Hello Kitty Halloween Hell…

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Halloween Costume IV

  1. HK cigarettes. So Mr HKH, have we finally chanced upon an HK product that actually would be a good idea? (think about the consequences)

  2. Nah, Kitteh, I’m sure they’d be those grotesque perfumed cigarettes, so his wife would take up smoking, his house would reek like stale smoke and fake roses or synthetic cloves or whatever, and he’d have second-hand Hello Kitty lung cancer. Probably for the best if Sanrio continues to draw the line at cigs.

  3. I don’t think you can blame yourself for this, after all the crazy people were crazy before they saw your blog. Sooner or later the voices would have started whispering to them about costumes anyway. “It puts the lotion on its fur” or some such. Just breathe deeply and be grateful that you don’t have children dressed in hello kitty babies clothing, like my sister did to my poor niece. I almost called CPS on her, but I wasn’t sure that they would understand why this was “Abuse”.

  4. Barrie

    Haha Don’t come into my house then xD

    HAha Half my sister’s clothing have the adorable Kitty’s name and face splattered across them. So does both our bedrooms.. some of our bathroom.. the kitchen and a corner of the living room. Haha

  5. Does anyone have a Hello Kitty costume for rent for December 8, 2007. I am in desperate need to convince my 5 y/0 niece that I’m Hello Kitty. Thank you.

  6. Are you shure its a carnival suite? For some reason I get a disturbing thoughd its a ‘ FurryFandom ‘ -suite noticing its an adult size suite 🙂

  7. It’s not a furry fandom suit >.<
    I’m not a furfag it was for halloween and I have never worn fur before nor do I like to use it for anything….ikky hhaha
    HK cigarettes would be awesome, all minty and perfumey, is there HK vodka yet?

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