While everything Hello Kitty freaks me out, there are definitely some Hello Kitty items that freak me out more than others. It’s stuff like this that is definitely on the high end of freaking me out list – Hello Kitty contacts:

Hello Kitty contacts

Hello Kitty contact lenses

While it is fairly obvious that Sanrio has figured out a way to possess Hello Kitty fanatics, these contacts give that possession much too much reality. Seriously, this is something right out of a horror movie. Of course, my wife thinks they are “the cutest thing ever” and wants a pair.

I already have an image of me happily dreaming away about life free of the evil feline when my wife comes to wake me up, I sleepily open my eyes and I instantly have the &*&%$#@@ hell scared out of me — and this happened each and every morning for the rest of my life. And that is just the first moment of the day which would pretty much guarantee that Hello Kitty Hell moves to yet another unthinkable level…

Sent in by Ali who really should be punished in unthinkable ways for even considering for a split second that sending me this photo would be a good idea.

Update: The frightfulness continues:

Hello Kitty contact lenses for eyes

Sent in by sarah

hello kitty contact lense

hello kitty contacts colors

Sent ion by denise

Now they are advertising contacts for men:

Hello Kitty contacts for men

Sent in by Alex

304 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. OMG just when I think you can’t post something that would top the urinal target… there’s this.

    Those are just wrong.

    BTW HTHman, my husband is amused by how much I like your blog that he now thinks it’s funny to buy me Hello Kitty items, knowing I don’t want them because she’s evil and insidious and taking over the world. I got a Hello Kitty kite for Christmas :/

  2. I see that you can’t even enjoy the holiday spirit and be nice for even a few days. What is exactly wrong with these? They’re cute and trendy. I think any girl would love to have them.

    It goes to show how selfish you continue to be in that you aren’t willing to even look into your wife’s eyes when they display the thing she loves. You have a lot of work to do to learn how to be a supporting husband. You’re lucky that your wife is as tolerant as she is.

    I hope you can reflect and turn this blog into something that is worth reading in the coming year. Your posts are becoming so monotonous always saying bad things. You would get a lot more support if you just accepted that Hello Kitty is cute and enjoyable. Men never learn this and this is the reason you are miserable and have to complain all the time.

  3. Those contacts definitely add that certain je ne sais qua, that certain something that just screams, “I’m a psychotic axe-murdering ribbon-bedecked Gothic Lolita.” Something like that.

  4. well… i have to say… that girl pull it off with the colorful hair and make up. (plus…she’s not ugly)
    i didn’t even notice the hello kitty in her eyes.

    but…. i bet it’d just look ridiculous on MOST of the people.

  5. those lenses look like they would only work for people with light color eyes. on people with dark color eyes, the kitty face would not be visible……

  6. Very strange, I think the contacts look hot on this chick, oh hell I just think the chick is hot, but I would never wear them. It’s kind of creepy in a hypnotic mysterious sort of way. This chick would definately be even hotter without the hk in her eyes tho.

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  8. Should I ever deside to go on some party, dressed up like a zombie or a daemon I’m going to wear these things.
    I mean, really, that’s just… just… hell, my English is to bad for describing it (I’m from Germany and I hope these things will never made it over the ocean)!
    They doesn’t even suit the… ‘unknown creature’ wearing them!

  9. I’m disturbed by all you people that think this chicky is hot. She’s like, freaking 6. Thirteen at most. Didn’t you WONDER why she’s hiding behind pink bunny ears?
    And the makeup/hair combo is way overdone. Especially for a six year old.

  10. Ummm no. Eyes are the most unique, compelling feature of any person. Sticking logowear in the centre of them is a sick mockery of individuality. That’s why we’re all hearing that horror movie soundtrack in the background behind that chick- she’s been stripped of her humanity.

  11. This is scary! A human posessed by HK would have eyes like these…
    I agree with teratomarty… the eyes are so special why cover them up with HK?
    Merry Christmas and haapy new year

  12. Now that’s freaky!
    Even if I were a HK fan, I’d be scared.
    You’re right, it looks like something from a horror movie… Imagine a remake of “The Exorcist”, except the girl’s possesed by HK… I guess it’s ok if the girl only wears this for Halloween. If she wears it on a daily basis… Wow.

  13. I believe that if my wife woke me up wearing those contacts, the jury would declare that her subsequent death was a justifiabe homicide!!

  14. Darlene, you’re wrong. Not every girl would want to wear this. Let’s think…how about ME for example?

    That really is uber creepy. D:

  15. I will admit to liking Hello Kitty a bit, but Since I’ve found this site, I am amazed by how creeped out I can be by Sanrio.
    And I have to agree with many others…darlene, WTF? If you don’t like the blog, STOP READING IT!! Easy as pie.
    As for Mr.HKH being selfish-he’s not the one who’s bought his spouse an exercise mat that he didn’t want, then told him he can’t actually excercise on it. He hasn’t taken the car and added crap onto it that his wife didn’t want. And he certainly isn’t the one that has added so much crap it has made a small bathroom even smaller. If anything, he has shown a remarkable amount of love for not divorcing his wife and moving to a nice Hello Kitty free bachlor compound.

  16. does anyone else think this was done with layers in photoshop? looks TOTALLY photoshopped with a decreased opacity to let enough of the eyes show through to make it look like contacts.

    i could be wrong, but someone find the actual contacts for me to prove it wrong pls.

    dear bloggy writer…there may be hope yet πŸ˜‰

  17. hahaha i like that! “it looks as though each HK has been shot in the forehead.”
    But those things really ARE freaky. I don’t like color contacts so I obviously HATE HK contacts. They are just… uuurrrg!!!

  18. This picture, is DEFINATLY photoshopped. I doubt they really make these, it would be too complicated.
    And who else besides really really obsessed people with a LOT of money would buy these?

  19. Speth – how can u tell that there bunny ears? They look more like pink devil horns. She may be 13 at the most but that dosen’t make her any less cutie.

  20. Pink devils horns they are methinks.
    Age not that apparent, nor initially the HKs – the mega shot in the head look is kinda in keeping.

  21. I’d say these were photoshopped if I hadn’t already seen similar contacts with smiley faces instead of Hello Kitty being sold. These may not be real (hopefully!) but there’s the unfortunate technology available to make this a reality. Let’s hope Sanrio doesn’t get any ideas!

  22. I agree that they are probably not real, but as a fan of theatrical contacts, I have to say that these are not a good idea. You see, any time you have non-symmetrical contacts, they’re going to spin around. The creepiest thing I’ve ever seen is somebody with smiley face contacts that were upside down, I kid you not. Good in theory, bad in practice. I recommend HK fans stick to solid pink contacts, which DO exist. (Note: don’t get the cat eye ones, they have the same problem as all non-symmetrical costume contacts.)

  23. it looks like hello kitty has invaded & taken over the girl via evil spirit.. lol.
    and it wouldnt be paint or editing. theyre making all sorts of weird contacts these days. they have hk condoms, why not contacts?

  24. I can tell nationalities of Asians because I grew up in Japan, Hong Kong and the Phillipines.

    But there is no way to guess ages.

    An Asian girl in her 20’s looks like a teen, in her 30’s she looks college age- hell up to 50 they look in their 30’s!

    I amaze Asian girls I meet by telling them what their nationality is, but no way would I ever try to guess their age.

  25. it looks photoshopped. there are tons of hello kitty brushes for it and someone could’ve easily put them in the eyes. i’m not going to believe the contacts actually exist unless if i see proof.

  26. I’m pretty sure that’s photoshopped..the kitty isn’t even centered on the contact. And the irises look like they were added in later.

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  28. Woah, Darlene…
    Kitty is the epiphany of cute and Pucca’s rival and all…but….This it too much even for the most hard-core Sanrio fans…like moi.

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  30. If there weren’t more important things to worry about like, who our next presidents gonna be, assasinations and world hunger. Hello kitty contacts…not as scary as Cancer or AIDS.

  31. Hello Kitty fleshbots with Sanrio DNA and mental programming to satisfy your darkest kitty fetishes.

    Humans interbreeding with Hello Kitty zombies…

    Forced injections of the HK virus, causing your blood to run pink.

    Hello Kitty aircraft carriers… Tanks…

    Mysterious pink fluids being added to your municipal water supply…

    Hello Kitty satellites. Look up at the stars and see the cat logo cheerfully staring back at you.

  32. this has shown up on BoingBoing, in the comments somebody says that weighted contacts are available to correct astigmatism (the lens has to be correctly oriented relative to the eye) – it’s not a huge leap to incorporate weights into cosmetic contacts as well.
    It’s still no less creepy, though.

  33. I disagree with the photoshop comments because you can have these special made. I contacted a company once for a cosplay a friend of mine was doing where he needed a symbol on his eye and they said they can put anything you want pretty much on a contact as long as you’re willing to fork over the cash. So I can see these being real. Mass marketed? Dunno about that.

  34. Yeah, she is cute. I missed the actual hello kitty shape the first time I looked, but I think these look pretty interesting. One of My ex’s would have loved these since she had a borderline Hello Kitty fetish.

  35. 1) Yeah, they’re real. I wear/use specialty lenses a lot of the time and I’ve seen much more elaborate designs than this in person. You can get them in prescription or nonprescription versions.

    2) Yes, they make weighted lenses that stay in position on the eye.

    3) Yes, I have a friend that has a pair of the aforementioned smiley face lenses.

    Just do a Google on “effects contacts,” “FX contacts” or “specialty contacts.” They’re out there.

  36. 100% Photoshopped.

    Yes, this product MAY exist, but this particular photo is Photoshopped.

    Notice how both of the “contacts” are exactly the same opacity, regardless of the fact that one eye is brighter than the other due to the light source?

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  38. If you don’t worship the Goddess, Hello Kitty, you will pay a terrible price. The Book Of Kitty says that we must eat you. First we will bat you around like a captured mouse, as the Goddess Herself did to the evil Goodbye Mousie.

    Militant Hello Kitty Liberation Front.

    Sorry, bad taste. Funny website BTW.

  39. Somebody’s nick name on here is absinth? Was scrolling down the comments and saw the word, thought it was in the text of the message. LOL ^_^ I was going to say…yeah, this looks like an absinthe hallucination. πŸ˜›

  40. Whoa! I wear contacts which is cool because now I can have hellokitty contacts. Hellokitty is my favorite character and icon. I love hellokitty because she is so cute and popular these days that I hope there not out of stock. Where do you get these from? How much do they cost? Only e-mail me if you can give me answers.

  41. These contact lenses are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where can you find these?

  42. OH MY GOD. Hello Kitty appears to be trapped in an eyeball and has been shot in the forehead.
    I would wear these to school just to see who notices first and how many people I can creep out/how many “scene” kids will think it’s the coolest thing since overloading on makeup

  43. I think its rather selfish not tellING others where to get hello kitty items, especialy if you KNOW where to get them.
    I’m just saying, why have a Hello kitty site that only brags about having stuff unless you can help others???

  44. I wear glasses. And the only contacts i have are grey coloured ones. So one day i wanted to go swimming and had my contacts on (planning to wear goggles) and it freaked the hell out of my friend.

    yep, contacts are great for a theatrical effect but can be quite scary… Eyes are the window to the soul so if you are trying to get to know somebody, contacts are not the best idea.

    These hello kitty ones are cute and scary (probably the effect she wanted)

  45. in the first pic, i could barely see the hk, but then in the second pic i saw it, it’s a little creepy if you ask me. she looks a little posessed, which could make sense. it’s just another small step in hello kitty’s plan to rule the universe.

  46. Eyes are not the window to the soul! I’ve met plenty of soulless sociopaths, and they all had eyes… Are you all terrified of sunglasses too?


  47. I made the horrible mistake of telling my friends I thought Hello Kitty was cute, and now I’m inundated with HK stuff. If you didn’t warn me about these contacts and I had seen someone wearing them, I might have had a heart attack.
    Thank you for saving my life. πŸ™‚

  48. i have been following this picture from tagged website to website trying to figure out where i can purchase these for one reason or another.. can anyone tell me?

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  51. Where can I get this contacts??? Please I would love yo know !!! I’ve looked everywhere and nobody even know they existed.

  52. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!R U serious?!?!?!?!?!?Freaked out by hello kitty?!?!?!?
    Hello Kitty’s for girls you don’t have to like it because your wife or girlfriend loves it,but to be freaked out by hello kitty stuff,that’s just over reacting,don’t you honestly have anything else to worry about?!?!?!?!?it cracks me up to read that some of you people think Hello Kitty stuff is stupid,it’s cool if you don’t like something,that’s normal,but to label everything you don’t like stupid…that’s stupid if you think about it…”That’s stupid just because I don’t like it”
    that’s sounds dumb,one of those dumb comments people make because they have no conversation,lol!

  53. i am happy to say that my boyfriend totally loves hello kitty not just for me, but for himself. He bought himself a hello kitty pencil case and takes it out at work shamelessly.
    I bought him a hello kitty sandwich container and i pack him a lunch everyday….again…he takes it to work with his manhood still intact. How lucky is this hello kitty fanatic? He’s just as lucky since i’m a star wars freak like he is.


  55. you guys here are on the hello kitty website? ……… sad
    and just so you know i think that pigs are cool and fluffy

  56. wow you people are dumb… i dont really know why im wasting my time trying to explain this. ok look i admit they do look photoshoped, but you obiously are too ignorant to realise how easy it is to mass produce things like this. oh and about the opacity on photoshop HAHA nice bro. contacts are MADE NOT TO CHANGE IN THE LIGHT you idiots. stop getting so crazy over a brand and just leave it. your all either all for it or all against it, and really if your all against it why are you on this blog anyway? i only found this site cause i serched “hello” on google. wow what a waste of time

  57. wow,
    who ever is hating is hella dumb
    why would you waste your time saying all the nagative things. people are going to keeep likeing thesee things no matter how many postttt hateful comments.

  58. “Comment from TeratoMarty
    Time: December 27, 2007, 8:40 am

    Ummm no. Eyes are the most unique, compelling feature of any person. Sticking logowear in the centre of them is a sick mockery of individuality. That’s why we’re all hearing that horror movie soundtrack in the background behind that chick- she’s been stripped of her humanity.”

    Aww, aren’t you a precious snowflake. Seriously, brown is brown, blue is blue, nobody is going to examine your iris to find the pattern unique to each individual. Sorry to burst your bubble there, but nobody cares (with the exception of certain law enforcement agencies.)

    Personally, I LOVE THESE THINGS. I do think that this is a photoshop though. I have scoured the internets looking for the source, but the closest thing I’ve found was a forum post on some board alluding to a Korean company which puts custom images on contact lenses, but no link or even a name. These contacts have created such a furor across the web that someone, ANYONE, would’ve surely found the source for these by now, but seeing as how it hasn’t happened they’re probably fake.

    For the people concerned about the images spinning around in the eye and making you look funny: I found out that contact lenses can be weighted so that they always stay in the same position. It’s something they do for people with astigmatism or something.

  59. wow. this is soooo creepy. not that id ever stick my finger into my
    eyes n e way, but still….CREEPY….thats the only word 2 describe this!! hello kitty freaks me out! wow

  60. it is quite awesome…but it is most likely photoshopped…just look at the proportions…the right one is huge and centered while the left one is small and off center…

    oh well if its not i want them…

  61. i think those are gorgeous.
    i freaking love Hello Kitty!:)
    for everyone that’s disturbed and leaving rude comments about how you hate those contacts and hello kitty you’re pathetic to waste your time:)

  62. As to the age of the girl, I have esthetics (skin care) training and am a makeup artist. I’m also quite good at guessing ages, especially of lighter skinned women, for various reasons, only one of which being that we wrinkle like prunes.
    First, unless acne sets in and goes away before age six, she is definitely past most of her teenage years due to the fact that she has an acne scar but no visible breakouts. The skin under her eyes is dark, which usually takes a bit of age to acquire unless she slept badly the night before. There’s too much light to guess at whether she drinks/and or smokes. She does have some very small folds under her eyes. Unless she’s been partying like Drew Barrymore she’s at least 16 and no more than 19. And if she’s 19 she blew her candles out yesterday.

  63. I vaaaaaaaant these! :B
    No srsly I do.
    Ive searched all over googled and I cant find any T_T.
    Unless Im willing to pay some dude hundreds of dollars to design it. =/

  64. Holy cow. There are actually that many people who want something like that?? I really hope it’s for collection’s sake, because if I ever see anyone in the street wearing those, I will shudder and edge away.

  65. can u please tell me where u got these where they cheap i swear i ove helo kitty i mean shes my best friend im a collecter and im so glad hello kitty was made

  66. Ugh! Im sorry but dudes who comment on this saying how bad they are, seriously? get a life?
    maybe your like 30 or something but things like these are in fashion right now, everybody loves stuff like this, it’s considered Kawaii! and to the reference that this girl looked like 6, again Kawaii fashion! or Decora even! it’s a fashion statement dudes, it’s how people like to dress, it’s really pathetic slating her for having those contact even if they’re real or not, she likes how she looks so don’t judge a person on that! .. oh and yeah, Sanrio isn’t taking over the world that’s a stupid thing to say, Sanrio is a big company, and companies make loads of products in every kind! so if the people liek em, they buy it! get over it! it’s the same with Nike or Fred Perry makes, all the same! although Fred Perry is just disgusting, xD so really if you’ve bothered to read my comment, Thankyou. (:

  67. i don’t see them as frightening in the least bit. i only came to the site to see if there was any information on where i could purchase a pair myself. :3

  68. GUYS THESE ARE NOT REAL… YOU CANNOT BUY THEM ANYWHERE. THEY ARE PHOTO SHOPPED. LOOK CLOSELY. IT’S FAKE. You could probably get some custom ordered for 3 or 4 hundred dollars on non-prescription lenses.

  69. now usually I am right with you on the extremities of one kitty fanatic (being a fan myself) some things are just unheard of but THESE…….THESE MY FRIEND ARE AWESOMELY AWESOME. I want them. You should try them on Hellish one and see if you can see what we can see??

  70. well i loove hello kitty but i think those contacts are frightning and i couldnt imagine someone using them it would be shocking.


  71. *sigh*
    Stupid scene kids.
    Without them, I think hello kitty wouldn’t be as profitable.
    I bet they make up like, half, of the profits.

  72. If anyone of you are aware, this picture started out on myspace…sorry to burst your bubble but I have done a ton of research on these supposed hello kitty contacts and they dont exsist….haha…..losers

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  75. Wow…. You have like no respect for your wife. Gosh!!! Besides, If you were a little less dumb then maybe you’d actually know that the reason why hellokitty is everywhere is because she’s a fashion icon!

    Gosh! Do you have a brain????

  76. Thats frickin’ scary, i would never wear that, its horrible, except when you are a hello kitty punk, then wear it. Ban the Hello Kitty contacts!

  77. omfg.
    i wanna pair.
    i love hello kitty
    i wear her evryday.
    if any one cantell meh
    were i can get these at
    please please please email
    i will love yew ferevr… <333333


  78. I AM ABIG fan of hello kitty my whole room is hello kitty i even got a hello kitty waffle maker and i loved hello kitty since i was 6years old and now i am 10 years old 4years ago well i got to go i am looking at more heland post more comments

  79. Sucks to be anyone who wakes up to their significant other’s face with those contacts. I’d getthem just to scarethe crap out of my boyfriend.

    I like her make-up for some reason…


  81. WOW……ummmm…….mmmm…..well……Ok I’ve come out of my dizzy stupor from looking at this ding bat chick. Ok I love Hello Kitty. For real. There is a limit. This chick right here didn’t know when to make it. I swear they will market anything to anyone if it will make a buck. I’m not knocking them for making the contacts. (I was laughing for a lil bit after the stupor). I’m laughing at the dumb a** people who will buy them.

  82. Wowsers, darlene your probabley a middle aged woman who decided that living alone in a house full of cats was to cliched so you decided helllo kitty is ssooooo cute and fill your house with her/it/satan. Then of course all your kids ditched you cause satan kitty kept trying to slit there throats while they slept. So now you sit at home slagging off anyone with commonsense.

    Im a 16 girl, I’ve always like pretty things, but despise your pink vomity kitty satanlord.

    Ohh plus to all you little hello kitty freaks, if you want something off this site google it, I don’t think a guy whose devoted an entire blog to hksatan is going to be like ‘omygosh guys’s, just like you know you can gets them uberr cheap.

    Bye guys, love
    &kitty hate.

  83. no, I think darlene is actually a 40 year old antisocial man who is having a lark pretending to be a Hell Kitty fan, or at least satirizing the fanatics.

    That, or she’s a Sanrio plant. πŸ™‚

  84. Clearly, these are fake. Photoshopped for sure.
    The main thing is, if you notice, the ‘lights’ in the pupils are off. You would think that, because she’s looking at the camera, the lights would be even.
    Also, the left one doesn’t even cover the whole eye.

  85. ahh damn ,
    hello kitty, i used to love it b4 everyone else
    then all these effing scene chicks have it im like wtf its so annoying evrythng hello kitty those are just creepy xD


  87. wow, this guy is a a hole, people really want some of this hello kitty stuff and you think its freaking funny to tease us, i hope your wife dumps you dumb ass. we all freaking hate you!

  88. heyy thats meh in da pic i rlly dnt get it y u gatta say stuff bout otha ppl i LUV my hk contacts theyr supr kut3 anywai i dnt kare if u dnt like em ps i dnt rly dnt kno were sumbdy got mii pic bcuz i nevaa postd it on a site soo plzz stop postin this

  89. also PPL IM NOT 6 OR 9 I AM 15 and the thing by m mouth is a stuffed animal monstr so PLZ STOP haha jkjk i dnt kar3 but seriously ppl 6 years old, do u need to go back to scool

  90. omg this would be so flipping amazing. I know that i love it and i would kill to have those contacst. I’m a very big Hello Kitty fan and im crazy about. You should see my room and house!

  91. omg i love hello kitty so much i got earrings.toaster.clock.and bed set..i want the car when i grow up and the contacts im only 14 and i really love hello kitty like who wouldnt it like not even funny….lol thanks for all the support love ya..

    mariah{hello kitty freak}

  92. I think that I love hello kitty even more now knowing that she may look cute and all but still scare a lot of people at the same time.

  93. i honstly dont know how hello kitty could scare anyone i have loved hello kitty since i was little! if anyone has any info on where i could get some of these i would love it! dont you think it would be fun to wear them around and see the reactions you get from people? even if it may be they think you r possessed by hello kitty……..i still want some πŸ™‚

  94. Hmm… I’m sure I get that look in my eyes when I see HelloKitty merch I want to buy even without the contacts. Not unlike the dollar signs Hanrio likely got in their eyes when they came up with this idea.

  95. ok,
    what did this FICTIONAL character do to you? Serously? its a stuffed animal, get a life. You guys are pathetic serously, amnd i say again GET A LIFE

  96. i love all this hello kitty merchandise and i wish i had a credit card id order everything send me something about the hello kitty contacts i want a pair

  97. man you sure have stories to tell is just a little doll
    that every little girl wants to have ,well i have to say that it is true that i am scare of here but not only here every doll and every type couse well i dont even think you are going to read this anyways so good luck with youre stories the scary ones of curse !!!!!!!!>3……lover was πŸ™‚

  98. The contacts are obviously fake. If you look closely at the photo, you can see that the position of the HK image is exactly the same in both eyes, like it was pasted onto the original photo.

    To all the foolish girls who keep asking where they can get these contacts – you are in the WRONG blog. Seriously.

    • Dude you are so right… About the wrong blog, my little one is having a kitty themed party and I already hate the cat, I wasn’t into her b4 but now it’s fallowing me and as for the contacts my niece has some but they don’t look that nice

    • also, The image covers the pupil, which real contacts would not do, Unless you dont want to see clearly the whole time your wearing them. very fake.

  99. It is not really that bad and if you hate hello kitty why don’t you grow up and suck it up because she is here to stay

    Do you know where I could get some,
    Me neeeddsss them… Maybe i’m a little old.
    I want them, need them even…

  101. HOLD ON! what you guys said, about “Almost all girls” would want these

    how the hell did i come from meth ads on youtube to hello kitty?



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