The Cathood of the Travelling Hello Kitty Head

As has been well established, Hello Kitty by herself is frightening, but Hello Kitty fanatics rarely are able to leave this frightfulness alone. They have to test the limits. They do this by projecting that their love of Hello Kitty must also be shared by their pets. So they decide that placing a Hello Kitty face on their cats and dogs would be a good idea.

Now, one would assume that it could never get worse than this (mainly because it’s so nightmarishly frightening that nobody in their right mind would want to even try to take it further), but of course, it can always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell. That is because once Hello Kitty fanatics have their cat and the Hello Kitty hood, they then think “Wow, wouldn’t it be great to create something with Hello Kitty like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?” The result? They make a group called “The Cathood of the Travelling Hello Kitty Head” (although I wish I was, I kid you not…)

Hello Kitty cat head

Hello Kitty cat head

Hello Kitty cat head

Hello Kitty cat head

Hello Kitty cat head

Hello Kitty cat head

Hello Kitty cat head

Of course, my wife thinks this is the greatest idea since Hello Kitty toast and wants to join. “Wouldn’t our cats just look adorable in that and then we could share their photos with everyone all over the world” (an informal poll of our cats say that they are siding with me that it would definitely not be “adorable” and have even indicated they will be willing to sleep with me on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag if worst comes to worst).

According to the group leader of “The Cathood of the Travelling Hello Kitty Head” is off to England and Australia — which begs the question – is there any doubt that it will one day make its way to Japan? And while this entire concept is nightmarishly frightening (the cats and I are still arguing whether it it more nightmarish for me or them), we all know that in Hello Kitty Hell this will somehow find a way to get worse…

Sent in by Valerie (via Hello Kitty Fan Club Catster Group – where there are many more photos for those who have the stomach — scroll to bottom) who should have to wear these Hello Kitty heads herself for the rest of her life to get a feeling of how these cats must feel for even considering that sending me the link was a good idea…

99 thoughts on “The Cathood of the Travelling Hello Kitty Head

  1. Yippppeeeeeee – proud to be a member of the Cathood of the Travelling HK Head! I’m kitty #4, and I look fabulous in the HK head – as do we all! Hello Kitty rules!

  2. Can’t you ever give it a rest? The only nightmare is the nightmare of your writing on this blog.

    Why would you want to be mean about something that is so cute? It’s obvious from the photos that the cats love the Hello Kitty head piece just as would be expected. It’s a brilliant idea that spreads the joy of Hello Kitty to all.

    It’s sad that it has come to the point where you can’t even admit when something is cute. You are so biased that no matter what, you will only see negative and then think you’re funny when you just appear ridiculous. Why don’t you give this blog to someone who has a true understanding of Hello Kitty and what she represents. Then at least everything wouldn’t be a bunch of mean lies.

  3. Wow, that second cat sure is handsome. Wonder who he is? Oh, wait a minute that is ME!!!!

    Hey, I enjoyed that Hello Kitty head. The only thing that made me unhappy about the Hello Kitty head was having to send it on it’s way. I got over it pretty quickly when I saw pictures of my friends with it.

    Long live Hello Kitty!!!

  4. Just forcing an animal to wear any “cute little outfit” is sickening, and in my opinion cruel to the poor cat or dog who has to wear the thing. I think thats an offense worthy of a good smack….putting the cats in a Hello Kitty Hood is worthy of being put an insane asylum.

    The cats do NOT like being put in “cute little outfits” no matter how delusional you are. If they had and wanted to wear clothes, why would they fight so hard to keep you from doing it? Cats get pissy about collars, what makes you think they’ll like a hood? I hope one day your cats get revenge on you for the crap your putting them through.

  5. darlene… who are you?

    and why would you think that any animal would want ANYTHING AT ALL strapped to their heads for the amusement of humans?

  6. My mom said she wants a dog to dress but I have a male cat, we call him meow meow.. and he would look sooo cute in that! <3

    I am trying to find one here in Japan to use on him.

  7. Helo… eye kity in first picshure
    eye cum her wif a simpl qwestyon….
    Cnt u c how depresd we luk in al dos picshurz?
    Du u hav any idia wut u r dooin tu uz?
    SUMBUDIE SAIV MEH! I DUN CARE IF U CAL PETA, anytingz betr den dis!

    tu Suga: u r no cat! twas da hyoomuns ho cam up wit dis stoopid idia! It wuz bysed on sum borin chik flik! y wud a cat wun to go thru self torchur?

    tu darlen: wut kind of wurld du u liv in? cnt u noht c r payne?

  8. All of these cats look miserable, if you think they look the slightest bit happy then you should be locked in an assylum as well.

  9. it looks like hk is eating the cat., Scince the cat’s head comes out where HK’s non-existent mouth would be. Lol. I pity the cats tho.

  10. I would so do this to my cat. It would only be for a picture… then I’d take it off and mail the thing on its way. It’d be too funny though.

  11. Wow I don’t know what’s creepier. The fact that humans have done something like this to their cats or the fact that these humans are referring to themselves as cats in their comments.

  12. i know it’s not wrong at all that i find it gratifying that those poor kitties look so miserable about what’s being done to them…kitty #6 looks exactly as i would feel: wtf is this and how do i get it off; FAST…
    halloween horrors pale in comparison…
    Alex – AMEN ^5
    darlene – i can refer you to a nice doctor who prescribes meds to stop the delusions/hallucinations. i know i’m not the only one thinking: if you don’t like it, -why are you here-???
    okay. i’ve said my piece for the day.

  13. yeah, they do all look pissed! I don’t know if I could get my kitties to hold still long enough for a shot.

    I tried to put them in orange peel helmets, but that was a disaster, and I’m still not forgiven.

    At least you’ll have company in the sleeping bag!

  14. I am a proud HK head wearer.

    Everyone else is just mad that they didn’t think of it first. It smelled so neat. Hello Kitty rocks and will soon take over the world!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  15. This HK Head Hat was sold by Sanrio for pets. It is very soft and plush and very cute for a picture.

    Hello Kitty Fans love Hello Kitty Hell !! We are enjoying all the comments, positive or negative. This is all for fun.

  16. um… i just come here accidentally.

    and…i want to tell you that, “wow~~ this is the first time that i have enjoyable moment when i looking at Hello Kitty.” (especially looking at those art…..i really believe that everything has innocent looking, there must be something evil inside…..)

    haha~~~ i was always wondering, why do this cat (of cause, without mouth) can be so famous? (i know that there are so many stuff with Hello Kitty….=_=)

    is it true that some people love Hello Kitty just like…
    is it call obession? (=w=)/

    anyway, i really like this website~ ^_^
    i will be here if i have time~~~~

  17. If you rearranged these photos somewhat, you get an illustration of Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief: denial (pic 3, 6), anger (pic 2), bargaining (pic 5), depression (pic 7) and acceptance (pic 1, 4). I don’t think the cats like the hats.

  18. Wow. I love Hello Kitty but I would never subject my cats to wearing a traveling cathead. Those cats are probably plotting there revenge right now.

  19. I am patiently awaiting the arrival of the HK head over here in the UK….i cant wait to post my pic on the group page. Bobbie xxx

  20. TeratoMarty: HAHAH! Love it!

    Alex: Torture is not wearing a Hello Kitty head. Torture is trying to read your e-mail.

    Suzanne: Bingo! That’s what we did! Most of the kitties had the head on less time than it takes to clip their nails. Sugar definitely preferred wearing the head to getting her nails clipped!

  21. Cruel and unusual punishment for a cat to endure. Seriously, the people that participate in that are MEAN AND EVIL and SHOULD BE FLOGGED AND BEATEN IN THE STREET.

    And for all the people that are obsessed with Hello Kitty here, you should all go away. Evil and mean is what you are doing to these cats. Next they’ll be dressing their cats up in full costume.

    Oh crap.

  22. What is sick is that someone has put the HK head on the box holding the ashes of a dead cat.

    What is up with that?


  23. Wow, that kind of explains why my boy cats were muttering:

    “The first rule of Hello Kitty Head Club is – you do not talk about Hello Kitty Head Club. The second rule of Hello Kitty Head Club is – you DO NOT talk about Hello Kitty Head Club. Third rule of Hello Kitty Head Club is – when your human puts the Hello Kitty Head on you, go limp, let her take the picture and the thing is over. Then – shit in her favorite shoes.”

  24. I am on Catster, and a proud member of the Hello Kitty Fan Club! I didn’t want to be in the Cathood of the Traveling HK Head because I refuse to wear anything on my head for more than one milisecond!
    But I still think it’s a cute idea, and all those kitties look so cute with it on, and they smell the scents of their very best friends. That’s cool!
    HK, Catster, and the Cathood of the Traveling HK Head rocks!!

  25. Darlene, anyone with the IQ of a rock can tell these cats don’t look happy. In fact, they look downright pissed! Cats do NOT like hats, or any other “cute” clothes that the foolish people try to force them to wear. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional, and anyone who actually has a cat should damn well know better.

    And why don’t you quit insulting HKH and just go live at the Sanrio site from now on. His comments are what make this site hilarious, and you are a prime example of the delusional-ness of the HK fanatic.

  26. Woo Hoo, I’m getting the Hello Kitty Head in Australia. Go Hello Kitties.
    PS To the person who posted “mistreatment!” Are you nuts. These cats are by far some of the world’s most loved and spoilt rotten kitty cats.

    Purrs from Rizza (proud to be a Catster Cat)

  27. As a proud memeber of the Traveling Sisterhood of the HK Head I would like to point out that:
    1. We cats ALWAYS look annoyed
    2. The head is not heavy and does not squish us
    3. I was given many treats for the three seconds the hat was on.
    4. Shortly thereafter I was so “upset” by the whole matter that I fell asleep on the couch
    5. If it is small revenge for the woman who has to live with the man who blogs about Hello Kitty Hell!
    6. And lastly, don’t be afraid, join us….one of us, one of us…LOL!

  28. Good gravy, the people who own those cats are deluded to think those cats look anything but totally disgusted. I would never dress my cats up in anything, but most assuredly not a Hello Kitty head that looks like it weighs over 2 pounds.

  29. These cats look really pissed off… Some even look in pain :/

    I would never, never do that to my cat. Cats hate having something on their head… It looks like there’s a giant Hello Kitty zombie behind them, trying to eat their brains. Scary.

  30. Chrissy here. (“depressed Cat #7”). I wasn’t too crazy about wearing the Head, but I did enjoy the treats afterwards. Plus, I got to nap a bit with my head inside Hello Kitty and it did smell of Wonderful Friendship.

    Mom now only wishes that she too had thought of placing the head on FUBAR’s (deceased) urn. THAT was a funny picture.

    Um, torture? I think not. Just some good, silly fun.

  31. I wore it!! And I had a great time doing it!! My BROTHER even wore it and looked great in it too!! We only wore it for the picture, and it made for great pictures! We love to get dressed up for pictures because we know we get treats and cuddles after the fact! Plus, it smelled so good! I got to smell all of my furriends!!

    RE: Rizza’s comment-All of these cats are treated better than most humans! They are pampered pets and are extremely loved!!

  32. I laughed so hard at the siamese pic. It’s like a kittified version of Alien, wherin HK extends her jaws and has another kitty head explode out of her mouth.

  33. I wore it and it wasn’t that bad. It was only for a few minutes and Mom gave me LOTS of praise and treats. And the head was light and didn’t hurt at all … except for my dignity, of course, but did I mention the treats?

    And that’s my sister Spike with the HK Head on her box of ashes! She didn’t complain at all (haha)!

  34. That is soooo mean. those cats can’t possibly be comfortable in those. they all look like they want to kill you in your sleep, or claw off your limbs for putting something as ridiculous as that on them. i know people love hello kitty, and are obsessed with it, but this is just too far.

  35. Those Cats Look Pissed. Period.
    Plus its totally cruel to them to make them walk around in those hats, just for you to be part of this clan. Thats probally equal to us walking around in a hat thats a foot tall, filled with stuffing. You might as well just go put the poor things in a torture chamber. My cats were happier when my 1 and a half year old son shove them through our railing and drooped them,(they were okay tho xD)

  36. Courtney, who said any of the kitties were walking around in this hat?? This was a quick picture. My cat in the first picture did not mind it at all. She isnt smiling in the picture but cats do not smile. She loves the attention. And was purring and rubbing against me. I’m laughing at all these postings. You people need to lighten up. Our cats are all very loved and spoiled. And the moms of the cats have all become great friends. That is what the character Hello Kitty stands for – Friendship.

  37. haha…ok I too have stumbled across this website in search on all things Hello Kitty so I’m not too sure what HK products you or rather your wife have owned or discussed in this blog.
    My liking of HK has come from spending the past few years working in Japan during summer. It was here that I discovered soo many kitty things- like the HK banana cover, which I am now a proud owner of.
    On my last trip to Japan I came across these Hello Kitty heads, however there was one difference – they were for humans. Yes humans, you can now dress up as HK and yes I did buy one, and I wear it often haha jks.
    I’m not sure of how to dispay pictures but I have one on my facebook account…heres the link (im not sure if it will work tho!) sorry

    I look forward to hearing of other wonderful HK products you come across!!

  38. Well, this is the ultimate proof that HK fans are deluded and insensitive! Those cats’ expressions range from resigned to really p!$$ed off!

    I love Mustang Sally’s comment. The 4th rule of TFOTTHKH is “If at all possible, blame the dog!”

  39. Oh, Rizza, please no!!! Don’t bring that thing in here!!! I’m gonna be evil and hope that it gets caught up in customs because of all the different cat fiber stuck on it 😉

    … and the whole pretending to be your cat thing … very scary …

  40. emma-chan- thank you for that link. We actually were looking for that head for humans to pass around to the Mothers of the “Cathood” cat and to take pictures of all of us!!

  41. OH MI GOSh. THE POOR POOR CATTS!!!! why don’t they go have plastic surgery to look like hello kitty while they’re at it?!?

  42. I’m fairly sure that hat doesn’t smell of friendship. And no matter how light the hats are and for how short a period they were left on the cats, it’s still creepy and borderline cruel to want to dress your animals up as stuff. Oh, sure, it started with the creepy head that made it look like the cat was being DEVOURED ALIVE BY A HUGE WHITE FAT HELLO KITTY, but where will it end? Where?
    And Rizza, shame on you for getting that thing sent into this country!!

  43. I am a proud member of Catster and I think there are a lot of people commenting here who really need to lighten up. You obviously don’t know how to spot genuine animal cruelty. My cats have never worn the HK head, but they did wear a birthday hat once. It lasted about six seconds, I took the picture and they were fine. The most spoiled and loved cats in the world are on Catster.

  44. my name is hello. i’m a 6 month old white kitten and i’m proud to be named after hello kitty. i can’t wait for the hello kitty head to arrive at my house. my mommy is even toilet training me. i have a website and will post a photo of me in the hello kitty head once it gets here

  45. i hope you all die of furballs. can u imagine how hot and uncomfortable those poor creatures are, you dumbbutts!!! i am now reporting all of you abusive gits to aspca. may you all fry in hell for your cruelty…

  46. why would you put a cat head on a cats head?? This doesn’t at all make sense to me… plus, I have 3 cats who would most definately scratch my eyes out while I was sleeping for making them wear that thing.

  47. For the sake of the cats I really hope they have to wear those *cough* *cough* *cough* things only for the sake of pictures
    The only thing that should be put on animals are body warmers if you live in a country where , in winter, the degrees plumit to -10 degrees C

  48. Poor Kittys! If I were a cat with an owner who made me wear this, I would feel like I had a bag on my head that kept comming back and wouldn’t come off! Poor kitty’s!!! It would be hell to be a cat with an owner who is a Hello Kitty fanatic!

  49. those are not happy cats… Busby I hope there’s a social worker in your area who can help you out coz surely that’s torture?

  50. Holy Hell, those poor cats. It makes me wonder who will win in world dominance first: McDonald’s, Starbucks, Walmart, or Hello Kitty. I think now is the time to start sabotaging HK by burning and blowing up everything HK you find.

  51. those cats look like they’re gonna fling that hello kitty head off and rip it into pieces! poor kitties! this is like torture haha

  52. Poor kitties….especially the one in the first pic. It looks like that horrible giant Hello Kitty head crushed its soul.

  53. As soon as I saw this, I walked over to my cat, gave him a hug, and promised never to do something this stupid to him.

    Besides… he’s bloody Basement Cat… .___. he’d kill me in my sleep.

  54. Funny how none of the cats in those pictures look delighted to have that travelling hello kitty head on their heads. I think they would rather stay in their apartments than go out looking like that.

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