Hello Kitty VW Bug

I hate receiving emails with photos like this because it will undoubtedly inspire my wife (something that we all know is definitely not needed for any Hello Kitty fanatic). This is exactly what my wife wants to do to our car. It’s bad enough that our car is getting Hello Kittified from the inside out and when I see things like this, I know it’s merely a matter of time before she takes it in for a Hello Kitty paint job:

Hello Kitty VW Bug

It will not be long before I’m going to be riding around in something that looks as bad (if not worse — and probably a lot pinker) than this. There is something so completely wrong when a grown man is forced to drive a Hello Kitty car that makes the thought of driving it over a 100 foot cliff and smashing into jagged rocks below a lot less painful than actually being seen around town in it, which pretty much sums up the feeling of living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by tracey who deserves to have to drive around in something like this for the rest of her life for thinking for a single moment that it would be a good idea to send this photo to me…

36 thoughts on “Hello Kitty VW Bug

  1. Ummmm, Wow.
    Even I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!
    First, I hate VW Beetles.
    Second, I like HK and all but this is just a little too much for even me.
    P.S. the yellow clashes… at least go for white or custom pink…

  2. I think it’s darling. Your wife should have one, and you can have a matching Batz Maru car.

    Ok, you sussed me out. I’m not really on your side.

  3. I don’t know – I think there is a threshold that can be met where a man will drive anything. For example, my bf said if I bought the Hello Kitty Ferrari he would drive it. LOL But of course, only if *I* bought it. 😉

  4. If it does transform, it MUST be a Deceptacon, cuz it could only be an evil, evil thing. 🙂

    The very idea that any adult would want to be seen in such a thing is mind blowing.

  5. My opinion of a car is it gets me from point A to point B, and as long as it does it reliably I’m fine with it. I’m fine with any car except that one…if your going to get a custom paint job do it with something cool. Like a Vitaly Alexius painting or dragons or something.

  6. The car should be black with hello kitty face on it! And hot pink hello kitty seat covers and floor mats and stering wheel cover! That’s my plan for my car!!

  7. i can see why someone would want a car like that, it’d be extremely fun to blow up, again and again and again. but to actually drive it would be physically painful!

  8. wow. im really sorry for you dude. from just readding about all the things you go through is painfull but to have you acctualy going through all this for real must be tripled hello kitty hell. TT.TT im so sorry

  9. How about the myth that Volkswagons float? Ok, Type 1s (real Beetles/Bugs, not these Golf 4 coupes 😉 ) do, as do Swimwagons (sp), but none of the others actuall do AFAIK. Still, that’s rather the point!

  10. You can buy complete Hello Kitty car decal kits on eBay for about $40.

    I do love this little car. I do, however, detest yellow.

    I have a slightly kittified car that has been featured here. HLO KTY1 license plate and all. My boyfriend has been forced to drive it for several weeks now because his car has been in need of service. He participated in the kittification by purchasing the Hello Kitty floor mats for me. One day when he arrived home from work he said, “Some guy looked at me funny.”

  11. OMG!!! 1st. off I love VW Bugs! 2nd. I LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEE Hello Kitty. This is my dream car right here. Yep. Already told my mom this is what I want for a graduation present!

  12. Wow, poor car. However, I need to correct you, it’s a VW Beetle, not a VW Bug.
    Sorry, I love VW, but sometimes they are my hell!

  13. OK, first, i have ALWAYS wanted a VW Bug. They are just a cute car for a girl. But this makes is,….. in a sickening way… Amazing.

  14. Meh. It’s not appalling, but …it’s not great either. White would have been better, or maybe pink. Yellow might have worked with outline decals, perhaps.

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