Hello Kitty Power Sander

It seems to me that if there was one area that Hello Kitty wouldn’t be able to Hello Kittify everything, it would be the construction business. Of course, the evil feline continues to break any and all boundaries of decency so I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is a Hello Kitty power sander:

Hello Kitty power sander

Upon seeing this, my wife wanted to know why I don’t work with a Hello Kitty sander. I was going to explain that it would be less painful to turn a power sander full force on my face than to have to use Hello Kitty tools, but I figured that the result would be me on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag so I instead said the worst thing that you can ever say when living in Hello Kitty Hell which was, “because we don’t have one.”

Before the words were even completely out of my mouth, I knew I had guaranteed new depths of Hello Kitty Hell upon myself. Not only will my wife be looking for a Hello Kitty power sander, I’m sure I will also end up with a Hello Kitty tool set and Hello Kitty tool belt. My only hope is that I also receive a Hello Kitty nail gun (most likely with Hello Kitty nails included) that I can use to shoot nails into my head and put me out of my misery. It’s only a matter of time before they end up on our doorstep and Hello Kitty Hell takes on deeper and darker dimensions…

Sent in by noreen (via Nate Marsh flickr photo) who should be tortured repeatedly with all the numerous Hello Kitty tools that are bound to make their way to our house for thinking that sending me this could ever be a good idea…

29 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Power Sander

  1. Okay, so I know I’ve said this before but placing a HK sticker and plush head on something does not automatically make it Hello Kitty, it’s been Hello Kittyfied, yes…..
    And P.S. it’s stupid….

  2. Well, why am I reminded of this supposed urban legend where a man got hot and heavy with the belt sander at work and I can unfortunately imagine (shudder) that Darlene would be most likely doing the same?

    I want to cry now.

  3. Just wow. There really is nothing sacred from these Sanrio Devils, is there? just goes to show that Capitalism is going strong and that there are many that will eat it up because Sanrio says it’s good and you need this to survive.

    This whole blog makes me realize that there are too many in this world obsessed with the inconsequential and not enough people obsessed with the major rumbling in our society, culture, Humanity.

    I cry for anyone that purchases this bit of garbage because it truly means that your immortal soul is being pieced away, bit by f***ing sanrio bit.

    All hail the great stupidity that is fanaticism.

  4. P.S. What the hell are they going to do with all this crap when those HK fanatics are dead. Pass it on? Sell it? They sure as hell can’t take it with them.

  5. Siince when do power sanders need to be cute? And for that matter it applies to any tools

    Now the consolation with this one is that the HK plush is placed in a place where it willl get a lot of tust in the face and choke herself to death 🙂

  6. Tell your wife that you don’t want to steal her thunder and that you hope that she can do any repairs to your home happily with her tools?

    “accidentally” sand the glorious hk finish off of some furniture? (I’m sure you’ve got **something**

  7. Am I the only one who noticed that the Hello Kitty portion of this Power Sander is driving Legos? This is clearly not an actual Sanrio Product… Though, that said, there probably IS a real Hello Kitty power Sander.

  8. @Stratagemini: Okay, so what is up with the legos? This is interesting, yet something else to get caught in the belt and cause bodily damage…

  9. Aleese:
    “accidentally” sand the glorious hk finish off of some furniture? (I’m sure you’ve got **something**


  10. @mhkitty: I have no idea what’s up with the Legos. There seems to be something attached to the sander off to the side? Bracketed on? Maybe someone had a power sider and decided in true Sanrio Fashion to make it into a Tank for Hello Kitty to take over the world with? Frankly I’m at as much of a loss as anyone. My first inclination would be to say someone was trying to create a child’s toy… But no one would be stupid enough to give a kid a power sander… right?

  11. My theory is the sander is actually a make up remover for darlene and the rest of her Tammy Faye/Hello Kitty zealots.

    I imagine she wers make up that is a cross between the late Tammy Faye and Baby Jane Hudson. You know, those women over forty that still try and look girlish which becomes ghoulish.

    The power sander is a make up remover/industrial exfoliant.

    Just my theory.

  12. @Alex: LMAO! Nice.

    @Stratagemini: Yeah there seems to be A LOT wrong with this ‘thing’…. first thing I point out after the HK stuff and Legos are the ‘racing stripes’….wtf???

  13. I am flattered that someone would suggest that this is a genuine product! It is indeed a beltsander racer, built for a charity racing event, NESBRA. It is, of course, tongue in cheek and the real racer has an elaborate platform – you can see all that stuff in the Flickr set that had that original photo: http://flickr.com/photos/nate_marsh/sets/72157594517861768/

    Factoid: That is actually Chammy Kitty at the wheel (made out of Legos) – she is actually Hello Kitty’s kitty! Think about that!!

    Here’s a build log and details about the race: http://www.nathanielmarsh.com/hellogritty/

  14. Your fellow HK Hellmates could appease our mutual goddess (in which we live in great fear and awe) by equiping our local emergency response vehicles with Hello Kitty power saws when we have to extract people from wrecked vehicles…finally, rescue work with the cute factor already built in!

  15. Belt Sander Drag Racing???
    And I thought Lawn Mower Racing was dumb….(j/k)
    Don’t you boys have some ‘Honey do’s’ to be doing ?? 😉

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