Hello Kitty Masterpiece Art

If there is something that should never be combined with Hello Kitty, you can bet that the evil feline will go ahead and do it anyway which will leave you tearing your eyes out at the result. That pretty much sums up Hello Kitty masterpiece art:

Hello Kitty American Gothic

Hello Kitty Jesus

Hello Kitty Mona Lisa

Hello Kitty Dali

The real problem with combinations like this is that they are so horrendous that the images burn into your mind making it impossible to ever look at the real masterpieces the same way again. Of course my wife thinks it would be a great idea to go and see this exhibition and see all 60 of the Hello Kitty masterpiece series which would pretty much ensure that I could never walk into another art museum without at least one painting reminding me of the terror of living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Lee (via phdstl.com) who should have to look at these on a daily basis on the walls in the house for thinking even for a split second that sending this to me could ever result in something positive…

40 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Masterpiece Art

  1. Wow. It seems its only getting worse.
    I wish you the best in all that you do, especially escaping this Hello Kitty Hell!

    (P.S: Did you ever think that maybe Darlene is your wife?)

  2. Why do you manage to put up with your wife if she only insists on drowning you in HK crap, anyway? Is she phenominal in bed or something?

  3. Huh…? Whoever did that really did it half-assedly… (unless there’s an alternative artistic explanation for it) For me, that’s hell for Hello Kitty instead; she should be put in a much more flattering light. 😀

  4. Those are just bad fotchops, well other than the HAG one, which almost looks like it was done right.

    I’ve seen way better on this site (most of the tats for example). I say this because the tats all integrate HK images into something else (however inappropriate you might find it), whereas these just drop a standard size HK image layer over the original picture!

  5. There is an acutal exhibition of these?! I can not imagine people willing to pay to see HK invading fine arts. The worst thing seems to be, that the inclusions of HK are not worked into the piece, but instead are badly installed on top of it. It would be far more artistic to have her change and adapt to the piece at hand. (For example melting in the Dali one).

    But I guess one could assume that these artworks express exactly what you have been telling us over and over in this blog: that HK is creeping into everything it can get it’s drity paws on no matter if it’s fitting for her. Seen this way, I think you should even be able to agree with their message.

  6. Actually, they really are oil paintings – check out the link at the bottom of the post.
    There’s a critique by an art history prof at Southern Illinois University at the bottom of that page. Basically, he interprets Holt’s (the artist) as a commentary about high art and it’s commercialization in our world today by reproducing these masterpieces in take-home postcard-size! Further, she’s painted Hello Kitty (the essence of wide spread commercialism) into each piece to make the connection with the cheapening of high art as a regular commodity in our world today. I think Holt agrees that our world is becoming Hello Kittified – in more ways than one!
    I think the art history prof sums it up quite well, saying “In short, Hello Kitty gets to treat art history like her personal playground. And why not? As famous as these masterpieces are, they don’t hold a candle to Hello Kitty, that marshmallow manga symbol of multinational corporate pop-cultural hegemony.”

  7. Actually, the last one, Hello Dali, is not so bad. It is frozen in time and HK became a mere modern object representing the shallowness of modern things we are being surrounded.

  8. The only things that could make these things bearable to look at are gasoline and matches. Hey Silent Bob, you got any of those explosives left?

  9. I somehow think that these were done in Corel Painter X or Photoshop.

    My brain hurts… It would have been more fitting of Warhol to do crap like that. After a while he began to suck too after his Campbell soup cans.

  10. The only thing that shouldn’t be combined with Hello Kitty is your ridiculous commentary!! And the only horror is having to read this blog when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    Hello Kitty is an art form in herself so combining her with other art only makes it more beautiful. People should enjoy art and by having Hello Kitty on it, many more people will see it than if she wasn’t. It shows Hello Kitty’s devotion to the finer things and that she can make those finer things even better.

    Get off your high horse and be quiet about things you don’t and can’t understand.

  11. Ah well. That just proves my thought that Darlene is both arrogant and dillusional. Of 15 comments,9 are completely actively anti, 1 analyses what the poster thinks the artist was trying to do, 2 say that one of the samples “isn’t too bad” but are generally anti, and one is her’s!

  12. Ah, my Nemesis returns!!!
    I consider , Michaelangelo’s work as great art but this dam thing was created by a 5 year old with No artistic ability.
    You my dear are an idiot but there is nothing i can say that will open your eyes, so try reading the non existent level of support you get from the readers and maybe you will get some help[ for your condition.
    You clearly have the mind of a child but the question is just how old is your body and how many hundred pounds you are.
    ** Stunned like a Deer in the road at night by the unbelievable stupidity of this woman***

    Silent Bob has spoken :P:

  13. Darlene, just shut up. You clearly have no true understanding of Classical art if you think that cheap rip-off trash like this is a fitting tribute to their finest pieces.

  14. Darlene, you are an idiot. More specifcally, an idiot times 100,000,000,000. Adding HK to these pieces of art does NOT make them better- it ruins them! And only a delusional freak would see this as making art better. Go away, and let the rest of us enjoy HKH’s hilarious blog in peace!

  15. Actually, I personally know the woman who did these, and I can assure everyone, they are NOT Photoshopped. Whether or not we agree it’s right, she spent a lot of time handpainting each and every one of these.

  16. i haven’t been here for like a couple months…….
    i can see everything has not changed at all. even the comments.

    i’m sorry you’re still in hk hell.

  17. i’ve enjoyed reading a lot of your posts so far, you’re a great writer. But when i read this post i really regret it.

    These horrible images might burn into my memory even though i try very hard to forget them.

  18. Ok Mary, I believe you, but given that my honest first reaction was “fotochop”, perhaps your friend should have made her base works slightly more obviously not the well-known originals? For example, place the wife in “American Gothic” on the husband’s left?

  19. Hmmm… I can see the artistic creativity in these…being a painter myself I cannot fault her her medium type or painting style… nor can I fault the point she’s trying to make about commercialism ruinning all that is not commercialized and therefore sacred.
    I guess I can only fault the idiots out there that miss the point about the commercialism ruinning all that is not commercialized and therefore sacred… people like say, darlene…they are the people who ruin something that could be ‘kinda’ cute and make me want to run for the hills screaming “Don’t drink the Koolaid!!!!”

  20. I’m totally on board with the artistic point being made. As I say, my issue, once I knew that they were original artworks, is that the copying of the original works is close enough to dilute the point by looking like a 30 minute fotochop knock-off, which is the exact opposite for me of the intent.

  21. Totally not trying to knock the artist or the paintings, mind you, but I would be worried that the paintings are SO close to the originals that there would be screams of ‘forgery’ (minus the Hk of course) or the backlash from those in that community.
    That being said I really like the Hello Starry Night and the Hello Gaugin (Hk holding apples you-know-where) is hilarious!

  22. Kitteh!!, I totally agree that there should have been some variation. When I was told there was going to be this show, I was sorta expecting a jacked-up HK in the “Picasso” and a melting one in the “Dali”. That would have been cool.

  23. Yes Dust Kitten, It is ALIVE!!!
    I seem to remember those words being spoken in an old Frankenstein move, Perhaps Darlene is really some one who has an abi-normal brain.. ( refer to young frankenstein ).
    Some day we all hope that Darlene will get a brain transplant..


  24. I’ve seen too many Frankenstein films and knock-offs to guess which, but I’m sure that’s a real line from one of them!

    As for Darlene getting a brain transplant, you mean she’s not been involved in one already, as the donor!!? 😉

  25. I have come to the conclusion that Darlene is Hello Kitty. That level of insanity, egocentricity, self-righteousness, misandry, illogicalicity and delusiveness can clearly only originate from the feline herself.

  26. oh, and did you check the write up from a phD who takes this type of stuff seriously?

    It takes an artist with Leslie Holt’s seasoned, cynical humor and formidable eye to layer such familiar references and make them say something new. With Hello Masterpiece, she has perfectly replicated the conflation of high and mass culture that marks 21st century Capitalism. At the same time, each individual work in the series makes its own commentary on perennial issues ranging from love and beauty, to labor and fetishism. As far as art is concerned, Hello Masterpiece is the complete package. So while you may not like the current state of our culture, Leslie Holt’s art makes it a little easier to bear.””

  27. Does being “an artist” or “an art critic” somehow make your opinion of a piece or series more valid? For I think the 3rd time now, my issue with these pieces is that they look like half an hour with Fotochop, which requires pretty much no artistic skills.

  28. I can deal with the usual HK stupidity, but messing with religion? I seriously think Sanrio has gone way too far there. What’s next, a Buddha statue with a hello kitty head? 0___o

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