Costume – Photo of Horror 4

It’s bad enough when Hello Kitty fanatics decide to dress up as Hello Kitty (here is far more proof than anyone in their right mind would ever want to see if you need any), but by far the worst part is when the Hello Kitty fanatic decides that the significant other must also participate (see photo of horror photo 1, photo 2 and photo 3 and realize what a wonderful life you have compared to these poor guys) as part of the costume. Here is another poor soul that you can add to that list that is forced to humiliate himself at the bidding of his wife (oh, how I know how he feels…):

Hello Kitty costume

Notice the forced grin that fails to hide the tightly clinched teeth underneath and the invisible thought bubble above which undoubtedly reads something like, “please…please, I pray that none of my friends see me like this. How the hell did I ever get talked into something like this???” while the Hello Kitty fanatic is grinning from ear to ear. Yep, that is the Hello Kitty Hell I know well…

The only thing that the significant other of the Hello Kitty fanatic can now do is take photos of the Hello Kitty fanatic so that he doesn’t have to actually appear in any other photos (as he tries to figure out a way to destroy the photos that have been already taken of him before they hit the Internet. This is doomed to failure and eventally it will end up on a site like this).

Hello Kitty corset costume

But alas, the truth even weighs down on the Hello Kitty fanatic as she unconsciously consumes alcohol in an effort to erase the psychological damage that she know she is doing to herself and those around her. Of course, if there was Hello Kitty beer, she would be doing it with that, but that’s beside the point…

Hello Kitty corset costume

Thus you get a glimpse into the world of what Hello Kitty fanatic significant others must deal with on a daily basis. Sure makes your life look a lot brighter than it did 5 minutes ago, doesn’t it…

Sent in by Jacob who obviously is already getting far more punishment than I could ever imagine wishing upon him for sending me these photos…

80 thoughts on “Costume – Photo of Horror 4

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  2. As long as I don’t have to live with an HKified house (and they don’t) a GF that cute would be worth the odd cosplay session!

  3. …and now you torture him more by posting the photos…

    But congratulations on the thousand comments!!!

    I like to believe that I helped by mentioning it on my blog, but you certainly have earned at least that many comments. That’s awesome!

  4. Would someone get a huge block of cheese and some D-Con to deal with the gigantic rodent infestation pictured above?

    Mercy, the rats have gotten huge and brazen!

    Are my meds working right?

  5. subconsciously she knows she is controlling him, is that why he looks like a rodent and she has taken the part of a cat, to expertly play with his life before snuffing it out like it is some kind of flame?

    Evil. She has gone too far.

  6. Honestly, he is wearing EYELINER! He is not “her” significant other. The weird grin on his face is b/c she looks better than he does, and He wanted to be the only HK @ the party.

  7. Okay, so three good things:
    her outfit is cute if you squint enough not to see the little HK faces,
    the lace is very nice,
    and her shoes are AWESOME!!! I want those shoes!

  8. HAhAhHAhahhahahhAha

    You guys CANNOT troll like darlene. It’s impossible. ;_; I’ll miss her if she’s gone!

  9. Catherine, eyeliner doesn’t imply “gay man” as you assume, just certain sub-cultures.

    MHK – The HK faces didn’t bother me, but maybe that’s because the purpose of good underwear is to make men want to take it off you? And on her, with that figure, that is very good underwear!

  10. For the Lady 😀 😀 😀 Still I hope she did not go out publicly with that on O.O

    For the guy what the,

    One thing Mr. HKH is missing a guy can walk into Hello Kitty influences willingly and probably in this case unwittingly.

  11. Guy: Temporary insanity caused by cute girlfriend. Poor sap… But I’m guessing he might have a little furry in him dying to get out. 🙂

    Girl: Love the concept of the outfit, but the material of the corset should have been anything BUT HK. Yikes…

  12. I fail to consider it cyber stalking when the link is provided in the blog entry written by HKH. In fact it is the 4 word in the last paragraph written by HKH. All I merely did was use the resources provided to me to dispute a claim and rather rude comment made by someone. If my actions are indeed considered cyber stalking by someone other then you then I will gladly apologize for them.

    Have a good day.

  13. I find the comments hilarious.

    @ Vlad of course it’s not stalking just stating the obvious.
    @ Cathrine Yes, we are a couple, in fact as the pictures Vlad found shows. We are in fact married and have been together 8 years.

  14. @Kimmy,
    Did you make that yourself, if so, you did a very good job!

    And ignore the others and their ‘huge thigh’ comments, real women are not all size 6’s, although you have a TINY waist, girl!

  15. @Mhkitty I did make it myself. Thank you. I love to make my own costumes. In fact I’m working on one for Comic Con for this weekend. 🙂

    I love my “huge thighs” & “huge ass” for that matter, but it helps to take in to consideration how much being cinched emphasizes your lower half. 😉 I believe my measurements in that costume are 34-24-36. So I don’t feel the least bit bothered by someone recognizing the obvious.

  16. @ Kimmy lucky guy to have you

    ps. as for the big thigh just ignore them. (since your are married I will limit my comments you look good). Lets say I may be furry and eccentric I am a gentleman.

  17. i think the corset is super cute! i think her outfit is awesome! i’m not trying to be darlene here, but i really don’t see a problem…with her. if her husband did that by choice then that’s cool. but i don’t really believe in forcing my fiance into my obsession….too much. i mean, sleeping on hello kitty bed sheets is one thing, making him dress up like her is another. it was bad enough when i made be Kfed for Halloween.

  18. The girl doesn’t look bad….although the outfit is….umm…interesting o-o

    However, the guys costume makes me envy the blind

  19. I too have a big bum and larger than normal thighs after years of soccer and other sports… you should think about making and selling on ebay if you are not already.
    People would pay dearly for character themed ‘costumes’!
    Or even just plain ones if they are made right 🙂

    Wow, 34, 24, 36… though I haven’t measured myself lately, I’m not that much bigger than that…maybe 36, 26, 36 or something to that effect… you are still ballsy to let pictures of yourself be put on the web 🙂
    But you are really pretty (totally straight female but stating the obvious that many men here have already stated prior) so you are blessed, cameras HATE me!

    So, back to the shoes… where did you get them?
    I MUST have a pair!

  20. @Mhkitty,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    I bought the shoes in Hollywood at a store called Lady Studio. I can’t find them on there site online, but if you search for “platform saddle shoes” online you are sure to find something.

  21. Catherine needs to do one or more of the following:
    a) get her eyes checked
    b) shut up
    c) get over her jealousy
    d) find something worthwhile to fulfill the void in her pathetic life.

  22. are you still looking for 1000 comments??? I found your blog 2 weeks ago!I love it!
    hope you’re giving bunch of toys to the kids!!!
    good luck!

  23. Wow, that is *so* hot. Looks a little like she’s wearing frilly diaper cover though. Perhaps that’s just my imagination. No matter.

    I don’t get the guy though – is Kitty’s boyfriend supposed to have a latex fetish? What is he cosplaying as exactly?

    Still, one good step in the right direction in my search for the ultimate kitty cosplay. Paws would certainly help her though.

  24. Kimmy, whatever anyone else is saying about your figure, I think you look absolutely stunning in that outfit, and in the wedding pictures too. The main reason I wouldn’t is that you’re happily married to someone else!
    Enjoy Comicon, and if you’re ever doing a British con (next UK Worldcon maybe?) stick up an announcement or ask Mr HKH to forward me a message, ok?

  25. @Vlad

    Yeah, the source information from HKH is off the guy’s website. It’s not like you Googled every possiblity in the world to find out information on the person. Jacob posted that stuff and you can very clearly see a link to his wedding on there.

    @Kimmy and Jacob

    Both of you looked a handsome pair. I didn’t mean to sound like I slagged your craftmanship, I just get nausated at that shade of pink in the morning. Reminds me of Pepto in a recreational way… YUK. And yes, I think you have a very lovely body, not like some animated coathangers that pass for supermodels.

  26. @Karal

    YEA I think I was too blunt.Sorry. ):


    YES! I have had several girls!Some I did NOT even have to pay for! (;

    YEA OK I was a bit rude.That girl is NOT bad lookng I just like ONLY thin girls like Taylor Swift or Megan Fox.

  27. If she took off the nose makeup, this actually wouldn’t look so bad.
    I see “rat” with the makeup.. hello kitty has a yellow nose.. doesn’t she?

    Ah well, I love the outfit, if I could pull it off.. I’m amazed to say I would do so!

  28. There are some things men should seriously not wear. This is one of them. The other one was the OMG racing leathers. Ugh!

  29. Last night I had a dream that a Gigantic Hello Kitty was chasing me with a huge ax…………and it had blood on it!!!!
    Okay, okay, it was a nightmare. I am falling deeper into Hello Kitty Hell myself. I’m already afraid of my Hello Kitty plush.

  30. Kimmy,

    These pictures are the best I’ve seen on this site in a while…it helps that you’ve got a lot of personality, got a cute husband and that you’re photogenic to boot! Think I’ll be smiling all day! Keep up your costume-making–wish I had your talent! All the best to you and your gorgeous hubby!

  31. i think your costume is very cute. i’m also crazy about hello kitty but my husband will not dress up like yours or even acknowledge what i like. its really good that your husbands joins you and supports you in what you love. and you both look great by the way. i love your hello kitty costume . maybe i should try wearinng something like that to bed maybe then you would appreciate hello kitty hahahahah .

    you both are an adorable keep supporting each other.

  32. that is the cutest corset ever. and wtf @ fat? damn people, dont be so jealous. look at her arms and face, shes far from fat. if you think having naturally big knockers and a butt is fat, that’s pathetic.

  33. If she thinks she’s dressed up as Hello kitty, she is very much wrong. Notice the bow on the left cat ear. That right there will make her Mimi, Hello Kitty’s twin sister.

    Hello Kitty’s bow is on her left ear; Mimi’s is on her right. It’s so the others can tell the two apart.

    This girl is not a die hard Hello Kitty fan if she made that mistake.

    People if you’re going to dress up, DO IT RIGHT!!!

  34. But I do admit she looks good. And that stuff if it was made or bought had to be expensive. So good for her. I personally like most of it (minus the bow place ment).

    And her significant other could have been dressed up to look like Daniel (Hello Kitty’s significant other).

  35. Wow, what an awesome costume. The only thing I DONT like is the black on the nose. The girl is GORGEOUS and her HK corset is to die for.

    Anyone that says otherwise, is blind. Or jealous. or both?

  36. Alfred, so to you ‘fat’ is a girl with curvy hips and thighs? Wierd…you sure you’re not gay? Does the guy in the pic do it for you then, he’s pretty scrawny.

  37. LOL I agree with Karen’s comment before me. Guys If you don’t like feminine bodies maybe you should check out dude bodies. This girl is perfection body for me…Delicious. I’d eat her up she’s so gourgeous !

  38. @Catherine – How sad is it that you too believe that if a woman doesn’t have anything other than sticks for legs, where the knees are the widest parts of the legs, she has “huge thighs”? I have seen huge thighs before – mine are almost I’m sorry to say : ( – and her thighs are NOT huge you dumb ass.

    @Julia – THANK YOU!!!!!!

  39. I’m going to try running that last comment through Google’s English to English translation project to see if the internets can understand it better than I can.


    she has hips…no fat rolls.

    and even if she was fat..does it really matter?…I’m 21 and more open minded and mature then most of you. groww up, the world is changing people.

    Size 00 – OUT
    Curves to kill – IN


  42. Her custome is boss!!! Very creative spin on hello kitty, why is the blogger hating lol She looks good! Its freaking Halloween your supposed to dress up, why does she have to be an obsessed fanatic?

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