Hello Kitty Tram

You would think that public transportation would have some pity on the fine folks that use their service, but that is certainly not the case — at least in Italy. It’s kind of hard to imagine something ever being a bigger eyesore than a Hello Kitty pink tram, but obviously that doesn’t stop the evil feline from taking over one to torture all with the hideous color:

Hello Kitty tram

Hello Kitty tram Italy

Of course, upon seeing this my wife had an uncontrollable urge to visit Italy and is insisting that this is where we should go on our next trip. Now a trip to Italy may not seem like such a bad idea to many of you, and if that is what you are saying to yourself, you have obviously never travelled with a Hello Kitty fanatic.

Not having ever been forced to suffer on a trip with a Hello Kitty fanatic, you assume that it would be an excellent chance to take in some history or magnificent sites. What you fail to understand is that the entire vacation would be spent riding the Hello Kitty tram all day with the only possible reprieve being if a Hello Kitty shop was spotted somewhere along the route.

Hello Kitty Hell vacations are almost worst that having to live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by S who deserves to have to ride that monstrosity every day of her life for thinking for even a moment that sending me these photos could ever result in something good…

44 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tram

  1. On the plus side, with most of these “vehicle skins”, being insde them usually means not being able to see the outside (or much of anything else due to half the windows being blanked by what you’ll see as white dots).

    However, I now declare that Italy is officially no longer the style capital of Europe!! 😉

  2. I know that they want to cutesy that up in order to make it more user-friendly, but what if it is forever tainted if some idiot wants to go and throw themselves in front of it, or a horrible grisly accident that happens?

    Just sayin’.

  3. As above, it is not “user friendly”, due to the increased difficulty of seeing out of it! Anyone want to claim that this is not a practical problem?

  4. Yikes! I like pink but that’s… that’s an eyesore. Talk about ruining the ambiance that is Italy.

    @andophiroxia I think that would make the tram better! Blood splattered kitty! Weeeeee!

  5. Holy Crap, Batman, that’s a Pepto Pink Tram!
    I think this is a job for Hard Gay to take care of!
    I agree…some red blood spatters may work.

  6. I guess transportation is the same all over the world, if you got the Benjamins one can buy a whole train ad. Just show we are taking over the world.

  7. Oh dear god! My eyes!!!!!!! They are hurting real bad!

    On “positive” side, you might see this tram coming from afar in a bad fog day, but I’m just trying to be nice, because that is one hell of a monstruosity. I thought the idea nowadays was to encourage people to take public transports not to make them run the other way in terror!

  8. Well, if you do end up having to debate with her over a trip to Italy, simply tell her that if you’re going to Italy you’d have to go to Venice. After bring up Venice, subtly slide in the fact that despite being considered a very romantic place, waste management problems actually make the canals of Venice look and smell horrible.

  9. wow! that’s pretty random for Italy! i mean, i don’t usually think of Hello Kitty when i think of Italy. i think of football or spaghetti. definitely not Hello Kitty.

    you just wait, Mr.HKH! once Japan sees that and sees Italy out doing them, there will be pink bullet trains! ;P

  10. *facepalms*

    As I’ve been to Milan recently, yes there is a Hello Kitty store, but for kids. I would have gone it but it was shut… And for kids…

    At least you can’t miss it when you’re waiting for it? You know, 7AM waiting to go to work and WHAM!!! Hellooooo Kitty, wide awake and ready for work! Pass over the aspirin…

    And I thought I looked like a HK billboard…

  11. This is rediculous. I like hello kitty, but this is just gross. I would expect this in many places….but Italy?

    If one must hello kitty….it is best in moderation.

  12. What the hell!!! Hello Kitty is gonna destroy us all!!! Those Italian people should switch to Mario instead, Hello Kitty is just too lame, well Mario is action packed and more popular than hello kitty and is for all genders, so why do we have to bow down to hello kitty when she is not a Goddess, she’s more of an evil goddess who is right now sitting right next to me

  13. And oh dear, why’d you marry a girl like that haha.
    It’s like a reversed world, most of the time it’d be the wife stuck up with a husband who is fan of example soccer or something.

  14. The colour is ugly, I agree. But I think the Hello Kitty is kind of cute 🙂 Where in Italy is it? My sister and I are going to the World championships in figure skating on March 2010 and we plan to see some historic sites and other things of interest. The Hello Kitty tram would be a fun side-gag 😀

  15. …this is Milano, where I live. That tram was for the launch of a store and probably was going around the city for 1 or 2 weeks…..I never saw it anyway….sigh T.T

  16. I think is great hello kitty.The colar of my car is grey but i put everthing as hello kitty.I love it and i am 32 years old.

  17. lol, what is wrong with your wife? The Colosseum v hello kitty train to hell… hmm,oh yes, NO COMPETITION! She may need a hello kitty shrink.

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