23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Appliances

  1. Wait…sorry, I was wrong.
    That’s actually a toilet paper free toilet. Those are instructions/introductions on how the toilet can save paper and environment….

  2. aww..where can you find this?..this is totally awesome! i wanna have a house with these kind of appliances! hello kitty addiction is within my soul! lol

  3. The coolest one I have seen is the toaster that cooks (burns??) hello kitty into the piece of bread / toast. Not sure how I feel about the toilet.

  4. katie: i dont know if you will ever rread this but if you do the toaster cooks around her face. the face isnt toasted at al..the bow and the nose are but thats it. i have it it is amazing

  5. Wait if your so sick of HK why not just ask your wife to stop buying it? its your house to, and unless you really do LOVE HK and your just trying to deny it then i don’t understand the whole reason behind this…

  6. Yeah. You surely have the right to hate Hello Kitty if you have a ton of it everywhere in your house. 😉 I love Hello Kitty anything. But you are quite amusing. Lol

  7. It seems that We The Evil Feline have at last
    Taken control of your mouth.
    And of this evil blog too.

    Please leave us alone you Hello Kitty Haters.
    This now belongs us.
    We SANRIO.

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