24 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Target

  1. Previous comment was in reference to the toaster, what appears to be a sandwich maker, the gumball machine, and the water dispenser.

  2. From the headline I thought you meant a HK target as in a shooting range target. That’s a HK product you might even buy for yourself, so long as you didn’t have to use a HK gun to shoot at it…

  3. I saw that early this morning too. I actually thought briefly about getting the lamp to put on my desk at, but then realized that maybe I should work on my professional image.

  4. HOLY F#$%! The Target by me didn’t have the grilled cheese machine! 🙁 i got the gumball machine and the vanity mirror

  5. Yeah, Target’s the only department store where I’ve seen the cat out in force, come to think of it… Think Sanrio’s buying them off?

  6. WTH?! I don’t have the sandwich maker either! And it was only 19.99. Oh the horror! I’m gonna take a walk outside before the steam coming out of my ears fills the room!!

    Pissed I missed this

  7. Like Scott, my first thought was of a shooting target, and then of using the Hello Kitty shotgun, loaded with “goose shot”.

  8. lucky you guys with Target on their country…we don’t have that here…so if we want HK…we need to find HK…and that involves…extensive “kitty” hunting T_T

  9. i work at target, and im the price accuracy team lead, which means i put stuff on clearance. and we get this set every year, and every year it goes clearance. and guess who gets 1st dibbs! me. i got the water dispenser, 75% off. we also have cute plushes, and toys 😀

  10. 😐 the fact that someone would base a website around something they hate is pathetic. People like what they like.[ Or obsess over] Whats the difference between this or a house covered with other things?

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