Hello Kitty Must Die

It’s not often you come across the perfect gift for the Hello Kitty fanatic, but Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S. Choi is a pretty close to being one. I don’t even know what is inside it and I already like it. Of course, I would spend at least a month on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag if I ever get it for my wife, but it may be worth the price…

Hello Kitty Must Die

Sent in by Jennifer

12 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Must Die

  1. That actually seems like a decent read. However, for the record, it really has nothing to do with Hello Kitty. She uses Hello Kitty as a reference to Japanese culture and wants to kill the traditions of such in herself, not actually Hello Kitty herself. Sorry to disappoint the haters.. I may look into reading this now though, so thanks for the post.

  2. Hey everyone!

    I’m so happy to see my debut novel mentioned on your site. Yes, it does have quite a bit to do with Hello Kitty and Dahmer and other interesting characters. It’s a satire on Asian-American culture… like a JOY LUCK CLUB meets DEXTER. I hope you’ll all give it a read!

    Thank you,
    Angela S. Choi

  3. lol do u know how funny u are. con u send me that than.to me too me emale tap than . if you do me a pleshr i con me to the myyerbook.tip than .aka mom and dad . have a nice day today .monday m0orelday com on send me pik today. lol jk.

  4. Wtf ???? I love hello kitty and everything i have is always hello kitty whats so wrong loving the cute cat??? Do u pplz know what the hello kitty cat come from What about xbox everyone plays it but i am not gonna hate becuz pplz play it am i just saying hello kitty is the shit plz be at least a lil nicer to the cat :[

  5. It’s not about JAPANESE stupid. It’s Chinese culture as the author just so happens to be CHINESE!!!
    And STUPID little GIRLS and WOMEN who want to buy this book just because it says “HELLO KITTY” in big bold letters, listen up: DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY, because YOU WON’T understand it.*

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