Hello Kitty Mouth Mutant

Have you ever wondered why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? Let me tell you, it has nothing to do with her “only needing to speak from her heart.” It’s because when she has a mouth, you see her as the true mutant that she actually is. See for yourself:

Hello Kitty mutants with mouths

Sent in by Essi who found them at a flea market at Finland.

35 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Mouth Mutant

    • i dont kare wat they say about her i will still love her and have any thing for sure she is my favorite charter and she will alaways be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  1. Actually i thought that was about the story the told to me those days, but i think its a brazilian only urband legend…

    They tell around here that hello kitty has something to do with satan and that the creator had a mute child, the bone chilling story is so nonsense that even i a hardcore hello kitty hater had to laught at the face of the person

    • yu dont know what it can do to yu!!!!!!!
      if yu have anything that has it on it will takeover yur house and yur own heart!!!!! not kiddding…..not a laughing matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is the real story why she doesnt have a mouth.
    in japan a young child had mouth cancer. so her mom prayed to the devil to cure her daughters cancer and in return she woul make a famous doll with the memory of him. so thats how hello kitty was invented. thats why if you have any hello kitty items bring them to the backyard and burn it.(:

  3. i hate hello kitty. i have another story why she does not have a mouth and that is why i dont like heralot of kid like her but if you see the real part of hello kitty she is bad. that whyi ask my friend why they like hello kitty she looks evil.I HATE HELLO KITTY!

  4. i think the real story of hello kitty is the mother making a deal with the devil to save her daughter since the little girl had mouth cancer. he did save the little girl. so the mom made hello kitty to sybolize him. no wonder hello kittty has really no background information!<3

  5. the real story of hello kitty is that she is a girl form japan who is only 5 years old but know she is 33 and she had mouth cancer and her mom went to go talk to the devil and the mom wanted to give the devil he own soul so the girl who is hello kitty could speak the mom know is dead because she gave her own soul to the devil just do her child could speak my opinion for this is i would pray to god not to the devil!!!
    And people that say hello kitty is crap say that one more time you are mistaken!!! šŸ™‚

  6. Guys i berly found out about hello kttty i love her but the messege she brings is bad, their was a little girl that had mouth cancer and her mom talkd to the devil so she can cure her little girl and i guess she gave her the mothers soul so they simbolyzed hello kitty as the muted child ,go on youtube it shows u other stuff like with hello kitty coming into mack ,

  7. u all spend way 2 much time “researching” her story….i was jus wondering why…i ddnt ask 4 a whole life story…so get a life! lmao

  8. [p.s.] n y does there have 2b a story….shes jus a doll without a mouth maybe they jus liked her tht way anyway we all saw how fuggle she looked with 1…the devil has nuthin 2 do wit it

  9. The reason why she doesn’t have a mouth, is because who designed her serves the Satan, and those people can not talk about what happen like rituals and etc… and this woman was talking too much, they found out and they sew her mouth, “thats what i heard a long time ago”

  10. I Hate Hello Kitty She Dosent have A Mouth Cuz Her Mom Made A deal With The DevilSo The Mom Had to Cut Hello Kittys Mouth So The Mom Didint agree so the devil got into The Moms Soul And Shoped HK Mouth Btw She had mouth Cancer And She Liked kittys SOOOO MUCH

  11. hello kitty is evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it sucks!! dont buy it, or you will die sooner or later!!! not JK!!! TRUST ME!!!! I READ THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!

  12. yu have to look up the history about HELLO KITTY!!!!!!! A SHORTCUT IS LOOK AT THE NAME HELL…..O KITTY!!!! i thought it was innocent and cute. i just bought a purse that is so beuatiful and now i have to throw it away. i yu dont belive me, why would i be wasting my hands off and my time.???? :/ please be carefull!!!!! if yu look it up it will tell yu that it goes in yur heart and yur house and possess yu or other words takes over yu and makes problems in yur house. ****PLEASE READ AND COMMENT/REPLY****

  13. legend says that a womens daughter had cancer.The women made a deal with the devil.The deal was if he was to cure her daughter she would be a cartoon character with no mouth so she can only love with her heart.The deal was made ,her daughter was cured and she was turned into hello kitty

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