Hello Kitty T Shirt Collection

For some unfathomable reason, Hello Kitty fanatics feel that it’s appropriate to send me photos of their Hello Kitty collections. Believe me, opening an email filled with photos of a Hello Kitty collection is probably one of the most hellish things that one can ever experience, especially early in the morning or just after a meal. This Hello Kitty T Shirt collection left me nauseated for the rest of the week:

Hello Kitty T Shirt collection

Here is a little tip that all should seriously consider: If the person you are dating has a unique Hello Kitty T Shirt for every freakin day of the month, that is a good sign that you’re going to face a life of Hello Kitty Hell if you don’t get out a fast a possible…

Sent in by Sabree

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty T Shirt Collection

  1. My boy friend actually HELPS me acquire HK stuff for my collection! He found me the best HK shirt, mushrooms rainbows and HK! : D

  2. What’s wrong with you?! The only reason this blog survives is because people send you photos. You should be thanking them!! You’re biting the hand that feeds you and it is going to come back and bite you in the ass!

    How dare you tell people to run away from Hello Kitty. People who love Hello Kitty are the most loving people in the world. That’s something that you’d know nothing about!! I don’t know how your wife puts up with you with your pathetic opinions.

    Everyone wants to show how much they love Hello Kitty every day. It makes the world happier. You’d like the world to me bleak and miserable, but Hello Kitty won’t let you. You’ve failed and show how untrustworthy you are.

  3. My boyfriend buys me hello kitty stuff so it really doesn’t bother him…But of course I don’t think i’d go this crazy or decorate the whole house with hello kitty

  4. Um… some girl just sent you 29 pictures of her chest in tight t-shirts. Plus a bonus bikini-top shot. And you’re complaining about the graphics on the shirts? You need some new priorities sweetie. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. A few of them look like jackets, actually, but who am I to quibble.
    Darlene, maybe if you’d actually read more than what you can try and spin, you’d know that he knows that this blog exists because of the photos he’s been sent, and the day he stops getting them is the day he can stop posting because that means the reign of Kitty has ended! (I know I’ve seen something like that in a post, but I can’t recall where…)

    Wait, how’d he not get in trouble with his wife over this one?

  6. “If the person you are dating has a unique Hello Kitty T Shirt for every freakin day of the month, that is a good sign that youโ€™re going to face a life of Hello Kitty Hell if you donโ€™t get out a fast a possibleโ€ฆ”

    Nope sounds like a good prospect to me (If I was any younger)

  7. magpie, you must realize, although I’m sure that you already do realize this, but Mr. Hello Kitty Hell is married and probably doesn’t want to end up on the couch in a Hello Kitty sleeping bag because he was looking at these photos.
    Also, it’s obvious that, despite all of the Hello Kitty products his wife buys, he loves her very much anyway, otherwise he probably would have left her already.

  8. It isn’t even that that big of a deal that she has a bunch of shirts. I have a few and so do alot of HK fans. I rather see someone have a real collection of vintage HK t-shirts b/c THAT would be cool…

  9. Thats not a bad idea……vintage HK shirts. But how you can tell the different beats me. All hello kitty products look the same im sorry to say

  10. Awwes yay, I made the blog for the 4th time! ๐Ÿ˜€ And yes Sportschick I do indeed have a Hello Kitty tramp stamp! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Sabree, I can’t say too much about your tee-shirt collection, because I have 20-some dragon tee-shirts (and 40-odd Fantasy and SF ones those included) myself!

  12. @ Sabree, if only I looked a good as you do in a tight tee-shirt! ๐Ÿ˜€ (too old, as in old enough to be your father, and too fat).

  13. @Kitteh!! Awwes. Everyone can rock a Hello Kitty shirt! ๐Ÿ˜€ It is all in how you feel about yourself ๐Ÿ˜› And my dad is young so that was irrelevant! XD He is only 34 :O Had me really young T_T

  14. lol guys dont take things so serious. he may be saying all these bad things about hello kitty but that’s the whole point of the blog. although i love HK its funny reading his blogs and seeing his perspective of things. i just come here to see all the HK things, not to bash anyone.=]

  15. your just jealous hello kitty gets more girls than you or more attention then you or in other words get a life and stop hating on hello kitty:]

  16. Oh come on stop harrassing HK if you don’t like her thats your problem don’t turn HKs fans away from her I mean I love HK but even though I have loads of I tems that are HK centered I would never think of collecting sooo many t-shirts but rock on girl! And to whoever you are stop hating on HK your wife loves her what would happen if she found out about this site and if she found out you wrote all that horrible stuff about HK how would she feel.I came onto this site to find out about HK products for goodness sakes I’m only eleven years old but don’t think I don’t understand what you’re doing so stop it

  17. I am a guy, I buy my wife hello kitty shirts, I think they are cute as hell and look good on her. Only thing is she is plus size so they are hard to come by. I even love it when she goes to bed wearing them, actually prefer them to lingerie. What is nice is the plus size ones she has fit me so I wear them sometimes and she thinks its cute (around the house only). Even have a couple made just for guys from a place called Johnny Cupcakes and Girl skateboards makes them too.

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