Corn Flakes

You knew that it was simply a matter of time. First it was Hello Kitty toast and coffee. Then came the Hello Kitty eggs (both scrambled and hard boiled) and Hello Kitty bacon (and sausage) which soon lead to Hello Kitty pancakes and Hello Kitty waffles Once the Hello Kitty Fruit Loops made their appearance, did you really think it would stop there? Hello Kitty is determined to take over every part of breakast and she is now going through the cereals one by one with the addition of Hello Kitty corn flakes:

Hello Kitty cornflakes

It’s never a good sign when the start of the day is almost guaranteed to contain something depicting the evil feline, and even worse when you likely have to ingest that something. Just another confirmation that I continue to live in Hello Kitty Hell…

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16 thoughts on “Corn Flakes

  1. Er, these are an Italian knock-off product, so they weren’t good cornflakes to begin with! HK is now even cheapening her own brand!

  2. Ohhh I want. From where csan I get it and I know that u Mr.HKH don’t want us to ask these questions but I’m only 11 years old and I’m a girl and I think Hello Kitty is cute. Please tell me if there’s any place in Durban,South Africa(I live in durban in South Africa)that I can buy it plz 🙂

  3. See my comment of March 2nd. These are made by an Italian company called “Mi Food”. Now go forth and practice your Google Fu!

  4. @ Kitteh!! I tried google but nt wrkin I gt a Blackberry 8520(11 b day prezzie) but google nt wrkin plz check where in Durban,South Africa I can find it because I dnt think Mifoods is in Durban in South Africa plz hey Kitteh!! In which country do u live

  5. I live in Scotland, and Mi Food don’t export to here, so you may be well and truly stuck unless you can find your way to a PC rather than a Blackberry, and then find a grey market supplier of HK products.

  6. @hks bst fan – I’m male, and old enough to be your grandfather. My main interest here is the fan art (include tattoos) postings.

    @Sanriobaby – Cheesy corn flakes; what an utterly tasteless thought! 😉

  7. We also have Hello Kitty cornflakes in Germany and they taste like someone’s puked flakes into the box. Just totally disgusting. Anyone who ever wants to try Hello Kitty cornflakes, LEAVE IT FOR YOUR OWN SAKE!
    After the first bite, I spit it out and threw everything away immediately. 4,95€ wasted for HK’s leftovers, yuck. -_-

  8. Wow, I’ve never seen a more rowdy bunch of people, whining about hello Kitty before. Get over it! She is an Icon. Lots of people like her. If you don’t, then don’t look at her. I’m sick of hearing all the whining and crying about this and that. Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder if the reason why you all hate her so much is becauase there’s no sex and violence involved with her. And before you tell me to follow my own advice and not read this page, if I don’t like it…..I found it when I googled “hello kitty cornflakes”, so I’m just responding to what I see on here. Anyway, I also think you were a little bit harsh to the little girl from Africa. She’s just a kid, cut her some slack for God’s sake! HKSBEST FAN – Just ignore their stupidity. I live in the USA, and my mom got me some of the corn flakes and the granola bars. They came from an italian market. They are not available on Amazon yet, but keep checking back. Also, you might wanna try Ebay. Good luck with your search. As for my oppinion on the corn flakes….well, I really could care less about what they may taste like. I’m not going to eat them. I just want the box to save. I gave the corn flakes away. And as far as crap go’s, the only crap I see coming out of anyone or anything, is all the stupid junk you people are posting on here, bashing HK. Get over it, she’s popular and cute and she’s here to stay.

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