Hello Kitty Popsicles

I guess it was a far too hopeful for me to wish that Hello Kitty could ever be satisfied with the torture that she unleashed on all the significant others of Hello Kitty fanatics with her horrifying Hello Kitty ice-cream because she decided for some unfathomable reason that she also needed a Hello Kitty popsicle version:

Hello Kitty Nestle popsicles

I think this would have been 100% better if the Hello Kitty popsicle has been a full body portrait of the evil feline — at least then I could have some satisfaction of where the popsicle stick was shoved…

Left on Twitter by @Vienne

13 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Popsicles”

  1. And they are also made/distributed by Nestle, one of the most ethically unsound corps around at the moment…nice combo there guys.

  2. sadly I really want some ice cream right now and this looks delicious. atleast you’d be eating and destroying hello kitty’s head…. or consuming and becoming one with the beast either way it is hot and i want some ice cream


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