Wedding Shoes

It seems that fanatics, for some unfathomable reason, have a desperate need to completely ruin their weddings. Of course, one should realize that the entire affair is going to look like a train wreck when there is a Hello Kitty engagement ring and wedding ring involved. So, when cakes, dresses, and even tuxedos are all … Read more

Hello Kitty Toms Shoes

When it comes to Hello Kitty fanatics, you can be pretty sure that their unfortunate obsession includes shoes. It doesn’t matter if they are Hello Kitty Reeboks, Hello Kitty Nikes, Hello Kitty Asics or the infamous Hello Kitty Converse (seriously folks, over 300 comments mostly from fanatics whining) — and that is not to mention … Read more

Hello Kitty Reebok Plush Shoes

Every time it gets to the point where I believe that things can never get worse, the evil feline makes sure to let me know that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse. It is distressing (and more than a little disturbing) that I still have people asking me where they can find Hello Kitty … Read more

Hello Kitty Reebok Shoes

You didn’t really think that the evil feline would stop with one shoe company did you? In addition to Hello Kitty Asics shoes, she has conned Reebok into selling their corporate soul by making special 35th anniversary shoes. I know Hello Kitty Hell is getting bad when my wife nearly has a different pair of … Read more

Hello Kitty Asics Shoes

I vowed to stay away from mentioning Hello Kitty shoes after the constant whining to the Hello Kitty Converse high tops and the hate mail I have received from the whiners. Unfortunately, these Hello Kitty Asics monstrosities keep ending up in my email and since my eyes can’t take seeing them over and over again, … Read more

Hello Kitty Bowling Shoes

One of the worst things about blogging about Hello Kitty Hell is that as soon as I put something up, I start receiving emails with photos attached for other things that my wife will want associated with whatever was just posted. I’ve already explained that my wife doesn’t bowl, so why would she need Hello … Read more

Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Markus & Indrani Photos

My wife was already a fan of Lady Gaga due to her Hello Kitty hair bow and visit to Japan where she professed her love of the evil feline. This has only grown as Lady Gaga posed for a Markus & Indrani photo shoot for the Three Apples art collection (yet another reason to avoid … Read more