Hello Kitty Guitar Meow!

It’s difficult to decide what is the worst part of this video. That the music is being played on a Hello Kitty guitar, that the original tune is named “Meow!” or that someone imagined that playing a song titled “Meow!” on a Hello Kitty guitar would ever be a good idea. The only thing positive I can find is that he didn’t play the Hello Kitty theme song

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14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Guitar Meow!

  1. I’m sorry but who in their right mind would spend, i dunno £200-300 on a silly guitar with a picture on it!! on the other hand whoevers playin is really good.

  2. i think it’s adorable. that is mad skills, i can’t believe you have enought free time to make a hatehk website.
    i adore hello kitty. have since i was a itty bitty child, and got my first sanrio product. if i ever learn how to play a guitar good enough to spend a lot of money on a nice guitar, i would so get that one.

  3. This guitar is awesome and anyone that has the insight to use a Hello Kitty guitar is bound for fame. You are probably jealous because everyone wants to hear music played on Hello Kitty guitars while nobody wants to read this blog. Maybe you should listen to it and you’ll learn how Hello Kitty makes music better!

  4. thats some skills she got there..nice.

    @darlene : No darlene, you had it wrong. It’s not about the guitar. It’s the skills. Even if that person used a Mickey Mouse Guitar, her skills will still shine. And no darlene, not many would hear music played on Hello Kitty guitar. They wouldn’t take it seriously if the guitarist used a Hello Kitty guitar. If they do, then I’m pretty sure they are Hello Kitty fans. No offence.

  5. Got that kitty guitar. My first comment seeing it in a little guitar shop was “which idiot would buy such a crazy thing???” Then a friend told me if i came around with that guitar, and would not be able to play I’d bee the biggest fool, so you have to learn it. Well I bought it and doing my best to get better. Not sure whether I’d really should call him a friend though…

  6. this person rocks at playing their guitar……….but i personally prefer to just have a simple pretty guitar without her face on it.

  7. That’s freaking awesome. It may be ridiculous, yes, but, seriously, that’s sick. (The good “sick” that the kids are saying these days.)

  8. @Lily Nope your wrong too. :3 Even if somebody have an HK Guitar (( Doesent Love HK.. but some times i think its cute… But not all this friggin stuff.. )) maybe the guitar Player from AntiFlag or Billy Talent… There would be awesome. ITs nothink the Guitar its ONLY the skills. Dude.. Really The Guitar would only Say” SEE? ITS MY STYLE”.. and this it would be make the whole think awesome.. Dude.. you only be in your hate.. people need something to hate.. and your the best example for that. ^^ Doesent want play with that, but maybe have it for some gigs.. Only to be total Punk 😉 Hope you understand this dude. ^^

  9. These guitars are rotting in closets all over the world…which would be a shame if they weren’t just mediocre Fender squiers that have nothing going for them apart from the Hello Kitty marketing juggernaut…

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