Hello Kitty Smart Car

Hello Kitty cars (HondaVW BugPolski FiatToyota ScionPorscheMitsubishi PrincessFerrari) are awful. The Hello Kitty Smart Car puts awful and cramped together to ensure that you can’t keep your lunch down and the only place to let it go is right in your own lap…

Hello Kitty Smart Car

Sent in by Janine

Update: More photos of this hideous car:

Hello Kitty smart car

Hello Kitty smart car

Hello Kitty smart car

Sent in by Marco and Theresa

Update: More sightings that undoubtedly ruined the day for everyone who saw it:

Hello Kitty pink smar car in the wild

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21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Smart Car

  1. Unfortunately Kittyfing the smart car doesn’t change my mind this is just an over priced toy designed to stroke the ego of it pompous, self righteous yuppie.

    I send condolences in your direction.

  2. I hated smart cars when I saw them in Japan in 2001 and this doesn’t change my mind. We referred to them as “dumb” cars, and after a crash, I’m sure you can imagine why.

  3. Will the airbag imprint Hello Kitty’s face onto my own much like the toaster has her image on one side of the bread?

    Looks a little small for me since I’m more than 3 apples tall

  4. In this case Kittyfing a Smart car dose change my distaste for them and some of the Hollier that thou yuppie drivers.

    I send condolences in your direction.

  5. Hello kitty aside, i love the design of the smart car. If you dont or afraid to drive it….then dont get one.
    (to clarify im not a hipp and i could give a crap less about going green. so suck it)

  6. my daughter loves hello kitty. only reason i ever look at this pink stuff.
    anyway smart cars are stupid. for this reason: Forget the fact that they are death traps on four tiny wheels. they are RIDICULOUSLY over-priced!! For the $24,000 you pay for those 2/3’s of a car…you can get a full-car, say Honda Civic or Subaru for same money and get SOOOOO much more. I still can’t believe people fall for that

  7. Such polar opposites of opinion on the smart car. I love it! It hurts to think a little instead of defaulting to what everyone else drives, doesn’t it?

    BTW, the people that called it “cramped” and assume you’d just die in a accident are REALLY uniformed. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. There are people that think BMWs are boring and that pickup trucks are a waste of 1/2 the thing you’re buying. But, you can’t cut on it if you are coming from a position of no actual knowledge.

  8. a death trap, can you imagine getting in between two semis on the highway in a wreck with that, someone will have to scrape you off the trucks, I would take a truck or a suv any day for safety over that, and I have seen a few fatalities from this car, small is one thing, but this adds a whole new level to sub compact, now consider the price, way over-priced compared to many cars of this size, get a honda, a toyota or such, this way you actually get a car and not a overpriced go cart

  9. The smart car is safe, affordable, comfortable, roomy (unless you’re really tall or wide). It has better visibility than an average sedan due to its higher clearance.

    This is a wrap, not paint. The paint that smart uses on its other cars are environmentally friendly.

    Neither Hello Kitty nor the smart car are for everyone, but i love this. I do think that some of these commenters would do well to do their research before bashing the smart car.

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