Hello Kitty Minivan

I always hate putting up Hello Kitty cars like the recent Hello Kitty Smartcar (and plenty of others over time: HondaVW BugPolski FiatToyota ScionPorscheMitsubishi PrincessFerrari) because that always sends a new wave of Hello Kitty cars into my email box. This is seriously a nightmare for any husband and more so for me since this is what my wife wants when we have kids. Maybe those Hello Kitty condoms aren’t such a bad idea after all…

Hello Kitty Minivan

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9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Minivan

  1. This is the dream car of any wife! It would be great and the kids would think that you were the coolest mom around. All the other kids in the neighborhood would want you to drive and your kids would be popular because of it. Hello Kitty has a way of doing that.

    And how selfish can you really be? Not wanting to have kids with your wife just because of a car? It shows how shallow and uncaring you really are and gives us another reason to know not to take anything you say seriously.

  2. I don’t think it’s selfish at all to not have kids because of this car. If my mom had owned this car when I was growing up I would have run away. Any child who arrives at school in this would probably be so ridiculed they would drop out and start a life of crime or drug use. Think of how much better his childrens lives will be sans this car.

  3. That’s actually kind of cute. But I’d expect this to belong to a Sanrio employee or an advertisement agency instead of a mother of sane children, no?

  4. @ darlene
    “… and your kids would be popular because of it.”

    But wouldn’t you want your kids to be popular for who they are, not for what they have? HMM?
    And if he’s so shallow and uncaring, why does he tolerate the fact that his wife wants everything Hello Kittified. He hasn’t divorced her or anything

  5. I am positive the kid would get bullied so bad if he/she ever arrive school in this. I would tell my mom I could walk to school, never mind it is a 3 hours walk away.

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