Hello Kitty Robot

One would assume that when Hello Kitty finds that she is running out of things to place her face on, she would finally stop. Of course, this assumption would be completely wrong. When Hello Kitty runs out of things to put her face on, she simply decides to create things like this Hello Kitty robot (???) for which the only appropiate response is “wtf!?”

Hello Kitty Robot

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25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Robot

  1. Who in their right minds would conceive such a travesty of mankind?

    … Then again, since when have they been in their right minds?

    Good LORD, this thing is disturbing. Almost as much as the Hello Kitty Sexy Nightmare. *shudders*

  2. I like it until I get up to the Hello Kitty head… It just doesn’t match, even from a pro-Kitty angle. From anti-Kitty, matches and kerosene are in order.

  3. Robots are usually thought of as cold and mechanical, but Hello Kitty brings warmth, love and cuteness to everything she touches. Even robots. That is why this is so wonderful and popular. Plus she brings femininity and class to the robot as well. The robot would be nothing special at all without Hello Kitty. Just like this blog would be nothing without Hello Kitty!!!

  4. ughh i love hello kitty but this is just weird..and she not supposed to be tall and skinny ..she is supposed to be cute and fat

  5. When the picture loads,it start of from the bottom so I thought “oh cool! It can’t be that bad..”…..until the head showed up.

    As an art student, I have nothing against an iconic character..but to STUCK a HK head..is just disturbing.

    The body is lovely..without that head.

  6. Hey, pay attention! robots don’t wear boots. especially laced thigh high boots. They also don’t have boobs. This is an invader from space. Please note the epaulet on the shoulder. i cringe at the thought that invaders from another world would look like Hello Kitty! (i do concede the possibility that this is actually a female-type android, but i firmly believe that it is a space invader. And if they all have that face, the battle for earth is already over. That’s even more frightening than Hello Kitty hk-47’s, er, ak-47’s.)

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