Hello Kitty Scarification

Hello Kitty Scarification Hello Kitty Bat Scarification Hello Kitty Brand Scar
Hello Kitty Scar Hello Kitty Cutting Scarification

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Scarification

  1. You have to be completely out of your freaking mind to get that disgusting burnt out “cat” scarred on your body. If you’re going to ruin your body, get something a tad less repulsive.

  2. hehe. Now look at these and ask yourself: “Do I really have it that bad?”

    Cuz if your wife isn’t at THIS level of extreme, count yourself as lucky.

  3. oh my god, this is the most screwed up thing i have ever seen.
    wtf is wrong with you people.
    what the hell.
    i feel like im going to throw up.

  4. Clearly some ppl have an obsession with this cat! After seeing this I’m even to scared to promote hello kitty! It’s worse than Barney the dino, & I hate Barney!

  5. they didnt do it to themselves morons. you have to actually pay an artist to do this to you. its a form of body modification. just like a tattoo or a piercing. Scarifications are done in a clean environment. its not sick of distasteful. it’s just not your thing. dont call these people emo’s. they are not.

  6. EWWWWW ! Why would anyone want to cause pain just to put a image of a cat on them? Why can’t they just get a tattoo! It’s less painfull them cutting your skin! This makes no sense! People just don’t think sometimes! Im not calling them emo, im just saying. I’d rather get a tatto.

  7. …Really Ashley? Really? Your argument is as dumb as someone saying that temporary tattoos are less painful and tattoos and therefore are a better idea (because of course everyone knows that if something in life hurts, it’s not worth it). In case you forgot, tattoos ARE painful methods of body modification “just to put an image” on someone. Scarification is just a different type of body modification – what makes no sense is your inability to understand that. Just because you’d rather get a tattoo doesn’t mean that these people “don’t think”. Obviously YOU weren’t thinking when you posted that entry, due to the poor grammar and lack of logic.

  8. i am only 12! my lil’ bro showed me this… i love hello kitty and when he said it was to do with it i ran from my room to see! i hate you bro! i woz havin nightmares all night! damn you bro! his name is danny isreal! he goes to rosh pinah so if u pass him murder him! he has brown longish WAVY hair and he is in year 6! kill him! i beg you!

  9. Jessica I’m only 11 and when I saw this myself I was completely shocked this shows how obsessive people can get I wouldn’t do that in a million years and stupid ignorant,arrogant idiots like Lisa wouldn’t understand.I’m sure Lisa has a scarification and you know I agree with Ashley cause I would rather get a tatoo than scare myself. I mean scars will burn in the bath it will hurt when you touch it and a whole lot of other things and even though tatoos may hurt it won’t hurt forever but scars will so Lisa shut your freakin bloody trap!

  10. WOwwwwwwwwwwwww… U r stupid!!! bet dats a tatoo!!!! how can u get a scar like dat one????

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