Hello Kitty Hell – The Beginning

I live in a Hello Kitty Hell, no ifs, ands or buts about it. You may not believe it at this moment, but as this journal expands you will no doubt come to that conclusion. It will make you feel good, bring a little joy to your life, knowing that your life may have problems, but it isn’t nearly as bad as living in a Hello Kitty Hell. This is the reaction that I receive from most that hear my story.

What makes it even more of a hell is that it is the result of my own doing. I have nobody to blame but myself which makes the daily torture that much more intense. I live with it because I helped to create it, I initially encouraged it and it gradually engulfed me until there was no escape…

The story has a simple beginning. My wife has always thought that Hello Kitty was cute,  purchasing an item here and there to display. When we decided to purchase a house, we decided that extra income would be a necessity to afford the place we wanted. To accomplish this, I suggested that she should take any hobby she enjoyed and we could make it into a money making venture. Her choice was Hello Kitty.

Thinking back, I should have seen the red flags waving all around me. I should have made her pick something else right then and there, but it never occurred to me that she could turn the hobby into a full fledged business. I also never imagined that one day I would have to live in a house full of Hello Kitty.

The problem was that I imagined that she would only be able to sell a few items a week to bring in a little extra cash. I mean, who would ever imagine that some people are so fanatical they would pay more than $100 for a Hello Kitty plush (that’s a stuffed doll for those not into Hello Kitty collecting)? They exist and not only that, they exist in numbers which has enabled my wife to turn Hello Kitty into a profitable business. The problem is that when she discovered she could make money with Hello Kitty, her hobby greatly expanded to include practically anything Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty toilet paper

So I now find myself in a catch 22 Hello Kitty Hell. I encouraged her to turn her hobby into a money making venture so I can’t really ask her to stop, but you have to start questioning if it has gone too far when you have 4 different types of Hello Kitty toilet paper to choose from in the bathroom. If 4 types of toilet paper wasn’t bad enough, one of the rolls actually mocks my Hello Kitty Hell – look at pattern in the top right corner – doesn’t it look like Hello Kitty is flipping me off as she winks at me?

So here I sit, trapped in cute overkill created in part by my own doing, with my only means of release being what you’re reading now. Welcome to my living hell and rejoice in the fact that life will never get this bad for you…

56 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hell – The Beginning

  1. Y’know, you could always take your mind off Hello Kitty by not talking about it. Go out and get interested in Russian artwork or something.

  2. Y’know, you could always take your mind off Hello Kitty by not talking about it. Go out and get interested in Russian artwork or something.

    My wife would probably find a Russian artist that encorporates Hello Kitty into their work 😉 No doubt about it…

    • I actually own a set of Russian nesting dolls hand painted with all of the Hello Kitty characters. So, Russia is out…sorry.

  3. The Kremlin will never be the same again…anyway, love your site, mainly because it’s rather funny, but also because I sympathize with you. A lot.

  4. “Welcome to my living hell and rejoice in the fact that life will never get this bad for you…”

    Talk about one man’s meat being another man’s poison. Methinks that what is your living hell is many people’s — including your wife’s — idea of heaven! ;b

    Anyways, keep on blogging. It’s all very amusing and kawaii (in a, you know, Hello Kitty sorta way)… :DDDD

  5. your hell is my heaven! wow, but i’m not as bad as your wife and my boyfriend refuses to support my hello kitty habit.

  6. Hellokidoki,

    here a comment from Holland! I just read your journal and I love it!! Not that I hate HK, not that I love it, but the way you describe your life with a HK-lover/adorer, it’s so funny!

    I intend to read more of your hell, just so I can laugh after a hard day’s work. hihihi!!

    Greetings from Den Bosch, the netherlands

  7. hello kitty i love your sight man hey but dont diss da kat aaaight.ha ha where do you live man and where can you fid all the things that are on your site hey. but i just want to ask you a question kkkkkk if you hate da kitty why do ya have a sight on hello kitty huhhhhh.any way at least i get to see all the kawaii pictures.sayonara get bck 2 mite hai

  8. I collect all things HK too. My husband collects all things Superman, so we are a pair. Just discuss with your wife that financially, she can’t own everything HK but make SURE you let her get things once in awhile.
    Hon, if this is the worst thing happening to you, then you are BLESSED!! Don’t worry, you won’t go into, as my dad says, “the poor house” because of a hello Kitty collection. If your wife is smart enough to love HK as I do, then she is also smart enough to know when to slow it down.
    BTW, I have an extensive collection from the 80’s on up and we have enough $, so all WILL be well.

  9. I love Hello Kitty! I currently own the toaster, rugs, bicycle bell, t-shirt, pajamas, cup/bowl/plate, lamp, phone, stringup lights, pillow, laptop rest, and a few Happy Meal toys. I’ve yet to purchase the vibrator. The husband is supportive. By the way, I just turned forty this year. I’m not sure why I like Hello Kitty so much. My kids (four and six) can take or leave her. My son loves Star Wars so he appreciated the Hello Kitty Darth Vader.

  10. OMG! Hello Kitty toilet paper! I would have never thought I would live to see the day! I live in the US so I don’t think that has made its way over here yet…at least I don’t think. If so I haven’t seen it yet….wow Kitty really is taking over the world…

  11. ohhh.. I love Hello Kitty!! 😛 I understand you as well.. Anything of too much is not a good thing.. but then you’re life is LUCKY to have a husband like you. 🙂

  12. I just recently become obsessed with Hello Kitty and found your site through some cute pink site or other and I went all the way to this first blog to see who writes this? I couldn’t help but laugh and imagine my husband feeling your pain in a couple of years.

  13. You know I was (emphasis on was) getting a bit obsessed with Hello Kitty, but the insanely large variety of products (the toilet paper is only the beginning) you’ve displayed on your blog, I think that is overwhelming. And you have to live with the overwhelming feeling every day! And p.s., I’m not the same Angelica from above.

  14. So that is what that evil kitten is all about ….

    Up until now, i didn’t know much about HK. But, now that i know how evil this feline really is, i will be dropping in regularly.
    Great site, HKH! Your stories are really hilarious.
    But in the mean time i feel soooooo sorry for you!!

  15. I used to think Hello Kitty was cute and innocent enough. Until i looked at this blog. Holy god… o.O I couldn’t look away. I read for 8 hours until i reached the end. I can honestly say i have no love for HK. Not anymore.

    You, sir, have shown me the light. If you weren’t here to point out the utter ridiculousness that is HK culture, i may have subjected my children to it. You have saved my family.

    I do hate you for subjecting me to it all the same though. Some of those images will never go away…

  16. darlene failed, because she is too dumb to run after HKH’s posts or even get an RSS reader. Joke’s on you Darlene!

  17. feel bad for you. i LOATHE hello kitty!! she is flipping us off.. very offensive TP. good luck with the rest of your life,you need it.

  18. I really have no idea how you live like this. You need to make sure to tell your wife that when you took those vows, you were serious! Geez, you must really love her!

    I stared to read your blog…but then gave up in utter amazement on how Hello Kitty is taking over the world silently. …good luck with everything!

  19. Oh, you poor guy…even worse, you helped put yourself there in HKH…glad you have this blog to vent and escape to and I am impressed you remain committed to your suggestion in spite of what it has spawned !!!

  20. I’m starting your blog from the start. I’m thorough in my masochistic tendencies. Bring on the pink. Expect comments throughout. This lasts until I run out of willpower or alcohol, whichever comes second.

  21. im doing a speech in my french class on hello kitty. i believe now after reading this, that hello kitty is hell itself. and yet i still love her. =)

  22. Just be glad that it isn’t worse….she could’ve been a Twilight fan! OMG….if they do Hello Kitty Twilight I think I’ll just die….

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