Hello Kitty Band-Aids

Hello Kitty BandaidOne of the most frustrating aspects of living in a Hello Kitty Hell is the embarrassment that comes along with it. Yesterday morning I accidentally gave myself a nice paper cut and needed a band-aid to protect it. Of course, the only band-aids that we have in the house are Hello Kitty band-aids.

Not really having a choice in the matter, I reluctantly wrapped my finger in the Hello Kitty band-aid and went about my business. I didn’t think anything more of it until I was at a cash register ready to make a purchase and the sales lady kept looking at my finger and then back up to me with such a strange look that she obviously thought I was some kind of psycho. How could I blame her? – a grown man walking around with a Hello Kitty band-aid is not something normal nor can it be adequately explained in a couple of minutes.

Next time I think it will be less painful to just bleed to death…


Hello Kitty bandaids

Left by Lia via facebook

Hello Kitty band aids

Sent in by Melissa who says: “My friends and I were having a fun day at the river this last summer when my friend Kevin hurt his foot, so after we got home we had to bandage up his foot and the only band-aids I had were Hello Kitty.” This is why you never want to hurt yourself in the presence of a hello Kitty fanatic…

hello kitty bandaid

Sent in by Becca

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  1. I am loving this blog, lol. You’re hysterical! I am a HK fanatic, have been for 21 yrs (i’m 29). I’m not married, but whoever I do marry will just have to deal with the obsession. I like your way of handling it, just like HK would – she makes everything fun 🙂

  2. I had to laugh when I saw this. I used to work for McDonalds as a manager. We had run out of band aids at the store. So I ended up grabbing hello kitty band aids for the sole purpose of making my crew be more careful not to hurt them selves in grill. A large portion of my crew was men I knew they wouldn’t be caught dead having to wear one all day. It worked perfectly I only recall only 3 people getting hurt for 2 month’s not to bad considering it was an average of about 2 people a day. Mostly grease burns. Sadly the band aids were replaced with normal clear ones and minor work injury’s went back up. I know it was evil but it was evil with a purpose at least.

  3. i think you are in the same boat as my husband when it comes to hk. But you are right, us hk lovers arent in our right minds. HK is soo cute that we loose all control of ourselves..

  4. my boyfriend and i were out with all of his guy friends. while we were out he got a cut on his finger so i gave him a hello kitty band aid. he refused to put it on saying that he didn’t need it and that he was fine. i said if he didn’t put it on his cut i wouldn’t touch him for the rest of the day. he wore the band aid but was so embarassed, but i thought it was sooo cute 🙂

  5. I wore a Hello Kitty bandaid before,after i got a shot from the doctor, and guess what my cousin, Janice asked me to give her the band aid, but luckily, i just threw it on the trash can. My cousin also collected those band aids that you posted in here(although it was in a different design), she whined me for that band aid just to make her collection millions of Hello Kitty stuff. So hellish! I wish not to get a shot again before Hello Kitty comes back sticking on my skin-How much i suffered when it was taken off. Throw them away!

  6. lol i just got hello kitty band aids today and all day ive been like i hope i get cut on something so i can wear one. i wish my boyfriend was as hello kitty supportive as you. he finaly agreed on a hello kitty sweet sixteen 😀

  7. That’s terrible! LOL I feel so sorry for you! Even though I would love to go out and buy Hello Kitty bandaids at this very moment because of it! 😛

  8. I don’t know what you guys are afraid of. My wife has everything hello Kitty. I even had a custom made Hello Kitty bike made for her. I keep several boxes of Hello Kitty bandaids in my truck and quite often wear one as I am always cutting myself in my construction work. I am generally a nice person but if someone gave me undue crap for wearing a Hello Kitty bandaid I just might “Bitch Slap” them.

  9. My boyfriend got my Hello Kitty band-aids when my roomate’s cat got fleas… and I got eaten alive (head to toe). I covered my entire body with Hello Kitty band-aids…. before realizing that there was a limit. -laughs- Now, I only use the on… how can I say… limited occasions and hidden cuts. (They have been on sale in Quebec, Canada for three years now.)

  10. I just stumbled upon your site this evening & I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile. Your posts have me in tears. I LOVE Hello Kitty…I was 3 when Hello Kitty first came out & have been a fan ever since. I love reading these posts…they are going to a bright spot in my day (:

  11. I had to get Hello Kitty Band-Aids in Argentina, cause that’s all they had…..they were such crap. They were always falling off, making me buy more for that evil Sanrio empire!

  12. i wore one of those on the back of my knee for a cut and the next day there was this itching pain so i looked and there was this pus filled rash reaction around the bandai so i don’t use those anymore. not now, not ever

  13. i figured you’d like to know that i had a small cut on the back of my knee and put one of these on it, completely thinking everything would be okay. a day later it started to really itch and hurt so i looked at it and there was a complete outline of hideous pustules and rashes around the band aid, far as i know i’m not allergic to really anything except hello kitty.

  14. Someone put one of these on me at work the other day. Now it hurts worse than before. Not as bad as killner’s experience but maybe I took mine off early enough. Apparently the evil feline’s band aids only help her loyal followers and attempt to destroy the rest of us.

  15. If anyone is reading this in the UK you can get sticking plasters (band aids) with Hello Kitty on from pound shops like Poundland and 99p Stores. I have them and they are great, cute with four styles and stay on really well. And they look prettier than ordinary ones.

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