Hello Kitty Pop Tarts

Maybe there is an angel looking over me in Hello Kitty Hell (oh boy, is that wishful thinking…) – at least these Hello Kitty Pop Tarts weren’t ever spotted at our local grocery store while we were back in the US.

Hello Kitty Pop Tarts

If they had been, I probably would have had to eat pop tarts for three meals a day. Somehow, Hello Kitty and Pop Tarts seem to go together well – sickeningly sweet and not at all good for you.

Thinking about it a bit more, those may not have been all that bad compared to what may be in store for me…there are far more Hello Kitty foods in Japan that I will be tortured with now that we are back as you will see (probably to your amusement, but to my chagrin). Worse, the Hello Kitty Pop Tarts aren’t really out of reach of my wife – she’ll probably order some once she reads this since they are available online…

**Thanks (I think) to Amaranthim who left a link in the comments

Update: Not a pretty sight:

hello kitty poptart

Sent in by Julia

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pop Tarts

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  2. Bwahaha! I thought of you when I saw those in the store a few weeks ago, but I thought I was doing you a kindness when I didn’t tell you about them.

  3. I tried those Pop Tarts once. I couldn’t resist the tortured look on my boyfriend’s face when I pointed them out, or the flavor “Meow Berry”. They were a bit too sugary for my taste, and I’m sure any 4 year old that would eat just one of them would be wound up for the rest of the day on a Hello Kitty sugar high.

  4. My mom bought these for me and they were the worst tasting things! Even my 7 year old nephew thought they were too sweet and gross.

  5. I hate to tell you this dude, but Hello Kitty Pop Tarts are sold at Walmart in Utah… along with HK fruit snacks…. Yup.. Don’t let her know…

  6. hey i saw those at walmart awhile back…i bought about 6 boxes and ate it all…but i kept the boxes! she is just so cute

  7. You’ve obviously never been to Spain, they have tonnes of Hello Kitty food items there. There was Hello Kitty icecream (strawberry icecream, which came with little glittery stickers you’re meant to put on your iPod and cellphone), Hello Kitty candyfloss (I never bought any), Hello kitty biscuits (the ones I got came with these figurines), and lots of other sweets I won’t talk about.

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