Hello Kitty Car Lights

The Hello Kittification of our car continues at far too fast a pace. It would not surprise me in the least bit if a car could be built from scratch using only Hello Kitty parts or that somewhere, someone is selling a Hello Kitty modified engine.

While I had first assumed that the automotive area of the store would provide me some escape from my Hello Kitty Hell, it has been proved time and again to be the exact opposite. In fact now when we go to the store, I do my best to keep my wife away from the automotive section because if she manages to get there, it will mean a new Hello Kitty addition to our car. Which is exactly what happened this morning when my wife discovered the Hello Kitty car lights:

Hello Kitty car lights

Hello Kitty car lights

Yes, these are actually to replace your parking lights with a Hello Kitty glow in one of 4 colors. The only saving grace for my Hello Kitty Hell is that the size is wrong for our car. It’s probably a short lived victory, however. With the enthusiasm my wife had when finding them, it can only be a matter of time before they expand the line-up to include our car as well…

Update: An unfortunate instance of one of these actually being used:

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20 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Car Lights

  1. PLEASE tell me where you are finding these… and if there’s any way I could pay you to get me some!! I’ve been looking for these everywhere, and they must only be available overseas…

  2. Ummmm, have you read the blog? Why on earth would I want to start buying Hello Kitty goods for other people? The only reason I would ever sell Hello Kitty is if I could sell my wife’s collection and get it out of the house 😉

  3. I like those and if I had a car, I would totally get them but are they even legal? I mean do they comply with car maintenance standards?

  4. OMG!!! This is HILARIOUS! I love hello kitty and to find someone who can’t stand the little cat is too much!!! 🙂 I rolled reading Hello Kitty Hell’s comments. Thanks for making me laugh!!

  5. Hello
    i am from germany, could someone say me, where i could get this lights? i need them for the car of my girlfriend.
    PLEASE help me


  6. You know what I would do? Take her lights and sale them on ebay! You could make a killing. I know so women that will die for these lights.

  7. That makes my eyes bleed. . .just replaced the headlighs in my Teggy. I am female, and I WOULD NEVER do this to a car. I even think some Hello Kitty stuff is cute (e.g., tshirts, backpacks, watches), but most of the Sanrio crap just takes it too far.

  8. If you sell your wife’s collection, just hang onto that sleeping bag because you’ll be facing YEARS on the couch.

  9. I don’t understand why people insist on asking where they can get the stuff if u have clearly stated IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!

  10. This is so cool. The Hello Kitty light decoration is wonderful. I love it. I think commercial lighting suppliers would be amazed by this creative design of light. I never thought that Hello Kitty can be used for light designs.

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