Hello Kitty Shower Radio

One of the worst things about Hello Kitty Hell is that there is no place to escape it. Not even the bath / shower area is Hello Kitty safe. A couple of weeks back my wife decided that we needed a Hello Kitty shower radio to place in the bath area. I can tell you that nothing quite sums up Hello Kitty Hell as having to listen to jpop music (I swear that half the singers sound as if they are friends with Hello Kitty) over a Hello Kitty radio while taking a shower.

Hello Kitty Shower Radio

7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Shower Radio

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that that trick doesn’t work in Hello Kitty Hell – if I did break it, then it would become a display item and a new radio shower would be purchased meaning the collection would actually grow rather than decrease…

  2. I had a Hello Kitty shower radio. Not that one, but the apple one that came out in 2003. I bought it off ebay. I debated whether to open it or keep it in the package since its 4 years old. I ended up opening it. It broke in two weeks. BOO. It still has a clock on it so its still hanging up but it doesn’t play music anymore. Piece of crap.

  3. To Suzanne especially: Hmmmm, I thought that Sanrio maintains some kind of quality control so that anything officially Hello Kitty actually is of good quality? 🙁

  4. You know, you would think that, but I’ve talked to at least 4 other people who have had this same radio as me and their’s have all broken in the same time frame. I recommend if you buy the apple shaped radio, to keep it in the packaging to keep it a collectible! I don’t know if its just that product specifically but they definitely sent out a bad batch.

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