Hello Kitty Golf Balls

So some friends invited me to go play golf this weekend and my wife tells me that she has a gift for me to take when I’m golfing. I knew as soon as I saw the wrapped package what was coming. There was no doubt in my mind that the golf balls would be Hello Kitty – I just didn’t realize they would be 4 patterns of Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty Golf Balls

When you’re out with your buddies golfing, pulling out a Hello Kitty golf ball doesn’t say a whole lot for your manliness, but I will definitely be taking these along with me (better than having them become yet another display item in our house). I have an odd feeling that when I come to water hazard holes, these Hello Kitty golf balls will somehow “accidentally” find their way into those hazards one after another…that is, after I smack them as hard as I can 😉

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  1. Yeah, what’s the point of putting Hello Kitty on a golf ball if it’s not to lose it in some great abyss? 🙂

    Here via CoFL

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  3. I live on a golf course and will be checking my yard for these from now on. By the way, I just found you via Carnival of Family Life. Your blog is hysterical!! I’ll be back whenever I need a laugh!

  4. I just stumpled over this page and before I was in a very bad mood! Now I really can’t stop laughing anymore. Thank you so much and I’m glad that there are at least a few people aware of the danger Hello Kitty poses 😉

    btw: Beat the crap out of those darnde balls ^^

  5. I have two people that would love to get a box of these but I can’t find a place to purchase them anywhere. Where did she find these??!!?!

  6. Why give more money to Sanrio after buying more? Take care of them… SO YOU CAN WHACK ‘EM TO DEATH LATER! >:3 Take some, aim for some sand traps, let ’em be buried in sand for a few days, then “rescue” them, only to subjugate them to more of the same. >;-)

    Sry HK-aholics, but I think the only thing HK hasn’t made to give HK-haters an outlet for their rage is a HK punching bag, or like one of those punching clowns.
    …or HK target practice paper…

  7. i saw it yesterday in Bicamera in Yurakucho. (near Ginza). It is approx. USD17. It is a set and has 5 balls and 4 tees and 1 towel.

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