Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

One of the many troubles with living in Hello Kitty Hell is that every holiday is an excuse to get more Hello Kitty. It makes no difference that Hello Kitty has absolutely no connection with the event — she will find a way to be there. Take, for example, these Hello Kitty Easter Eggs:

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs
from reader shoho

How in Hello Kitty Hell did Hello Kitty weasel her way into this holiday? There is absolutely no connection, but there she is like she owns the holiday.

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs
Sakurako Kitsa [flickr]

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs
OneLuckyBiatch [flickr]

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs
buzzbo [flickr]

There is just something totally depressing knowing that I will wake up on Sunday to find pink colored eggs covered with Hello Kitty all over the house. Not to mention too many assortments of Hello Kitty candy. I’m already feeling sick and the day hasn’t even arrived…

Oh, how I long for the good old days when the only concern at Easter was whether the chocolate bunny was hollow or solid…

Reader shoho, who sent the original photo (to get my wife really excited about a Hello Kitty Easter), should really have to eat nothing but Hello Kitty Easter candy for the next week…

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21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

  1. Your Hello Kitty Hell makes me very sad. No one I know has a focused enough attention span to carry out so single-minded an obsession.

    Maybe someone should figure out how to your wife ADD, although with your luck you’d probably end up in an unorganized version of your current Hello Kitty Hell. It’s possible that she’d get too distracted by all her Hello Kitty pretties to actually make you sleep in your oh so manly sleeping bag when you question the all-powerful Hello Kitty.

    I’m a girl myself, and I had absolutely no idea that Hello Kitty was such a widespread, terrifying phenomenon before your website.

    You should try to start a Hello Kitty boycott. Or something.

  2. Boy, you really got Hello Kitty Hell bad!

    It must be tough dealing with it.

    This web page is a heck of a lot more interesting than the typical Hello Kitty fansite. Can you imagine what it would look like if it were your wifes webpage? Ooh, look at this Hello Kitty barf bag I just bought! Is it not the CUTEST! Shudder.

    BTW, I would love to see the Hello Kitty sleeping bag you are stuck with when you get in trouble with the wife, since you talk about it so much.

  3. I woke up this morning, late for a Saturday meeting when I logged into Hello Kitty Hell just for a moment. Imagine how happy I was to see my easter eggs posted on your page!!

    Thank you! Have a Hello Kitty Day!

  4. PS My cousin with the same last name (Shoho) wants you to delete “Shoho” and put my name as Siouxie. He is deeply disturbed that our last name is now prominently displayed on a Hello Kitty website (even if it is Hell)…

    I’m proud to have my name displayed!

  5. too cute. i just bought those easter eggs and coloring kit last week!

    i love hello kitty and am always purchasing new things off ebay. (much to my boyfriends dismay)

  6. I am pleased to see I actually have most of the Hello Kitty Easter kits you have shown… now I’m on that hunt to find the ones I don’t have. My personal Easter basket came complete with Hello Kitty bath towels, hand towels, and a wash cloth this year!

    Thanks for the great laughs!

  7. Oh my God, I’ve got the Easter eggs…the little HK heads that open to hold things. I’ve promised my roommate that I would confine all my HK things to my room, even going so far as to put them all in my giant HK popcorn tin, sparing him and everyone else the horror. The one thing on which I will not compromise, however, is the toaster. The Hello Kitty toaster stays in the kitchen for all the world to see. I adore your site! It’s brilliant.

  8. …wow. I’m not a Hello Kitty fan (I can take her or leave her, but I can’t deal with all the pink… what happened to the old-school red?) but I actually kinda want the kitty-head ‘eggs’ in the first photo. They’re so bizarre! They cry out to have some kind of brain-looking dessert in raspberry sauce served in them… >:)

  9. hahah i got the easter eggs for easter they’re so cute !!!!
    except it disturbs me that you pull out candy from hello kitty’s decapitated head.

  10. Those first “eggs” send out a rather interesting message. “Lobotomize Hello Kitty and win a delicious prize! Gather round, children!”

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