72 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Acoustic Guitar

  1. We sell this at the store I work at……Sanrio. (really)….sorry.

    But I like the black one though. Did anyone see the Badtz Maru bass?

  2. omg! this is adorable! my best friend would absolutely LOVE it! maybe i should consider getting it for her for her birthday.


  4. wow i love it i know someone who has a helllo kitty guitar i just have a black guitar! and my friend has a pink glittery one any way this is a toatalllllly amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing iiidea
    ssssssssooorry mmy keeeyboooard ggggone alll funnnny!!!

  5. I never understood these (Don’t misunderstand ME. I’m the proud owner of a Hello, Kitty mini-strat!) Why a dreadnought? Dreads are huge! I’d have thought a Martin 00 (or at most an OM) would have a lot more appeal and generate more sales.

    I thought about one for myself because I play for kids a couple of times a year (also there’s some appeal to showing up with one at a bluegrass jam), but I’m having a hard time with the shape of the pickguard. Could Squier have made it any cheaper looking?

  6. OMG HELLO KITTY IS AWSOME!!!!! i love it its so much cooler than everything iim getting one of these for my room ..pause NOT!!!ha take that hello kitty fans yeah

  7. i bet most people buy this one just to sit there becouse it has hk on it its like buying a pink car wile not having a licence

  8. I have the black one cause I wanted to learn how to play the guitar so I could quit playing the piano but I’m not allowed to quit playing the piano ah well at least I got an adorable hello kitty guitar for Christmas

  9. i love guitars i dont have one but i love them and i want the black hello kitty guitar know it is so cccuuuttteee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!uh why did you have to show me that picture uhuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!!!

  10. I just saw somebody do Cowboys from Hell- a Pantera song- with one of those! Oh wow, wouldn’t it be great to take one of these and run it through, say, a blazing Marshall and play fierce shred out of it! I want one! Don’t need one, but I really want one, it’d be so cool to make a cute pretty guitar sound mean and evil!

  11. I really really really hate hello kitty :S I don’t speak engilsh…but…this is a hello kitty guitar is miserable (szΓ‘nalmas) a gitar a rockrol szol nem a hello kittyr?l…

  12. actually, i heard the hello kitty electric guitar (by fender) has a really good sound quality and a neck that has a really good fit XP read customer reviews on amazon.com since i was interested in getting it…but i can see my opinions on this subject are not welcome here =) as i am a hello kitty fan

  13. that pink hello kitty guitar looks familiar… i think i saw it at my local music store a couple of times
    i like the black one though πŸ˜€

  14. must shame myself for playing one of these once.. and wanting one of the electric ones
    No matter how terrible HK is to you, there’s one part of me that likes the things that aren’t taken to the extremes. (extremes = vibes, guns, tattoos etc)

  15. oh my god i love those guitars i am looking for a guitar like that and i think i have found it but i need to know how much it is before i get it as i onlly have something like Β£80 so i could just save up who knows:) πŸ˜›
    i was going to get a normal acustic guitar but then i thought no lets get a hello kitty one which looks loads better than that so i am going to get that one .!!:);) hope i can get it xx

  16. Ohmigod it hink the black guitar is totally cute and i would so use one only if i could play the guitar!! i want to learn so bad or i could teach myself whatever it takes i just have to make sure to persuade my mom to buying me one or helping me get lessons mmmmmmm……………… i think i will do that now!!!!

  17. I own both the pink Fender HK electric & the pink Fender HK acoustic. I absolutely LOVE them both!! They sound great too! I wouldn’t compare the sound to a top of the line guitar but for it’s price, I can’t complain! Not to mention, tons of compliments on it evertime someone sees it!

  18. I have the pink one! it’s gorgeous, got it off eBay. Been wanting a HK guitar for years, it sounds great too! Mine came with a HK strap too and a pink case. πŸ™‚

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