Hello Kitty Religion

You probably assumed that Hello Kitty Hell could not get any worse, but as I have said time and again, Hello Kitty has a way of always topping herself. So it should come as no surprise that Hello Kitty Hell has gone into a completely new realm with the introduction of Hello Kitty religion. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists – heck, even Scientologists have no reason to disagree with one another now that Hello Kitty has established her own religion.

Hello Kitty religion

Yes, Hello Kitty Hell has been bad, but having to look at Hello Kitty as the new deity certainly shows that it has been nothing up to this point (yep, hard for me even to believe those words came out). I wonder if this means I will have to go and pray weekly to a character that has no mouth (“because you can tell what Hello Kitty feels through your heart” – doesn’t that sound kind of cult religious creepy?)

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  1. Oremus:

    Credo in Salve Faelis, gatta omnipotentem, iconis inferni in terrae.

    (translation: Let us pray. I believe in Hello Kitty, all-powerful cat, icon of hell on earth.)

  2. thats so not cool… and im not even religious. still not cool

    anyone who thinks that is, deserves to b wacked in the head w/ a huge kitty plush or sumthing to hav the kitty demon in them exorcised >: D

  3. Is this shrine located at your home? You were already halfway there…you were just missing the high priestess…LOL

  4. *groan* And knowing your wife, she’ll want to go visit it. x.x

    You do know, thousands of years from now, some archaeologist is going to dig up your house and find all these HK items and declare it a religious cult site. ๐Ÿ˜›

    “Yes, as you can see here, the cult of the Greetings Feline, roughly translated from that ancient religion, has a deep meaning in these peoples’ lives, influencing every aspect of their lives.”

    They’d have no idea of the reality that is your Hello Kitty Hell.

  5. What a wonderful blog, I really enjoyed reading it and over all you made me laugh too much, but I have a question for you if you want to answer me….where are you from? Japan? because I can’t understand how you can find so many gadjets oh HK !!! Thnak you anyhow…and sorry if my English isn’t very good ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. The picture was taken from a museum in Macau. It’s kind of like the Hello Kitty land in Japan….i.e. everything is imprinted with that cat’s head. no worry, it’s not a real church…you won’t be able to find a priest in there.

  7. That is really disturbing! I love hello kitty im a fan myself but to creat a religion based on that cat is just outragous! I feel really confused lol Well i personaly think it is highly stupid and the thought of worshiping kitty in that matter turns me off her completely! Thats just scary! Surely its just a church display… is it really a religion??? :/

  8. hello kt man, hav u ever considered opening up ure house as a museum for kt fanatics?? that way at least u would b making some money from all this crazyness and making back the money that was thrown at sanrio ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. One question comes to my mind: “why not?”
    HK already has everything else… I guess this was naturally next on the list. ๐Ÿ˜

    There are sick, sick people out there….

  10. Is there a confessional?

    Interesting that HK seems to be modeled on some version of the Christian religion, judging by the cross, front and center. In that case, perhaps HK is merely a worshipper in this little Feline Chapel, not some sort of cult diety?

    Well, say 5 Hail Kitties and 1 Our Feline.

  11. My wife is threatening to sew a Hello Kitty on my kippah. She wants to see a Hello Kitty tallis cover and Hello Kitty kiddush cup….

  12. I have a Hello Kitty clock in my office, with the words:

    “It’s You: I could make you happy to make you feel my love.”

    I have certainly heard stranger words uttered in the name of religion. And equally chilling.

  13. i personally think that this is just some bull crap! i dOnt have nothing against hello kitty but come on ppl are just so upsessed they just started worshipping this so called”powerful cat” NOT!!! trust me i know worshipping this cat is not christianity all you overly upsessed ppl suck and are dumb enough to believe in this stupid bull crap! this is how i feel about hello kitty….

  14. Next you will be telling me they are selling Hello Kitty Crack from here just to make sure the idiot followers come back regularly.

    I am not a person of any faith but this really sickens me.

    Death to Evil K

  15. Yikes! This is so creepy…. didn’t know HK had such a big influence on ppl….. I wonder what will come next…? =X

  16. Excellent, this. At least I have SEEN Hello Kitty. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually having seen what you worship = more credibility!


  17. It looks like just a temporary structure than a church. I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill and I am a bible believing Christian. If you want Christian kitsch gone wrong, check out Precious Moments Park and Chapel located in Carthage, Missouri. I take 100 Kitties and forever eat only Hello Kitty food before I look at one Precious Moments item.

  18. Even a priest won’t get in that church, they only hire priestesses because men say hello kitty sucks! Its like we have to bow down Hello Kitty, dont worship hello kitty and thats final! HK has gone too far

  19. Oh, you make me so mad!!! Every time I vow not to comment anymore, you go and write something so stupid and immature that I have to comment.

    Itโ€™s a church and has nothing to do with Hello Kitty or Sanrio. Even a two year old can understand that, but you seem to possess less brainpower than one. Youโ€™re lucky that Sanrio doesnโ€™t sue you for libel because they have every right for all the lies you tell.

    Why donโ€™t you just give up and make this a blog with no writing? The only reason people come is to see the photos anyway. And your comments are so stupid that they just get everyone upset. And the only reason that ore people donโ€™t say what I do, even though 99% feel the same way, is because you will make fun of them if they do. It must be nice running this blog like a dictatorship and making it so people are afraid to tell you the truth. Well, Iโ€™m not and I will continue to do so.

  20. This is crazy. The only thing that Hello Kitty does is provide us with items. Anyone who worships Hello Kitty worships everything that kitty’s face is smeared on. That means vehicles, jets, food, tatoos, and every other ridiculously strange items. Whoever did this neeeds to reconsider changing their life.

  21. Hello kitty is really shady just like many japanese characters who in one form of other worship satan and other ancient gods.-If you are a true cristian you will rebuke any thing that is made a god because they are all false.There is only one true God and he is a jealouse one who does not shara is glory with anyone.All those who plan on worshiping a piece of idol called hello kitty is possesed any needs deliverance.Don’t buy your children anything that has to do with HK your are contributing to marketing or promoting worshiping idols.

  22. There are many things that seem cute or innocent but if you only knew the whole story behind them you would agree that things aren’t what they seem.We need to beware of what our kids are seeing.Disney is another company that portrays themselves as family oriented but it is a lie startind with gay day in Disney land and certain cartoon picture from Disney which portray male genitals and nudity our kids do not need to be exosed to this.I am not making a big deal about nothing I have proof. Disneyland just want to get rich and do not have our children’s real interest at heart.Shame on you and shame on all those who work at walt Disney and don’t have the guts to tell the real story behind the scenes.

  23. I love hello kitty since i was a little girl, still knowing she’s a demon, i dont care.now i got very much hello kitty stuff ( rockstar version) and i think its kind of cute.
    a year ago i was emo but not because of that i like hello kitty knowing shes a Demon. i just agree with that. many people told me the hole story about hello kitty, but people must see the good side behind the bad one. i dont care if i go to hell or heaven or to nothing. hello kitty is just a character wich i think is cool!

  24. UM…..well, first of all. Hello Kitty is AWESOME but…Religion is a little…..too much? I appreciate what you’re doing for people though ๐Ÿ˜€
    UM SHE’S A DEMON?! WTF?! Okay, yeah bye. I;m awesome. So is my friend next to me. >8B

  25. Hello Kity should be banned. First of all she has no mouth.I find this odd. Second she represents all those kids who have been sacrificed to the devil. I know I wouldn’t have things like that at my house giving my children nightmares and possesing them. Hello Kitty should be burned. When Japan came out with Dragan Ball Z and Pokemon cards. 700 Japanese children became violantly ill & when the doctor asked them what were they doing before they became sick. They all answered the same way: watching Dragonball Z & pokemon on TV. I find this weird. These caracters have witchcraft. so our children from a young age have an interest in cult like activities. Don’t get caught up in the dark of what”s really behind these characters. What do you think?????

  26. She walk’s like an angel, talk’s like an angel…yet she’s the devil in desguise! (i’ll just let the poor spelling slide, please, alright? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚ ^^)

    No matter what you think of Hello Kitty, this post has a bit of something for every possable ‘taste’ one may have twards her….;) *winks*

  27. I’ve been reading this blog for a few weeks but I haven’t really been shocked about fanatism so much until this picture.
    At this point I’m beginning to wonder if Hello Kitty Hell really IS that bad compared to Hello Kitty Heaven…

  28. I will send you $20 if you can help me find the video that might have been a link in your website hello kitty hell it had on it a boatride across the water a lady with a white face and a snake around her body thanks in advance

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