Hello Kitty Laptop

This exactly what I didn’t need to have arrive in my email box. My wife took one look at it and that was it…

Hello Kitty laptop

Hello Kitty NEC laptop

She has to have it. The cost is 199,500 yen or approximately $1650. Called the Lavie G Hello Kitty Model and made by NEC, the crystallized Hello Kitty on the front makes me want to puke. My wife plans on getting it in the morning and my biggest fear is that she is going to get me one too since I have been saying I need a new laptop. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate Hello Kitty Hell since working on the computer is my job…

Thanks to Amanda who should have to use one of them for her entire working career.

76 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Laptop

  1. Oh holy god…

    The specs on that thing are probably dire. HK fanatics will only buy it because it’s ridden with pink diamond HK goodness.. and sadly, that’s probably 75% of the price as well, haha.

    Don’t get me wrong, i like the pink.. but the diamond encrusted faces make me feel ill inside. Probably wouldn’t stop me buying it mind you if it was a LOT cheaper. I need a iddy biddy laptop for Uni.

  2. OMG – I just wonder what would happen if I walked into my digital arts school sporting that lovely number. The only reason to get that would be to see how many techies would pass out when they saw it.


  3. That’s adorable, however, it would probably be hell trying to get anything out of it in less than 10 minutes…I’d purchase it if it were a GOOD laptop, but I doubt it is.

    I turned 21 recently, the Hello Kitty birthday cake….it was fantastic.

    I made a truce with my fiance, we just bought a new house…. I will refrain from pink and HK decor, and he’ll refrain from manly ugly dark colors and camo or something. I just dont understand why anyone would buy some of those appliances….they’re about a quarter of the quality of a good name brand. hmm

  4. In response to Amanda’s desire to get a Okwap HK phone: While the phone is very very cute, but from past experience, it does not work very well. I have gotten a Hk phone from Okwap before and if not for the cute HK fetures, I would toss that phone out the window. It is extremely frustrating, while standing at the same spot, everyone else’s phone could receive signals except me. I am a big HK fan and buy lots of HK stuff but I would not buy another Okwap HK phone any time soon.

  5. hi! got lead to your blog from a friend. PLEASE tell me your wife intends to buy it out of japan… i am willing to… buy it off you, just so that you can tell her you lost it 😡

  6. Maybe you need to start your own collection of something that will counteract all the Hello Kitty. Help to balance things out. Maybe Darth Vader items? Something along those lines seems appropriate…

  7. I despritly want a laptop and if that means i have to go around with an ugly cat on it then fine i will


  8. your wife is the best 🙂
    say hello to her 🙂
    did she got it:)?
    i would be so happy if i had one LOL 😀

  9. o my god i am the biggest hello kitty fan in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone ever says says hello kitty sucks i will beat them up because everyone knows i can. so if you say this meet me in tennessee at 4:00 on a monday

  10. why the hell do you keep showing your wife the hello kitty related emails you get if you don’t want her to see the stuff and thus want it?

  11. any way how in the name of Kitty dose your wife get her money from? fulltime worker i hope.. hello kitty made me seriously in debit. i was almost spending over 400 English pounds a month on it. so i had to ask for finacual help to pay it all off.

  12. OMG! i want this laptop,
    its soo cuute , i love it

    i love hello kitty..going to tell my dad to buy for my 18 birthday…
    its pretty and good so i can use for my college, where do u get this laptop?

    well its mine now!!

  13. 4 all u sad ppl out there the hello kitty laptop it brilliant i purchased 1 wen i went 2 japan it was $3,000 they are very gd dnt be putt of wid all the diamonds and stuff it is realy gd perfect for a christmas gift so if u reali like it buy it cause they are amazing

  14. OH MY GOD!!!! am a really huge fan of hello kitty i got almost everything of her goosh i just with am could get that adorable laptop wow….it actually suprise me when i saw this…now that my fiftteen are coming am getting a laptop i jut wish that is this one…LOVING HELLO KITTY!!!!!

  15. This is gonna be my dream gift along with the hello kitty wedding ring. Im going to save up until I can aford it. but where can I buy it?

  16. OMFG!!!!!! this laptop is awsome!!!!! i gota gat this,im a HUGE HK fan nd da laptop is pink,the cutest color ev!! YA cant get much anythin better nd cuter than this!!!!

  17. I would truely like to know the technical things about the comp like gb speed and all the features. I love hello kitty but I’m not spending my money on crap!!!

  18. I think that to get your wife to stop buying hellokitty stuff you should tell her that if she keeps constantly buying all this stuff that’s hellokitty then you’ll do the same.

    Im sure that if she found out you were buying a mickey mouse $7,000 computer she’d feel the same way you do now.
    – So one day you should just tell her straight up that if she keeps buying all this junk that’s probably worth the same as any regular stuff then you’ll do the same.
    – It’ll work!!! Trust me 😉 . If she doesn’t believe you that you’d do that then just tell her how you feel and that you think your in hell because of the evil character and that it’s not funny.

  19. I like it very much….. so cute.. so nice…
    Can you tell me how I can do to order and make a payment???
    Where I can buy that laptop???
    Because i was in indonesian

  20. ok, so it’s cute. but i’ve looked at other websites talking about it and the specs on it suck ass. for someone who is a fan (i have the hk okwap a236. for an american, that’s pretty huge), i’m all over this. but for someone who also knows she’s gonna need more than “cute” in her computing life, this doesn’t quite cut the mustard. but it definitly cuts the cheese! :p

    • Hello kitty is amazing. your stupid saying that her products are freaking crap just because you don’t appreciate it
      Now shut up because some people out there is in “love” with hello kitty.okay?
      So the next time you say something bad about some stuff think about who’s feelings your hurting okay?!

  21. i like it . but oh well i think ur wife and i would be bffs lol do yall live in japan? i just wanna kno cuz then it would be a bit more obvious how u get the stuff but if yall live in america ur wife is the luckiest girl in the world =) tell ur wife that another HK fan says hai !

    • As I said before just because you don’t care about hello kitty and you think all of this is crappy crap you don’t think that there is so person out there in “love” with hello kitty product because hk products are surprisingly amazing so I don’t think you care a freaking crap about this stuff so the next time you say so crap about some stuff you don’t like remember some people like it too

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