Hello Kitty Money

You thought that Hello Kitty would stop at religion and sex? Not a chance. It now appears her fans want to make her a part of our financial lives:

Hello Kitty dollar bill

It would not surprise me in the least if Sanrio is waging a massive campaign to try and convince the US government to replace George with the face of Hello Kitty because as my wife commented, “Oh, wouldn’t it be soooo cute if Hello Kitty was on all our money?” Yes, another classic example of the Hello Kitty Hell I live in…

From miss kitty who emailed, “One of my closest friends stopped for gas tonight and got that bill back for his change. lol i think our money should read ‘In Hello Kitty We Trust’. I’m sure your wife would agree.” You know that Hello Kitty Hell is getting even worse when fanatics like that are sending me photos…

30 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Money

  1. Disney already has their own money that’s 1:1 to USD, redeemable at at Disney joint in USA. I can’t believe Hello Kitty has it!
    Well, she’s got Fame, Sex, Power (over fans) and now Money? She’s got everything…

  2. You do know about Hello Kitty credit cards, right? I have one and it is just great! I love using it, plus it has a good interest rate! By the way, Hello Kitty Hell guy, you seem to be getting more and more pissed off. It seems like it has gone beyond funny and now you are seriously mad about all this Hello Kitty stuff! It will be okay. Eventually your wife will get tired of her, right? Umm…maybe. But I hope you aren’t too mad. Hello Kitty rocks! hehe.

  3. I discovered your blog today because of that laptop you posted about two days ago (did your wife get you one? I have my fingers crossed for you, it’s truly a sick display) and have spent my entire afternoon reading your blog from the very beginning. I feel for you, man. I have a cute obsessed friend and the constant worry about upsetting her because I think Hello Kitty is lame… Living with it like you do, I have no idea how you get through the day. You’re either a saint or a masochist. Or both.

    What ever happened to the Hello Kitty figurine, by the way?

  4. somehow your frustration with your wife’s interest in hello kitty is highly amusing. i hope you don’t feel that bad about hello kitty. she’s adorable. hahaha. but i guess i can understand you.

  5. Oh, so you found my $5 bill :)…It would be funny if it were actually the one i stamped a long long time ago (but i used red ink)

  6. those stamps are actually mostly used by drug dealers to establish territory and whatnot…

    i work at a bank, and you see tons (mostly on higher value bills, though). they’re not really so cute when you know where they’re coming from.

  7. Man, this is really funny. Well you won’t believe this but I’ll tell you where this bill probably comes from (or was in): Colombia! All the currency exchange places have a stamp that they use on all the bills that they hand out so that if someone claims that it is fake they can trace it back. Apparently this specific exchange place is using a Hello Kitty stamp… hmmm!

  8. Holy cow! I never thought I’d see that ever again. When I first saw it in my money box, I thought I was seeing things. I wanted to trade it that day but didn’t have a dollar on me. Dammit! Awesome seeing it here again.

  9. As I read this, there is a teenaged girl sitting behind me who just, out of nowhere, yelled, “Oh! A Hello Kitty five dollar bill!”, with a big ol’ grin

  10. how do ahh make this stuff?
    I am a big fan of hellokitty, that is why i want to know how ahh make this all hellokitty stuff!

  11. I find alot of the comments made by Hello kitty fans disturbing. “In hello kitty we trust”? My personal favourite the comment on how body scarification in the shape of the kitty is showing “devotion”. Devotion to what exactly? What is wrong with these people? It’s a two dimensional cartoon character designed for the amusement of infants. The cat is just a corporate symbol! Do not idolise it, accept it as only the visual representation of an idealised fantasy world created to simplify morality and good behaviour.

    It’s nice, it’s cute, but it’s not a prophet or a god and should not be treated with such reverence as has been displayed by some. It seems to be becoming a religion.

  12. These people need to stop idolizing HK, it’s not healthy and it’s insane! ‘In Hello Kitty We Trust’ is the worst idea ever! You CAN’T replace GOD with a freakin’ CARTOON CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The more I read your blogs the more I find myself terrified of Hello Kitty. Kinda…kinda makes me fear Target even more. (One of the many chain of stores that house two or more aislesof HK crap.)

  14. ALL BUT A STAMP??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  15. omg i just found out that there was a hello kitty murderer!! its sad but the murderer put the victims head in a hello kitty bag or something…

  16. I found a $5 bill just like that before.
    I might have to compare the numbers, because I still have it, and it might be that exact one.
    Weird, right?

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