Hello Kitty Etch-A-Sketch Purse

One of the many traits of Hello Kitty is that she will adopt and ruin the coolest of things in order to brand them the Hello Kitty way. That is exactly what she decided to do when making the Hello Kitty Etch-A-Sketch:

Hello Kitty Etch-A-Sketch Purse

These were totally cool toys when I was a kid and to see a Hello Kitty version of it just makes me sick to my stomach. Worse, they didn’t just brand a Etch-A-Sketch with Hello Kitty, but actually put it on a purse to try and make it into a fashion statement. I don’t know if I should be more upset with Etch-A-Sketch for selling out or Sanrio for even conceiving such an idea.

Of course, my wife had to get one the moment she saw it. “Won’t it be so cute to be able to draw pictures when I’m sitting around bored? I can even Etch-A-Sketch Hello Kitty!” Just thinking about her in the Hello Kitty plush dress, wearing Hello Kitty high heels and carry this Hello Kitty Etch-A-Sketch bag while going to the Hello Kitty musical pretty much is an ultimate image of Hello Kitty Hell…

16 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Etch-A-Sketch Purse

  1. Okay, your description of “the ultimate hkh” just made me throw up in my mouth. Yikes. I’m scared for the world. Never been an HK fan, that’s why I love your blog – finally, another kindred spirit!

  2. I actually think I saw this in like, the toy department of Wall-Mart. It’s so eerily familiar. It looks like one of the Target/Wall-Mart items. =)

    Also, how did anyone ever draw circles with those things?

  3. > how did anyone ever draw circles with those things?

    That’s actually a good question.
    My guess is that they used a magnetic pen (the tip of the pen is magnetized) to draw the HK image. But I consider it cheating.

  4. Hahaha. That is one of the more ugly licensed products for sure. Anyway I just wanted to drop a comment on your blog to tell you how hilarious it is. I work for the flagship store in San Francisco and I definitely love the sarcasm you provide. Hahaha.

  5. dear Lord and the first thing id do is rip the hello kitty sleeping bag to shreds and burn it… its like a Cult even worse.. i think Hello Kitty might just be the Anti-Christ…

  6. If this was an old school red etch a sketch made into a purse I would be all over it! It is possible to draw circles…not even very hard. It is very possible that they photoshopped the pic or there is a plastic layover on the screen as packaging.

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