Hmmmm, this Hello Kitty mod is taking Hello Kitty’s main goal in life of alternating everyone’s state of mind to a whole new level – the Hello Kitty bong:

Hello Kitty bong

When I saw this, I mentioned to my wife that I would not be surprised if Sanrio is in the process of developing a Hello Kitty brand of pot that would help alter people’s perception to instantly fall in love with Hello Kitty.

To which my wife responded with a smile, “It’s not needed. We are all high on Hello Kitty just the way she is” — and that, my friends, typifies the Hello Kitty Hell I live in…

Thanks to way too many readers (via two twenty) who obviously must be smoking the stuff to spend so much time looking for Hello Kitty crap to email to me…

Update: another Hello Kitty bong photo left by jennell in the comments:

Hello Kitty bong

Hello Kitty Louis Vuitton bong

Left in the comments by Harlock

Hello Kitty bongs

Sent in by Jean [apparently there is now a retail line…]

hello kitty pink bongs

Close-ups left by filipetadamassa on twitter

Sent in by james (via friend without the r)

princess bong

Sent in by Lorie

pink bong

Sent in by Pearly

85 thoughts on “Bong

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw that was “Has Hello Kitty had a rather, er, dramatic sex change?” I hope that’s fake. If it’s not, fire that designer! Better yet, fire everyone who has ever designed a HK product! (Especially whoever came up with the banana cover.)

  2. I presume a hippy with way too much free time made this.

    And I bet hippy chicks love it.

    To be honest, I hate when this stuff makes me smile. And this one did.

    my boyfriend & I were talking about it today, & he said if he’d buy one for me, if he found one
    so far no luck :'(

  4. How much would it cost to make one…I’m willing to pay a couple hundred for it? My best friend love hello kitty and her b-day is coming soon….I’m serious! You should email me and let me kno…

  5. couple hundred? the watter bottle is only 4 dollars.
    the only hard part would be finding something to use as the stem. cause you can’t smoke out of plastic, silly.

  6. caraMIA- i have a friend who LOVES Hello Kitty…she has a Kenny from South Park bong that I broke….and thank goodness it wasonly the top part and we had it fixed, but still I would love to make it up to her by getting her a Hello Kitty bong. How much? email me back how to reach you.

  7. i wantone sooo bad!
    where can i get a plastic hello itty like that?
    anywhere online?

    and what about the peice thats used for the mouth peice? what is that? and where can i get one of those?

    add me on myspace or something…. i want all the info for this i can get to make one of these. i have so much time on my hands and with that time i plan on making one (:

  8. wow

    The fact that a childrens toy has branched out to become a brand that produces bongs,guns and vibrators,is only slightly disturbing.

  9. me and my boyfriend have been looking everywhere for the waterbottle this is made out of and we can’t find it anywhere.. I was wondering if anyone could give me a website or something for me to find it? or if someone would just make me one to buy? my boyfriend wants to get it for me for our one year anniversary haha 🙂 please email me or something, anything!!!

  10. OMFG. CaraMIA. I NEED ONE! im serious. you posted this like two yrs ago, but where can i get one…are you still making them?

  11. Seriously? A couple hundred dollars?

    My boyfriend made me one a while back and it was maybe like, $12 altogether. Water bottle from Toys ‘R Us. He augured a hole in the top (had to convince me to let him drill a hole in her freakin’ head) and put plastic tubing from Lowe’s in it and made another hole in the top part (the cap portion) and got a rubber stopper to hold the downstem in place snugly. (Bought from a local headshop.)
    Best smoked with something sweet (preferably kind) and ice in the water.

    Seriously, save your money. I was talking with some kids on the HKO Beta who would pay their soul to own one, but it really isn’t that costly. Save your soul for Hello Kitty. XD

  12. @ Toxxxxxiiccc
    Haha. Good point there.

    If you guys just make one, it would save you a lot of money and possible grief. They aren’t that hard to make. 🙂 Ours was made in like, 30 mins after gathering supplies. It is now the talk of the town.

  13. 0MG 0MG 0MG!
    i G0TTA HAVE DiS i L0VE HELL0 KiTTY &&

  14. the best idea ever- i love hello kitty and to be stoned i like much more so its great. I want to have this sooooooooo much

  15. The HK/LV is a one of a kind set made for me by a friend in NC. You can’t see the pic of Dopey on the back, but I still have it and would be more than happy to take updated pics of it. I now have a HK slide for it as well.

  16. lol the smoke shop up the hill from my place has the frosted glass ones, im getting one for my gf, sp people just check all your local shops for them

  17. So Ive been reading through all these comments And ive discovered thats it is very cheap to make one. My question is HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU DO IT?!?! I wan instuctions and like what EXACT materials i will need, PLEASE ive been scouring the internet to find a hallo kitty bong for cheap little did i know i myself could make one, HELP NEED AND APPRECIATED!!<3

  18. I would love where to get one or how to make one. I’m not a big fan of hello kitty but my best friend is and I totally want to make this happen for her birthday thats coming up. Please get back at me [:

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