Hello Kitty Banana

While I already know that Hello Kitty produces the most useless products in the world, I had failed to see up to this point the grand scheme of Hello Kitty’s total take over. If you have a Hello Kitty banana cover, of course you must cover a Hello Kitty banana with it:

Hello Kitty banana

“Why in the world would anyone need a Hello Kitty banana?” is probably a cleaned up G-rated version of what just popped into your head upon seeing this (unless, of course, you are a Hello Kitty fanatic to which you think this us yet, the greatest thing ever). I mean seriously, why would anyone buy Hello Kitty brand bananas, right?

wife: “Because obviously (giving that look like I’m the stupidest person on earth and why does she have to explain the obvious to a grown man) they are the sweetest bananas produced.”

This, of course, has my wife thinking once again that an all Hello Kitty food diet would be a good thing for us and that is a step further into Hello Kitty Hell…

Thanks to Heather who should not only have to eat Hello Kitty bananas for the rest of her life, but carry them around in the Hello Kitty banana protector as well for sending me this photo.

25 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Banana

  1. The thing about bananas is that they give off the esters that promote fruit ripening. If you have underripe peaches or tomatoes, you can pop them in a paper bag with a banana and they’ll be ripe within 24 hours. This is lovely and useful, but it also means that if you seal a banana in with its own vapours, for instance in a plastic bag, it will be brown and soupy in no time. You can *see* it happening in this photo. HK destroys bananas! Like everything else she touches.

  2. i love hello kitty a lot, but seriously, probably paying twice as much for just a wrapper with her face on it?? If it were pink or the peel had a HK design on it then i’d love it though.

  3. The banana is kinda, too ripened.
    I don’t want to by a banana for 2x the price, only to find out it has black spots on it.

  4. your wasting money on a banana and hk SUCKS you can pay 69 cents for about 5 of them and you pay about 2-3 bucks and the wraper costs more than the banana.you pay 3 bucks for a bag with a bitch on it

  5. what is this protecting the bananna FROM? if hk had done their research she would have made the bananna protector hard…to prevent bruising. this product isn’t real protection, but it sure it purdy.

  6. that really is a waist of money but why put hello kitty Banana if the banana really isnt hello kitty i mean come on get real duh we all see that she’s not actually printed on it.

  7. Now I know that I am not a Hello Kitty Freak – because this is way too much for even a worshiper like me. Maybe I’m just a HK fan… This makes me sad, somehow…

  8. LOL. This is sooo weird!! It says “Banana-kun” on the banana. O.O They gave it a honorific. ‘-kun’ is mainly used for boys/young male adults. o.e WHY WHYYY!?!??! WHY DOES THE BANANA HAVE TO BE A GUY?!

  9. That has to be one of biggest waste of money of a Hello kitty object I’ve seen so far. I mean if they were shaped like Hello kitty I would understand but this is giving new meaning to “Your just buying the package” (no pun).
    I mean all you have to do is buy one. Save the package then buy a whole bunch of bananas. Then you could have a whole bunch of Hello kitty bananas. Though I don’t understand why anybody would think what is printed on the package outside would make it taste any different.

  10. I find it even funnier that the package gives the banana a name…..did you see? It says…right there……”banana-kun”.

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