Hello Kitty Tiara

My wife has decided that we need to go on random Hello Kitty excursions around Japan these next couple of weeks which means I’m going to have limited time to actually comment about the Hello Kitty Hell I’m suffering through. Instead of leaving the blog blank during this time, I have decided to go through the 250+ emails that have sent me photos of random Hello Kitty Hell products (believe me, there are far more than you want to know and this goes to show that Hello Kitty fanatics spend too much time sending me email rather than doing something productive like living life) and will be placing them up, but without the usual commentary. Please feel free to place your own commentary as you see fit and hopefully I will not have slashed my wrists from some awful Hello Kitty Hell experience before I get the chance to write some more.

So to get things started, the Hello Kitty Tiara worn by Jeffree Star (yes, that is a guy)

Hello Kitty tiara

Sent in by Faye (via Jeffree Star) who should have to not only wear the tiara, but color her hair Hello Kitty pink as well for thinking it would be a good idea to send this to me…

90 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Tiara

  1. I think she looks lovely. Honestly those are really good pictures. Most women wish they could look like that. Don’t be jealous.

  2. Tricia, any woman in the world can look like that if she is willing to spackle on five pounds of foundation and assorted other makeup. And, Ashley, sweetie, sorry to rumble your big discovery, but everyone is already aware that Jeffree is a man; it’s not like she’s trying to fool anyone into thinking she’s a “real woman”. It’s just polite to refer to drag queens as “she” when they’ve gone to all the trouble of applying said spackle.

    Given that Jeffree isn’t trying to fool anyone, the drag act is a visual pun on the mass-market accoutrements of femininity. It’s a social commentary on the artificiality and ridiculousness of hair, makeup, jewelry, et cetera. Hello Kitty fits right in- nothing, but nothing, is more artificial and mass-marketed. Jeffree knows it, so she gets a pass on wearing Hello Kitty’s image: she understands that we’re all living in Hello Kitty Hell.

  3. i can’t believe that jeffree star made it to this page. i am a hello kitty fan and my best friend for all my life is gay. but this is bad news. BAD NEWS! however i am sure that jeffree thinks that hell kitty is fabulous and not a “hello kitty hell”

  4. OK, OK, already. Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone knows that Jeffree Star should be “Jennie” Starr. Yes, he can pull anything feminine off, but really, TeratoMarty, are you practicing writing you thesis, using all of your big words? And to think you spent so much time typing your essay belittling a drag queen that seems to be making more money than the rest of us that are sitting on our computers replying to all of this!!!

  5. Cindy, I do in fact live under a rock, and no, I wrote my thesis years ago. I actually talk like that, all the time. Anyway, why do you think I’m belittling her? I think she’s a hilarious social critic.

  6. i may like hellokitty, but thats the most ugliest damn thing i`ve ever seen, and the eyebrows weird me out. A LOT. grosssssssssssssssssssss .

  7. its like all we can do on here is insult…. quite pathetic :/
    I love jeffree star, her style, her hair, her makeup and everything. Im not forcing anyone else to like her but honestly, she has more damn style than all of us XD
    btw, jeffree doesnt always look like this, there are many more beautiful shots of her that this. ps. i thought this was about hello kitty?

  8. Alfred, can I be your Princess?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love Jeffree Star and I love Hello Kitty…

    Words that come to mind: Interesting, gorgeous, style, art, over-the-top, photography, colour… SELF-EXPRESSION!

    It’s all good!!

  9. It’s funny how some of you are referring to Jeffree Star as a ‘she’. Don’t let his feminine appearance fool you, it’s 100% guy.

    I too used to admire Jeffrees individual style, but upon investigating, I realized that he is nothing more than another myspace driven person. Without the aid of Myspace.com, this guy would not be known. He also has the worst personality ever known, along with the biggest ego. ‘i’m so hot, all your boyfriends want me’ basically sums up all his songs. He’s so vain & thinks that every guy wants to be with him. Hmm, not quite.

    It’s a known fact if he didnt have pink hair, nobody would know him either. Imagine it though, if he had brown hair, nobody would care.

    Pfft at the end of the day, he’s a horrible vain person, only known because of his hair colour & because of myspace.com


  10. The X-Man wants everyone to know that Jeffree Starr stole that tiara from my personal collection of what the X-Man likes to call Afflictioniana — to be used only when the X-Man wants to mete out special punishment.

    Rest assured that “Jeffree Starr” was deserving of this punishment.

    The eyebrows alone took hours of planning.

  11. omg.

    jeffree star is the sexiest thing alive.

    id do him anytime in the back of my car.

    jeje ๐Ÿ˜›

    and he’s a make-up artist.


    and a great model.

    stop hating.

    p.s. great blog

  12. All of you pathetis, hypocrytical losers just shut it. personally, i hate hello kitty. but its unbelievably sexy on him!

    Jeffree Star is the most beautiful person alive!

  13. Yes Jeffree Star is a Wonderful Pretty gurl… but also Jeffree Star is a guy.. looks like a guy but a mind of a pretty gurl.. :] one of my friends is a transgender.! Trans people are very brave and have alot of courage.. But only 85% Commited Suicide and only 15% had the courage,! and Jefree Star had that curage to do it.! GOOD FOR YOU JEFFREE STAR!!!! :] I’M PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!

  14. Jeffree Star is a HE.
    He is a makeup artist, and a terrible singer, but he can really rock the Hello Kitty Pink Head stuff.
    I wonder if they’ve hired him to model their over-priced merch.

  15. i have the tiara from tarina tarantino but its the regular hello kitty version and yes I paid $500 dollars for it..its the same one pictured above and i love it..yes it seems crazy but i love to just take picture of my self wearing it with my mac eyeshadows lol..and im 26 years old..married with 2 kids and yes my husband says a little bit childish but what can he do he loves me for my craziness lol

  16. I’m tired of hearing about how Hello Kitty is just for dumb 14 or 15 year old girls! Yes I’m 14, you got a problem? Just because I’m young doesn’t mean I’m an immature freak! No one takes anyone under 21 seriously! It sucks! There are too many stupid laws like Statutory Rape and locking someone up in a mental hospital even if they’re completely sane. And how there’s so much stuff I can’t buy such as lighters, explosives, weapons, etc. I’m not a dumb 5 year old who’ll blow myself up! Maybe I just like fireworks. And not being allowed to buy condoms! My friend was too embarrassed to get them herself but they wouldn’t sell them to me and she got an STD! Just because you won’t sell a kid condoms doesn’t mean they won’t have sex! Just say no doesn’t work! And again what about rape?

    • Lmao so your friend is a slut obviously she is too young to have sex if you cant purchase condoms don’t have sex like you said “im a kid” you cant wipe your ass right why should you have sex if you dont like this page go to some other page little girl

    • Becca, (obv ure name. smart) i have a salutation for you. dont read this forum if u are sick of hearing about it, easy fix, n obv ure very immature for bitching about it, as someone is not forcing you to do anything, u did it all on ure own, as to the other things ure bitching a bout, just wow, go to bed, or school, or to your babysitters, shouldnt ure parents be motoring what ure doing on the internet anyways?

  17. What I would give to get BeccaIsSexxxy’s email. As someone who knows first hand the difference between statutory rape and child abuse I’d like to explain to her just why that law was put in place. And carrying condoms in your pocking in case of random sexual attack? Don’t make me laugh! If they don’t care about you enough to take no as a deterrant I don’t think they’re gonna stop to use protection.

    If you like fireworks go see a public display. Your lack of understanding of adult subjects proves that you are not as mature as you believe yourself to be, girl. Age is just a number, but you’re not acting like a smart 14 year lod. Weapons? Lighters? Explosives? I wouldn’t sell those to most 21 year olds, they’re too open for misuse.

  18. He/she is fabulous…. pink princess in drag!!! the tiara is perfect on her pink hair & all!!! & wow, those HK eyebrows!!!! hilarious!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  19. @TeratoMarty – are you saying that drag queens in general are making social commentary regarding the mass-marketing of femininity? I would have to disagree, although I’m not familiar with Jeffree. Perhaps he has proclaimed this?

  20. i love jeffree’s tiara!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jeffree and Hello Kitty rock!


  21. you must not know….but the person in this foto is a man…not a she, he is a he. he is amazzing! i want to buy EVERYTHING on this website. i am an obsessor of hello kitty. =P

  22. leave jeffree alone she’s only doing what she feels like doing. i think no one should judge her because of who she is. stop hating you losers there’s more to jeffree star than pink hair and fake eyelashes she a person too!!!!!!!!

  23. yes, this is definitely a tarina
    tarantino product! this is actually
    my dream tiara [believe it or not].
    it looks very intricate. (:

  24. Jeffrey Star is a waste of space and human. I can only hope he dies horribly. Hello Kitty is crap. Half of you are 14 and pathetic. The real world is going to kick your @$$.

  25. My friend John is a massive fan of Jeffree Star, and thinks me and Jeffree would get on well (due to my unfortunate HK obsession, when I last saw John I was wearing my HK hoody and t-shirt from Hot Topic, my HK wristband, and I was carrying my HK handbag, which contained my HK wallet, which had a HK sticker inside it which I got in some sweets in Spain.)

  26. This is off topic, but for years and years I had sex dreams about Jeffree Star going down on me, I always woke up screaming unsure if I was terrified or aroused

  27. Just sayin’ can everyone not hate on Jeffree Star? He’s amazing, I’ve seen him 3 times live. And he looks great in anything he wears, including a HK tiara ๐Ÿ™‚

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