Hello Kitty Skull Bow Tattoo

There are Hello Kitty tattoos. There are Hello Kitty combination tattoos. There are Hello Kitty tattoos on dogs, above breasts and in the form of zombies. What these all had in common was that they were tattooed onto Hello Kitty fanatics of the female persuasion. Apparently there are also men that feel a permanent etching of Hello Kitty on their skin is an appropriate sign of affection for this feline monstrosity:

Hello Kitty Skull Bow Tattoo

Now that my wife knows that a man is willing to get a Hello Kitty tattoo, she has begun to think that I should also be willing to get one. “Honey, don’t you think you’d look absolutely charming with a Hello Kitty tattoo that matches mine?” I’m relating much too closely to how that tattooed dog must have felt and things can’t get much more Hello Kitty Hellish than that…

Sent in by Scott, who should have to get his own Hello Kitty tattoo (actually multiple Hello Kitty tattoos) for giving my wife one of the worst Hello Kitty Hell ideas she has ever had

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Skull Bow Tattoo

  1. I am so incredibly sorry that someone gave your wife this idea. You should never be forced in to putting something on your body permanently. Maybe if you tell your wife you’d only get a dismembered or noosed and hung HK tattooed on you, she’ll leave you alone. 🙂

  2. Maybe it was that or sleep in the hello kitty sleeping bag for the rest of his life. At least with the tattoo he can’t actually *see* it. It would only bug OTHER people! hahaha

  3. I think it’s another cartoon crossover, but with the comic book character Lenore instead. She wears skulls in her hair that are similar to that one.

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