Hello Kitty Mineral Water

My wife and I were taking a walk today when she asked if I’d like some water. I said “yes” and was handed one of these:

Hello Kitty mineral water

Your eyes do not deceive you. The evil feline has her own line of bottled mineral water which I’m sure they have drugged with something that completely alters your perceptions of reality. I have no doubt about this because that is the only way my wife’s explanation makes any sense when she handed me a bottle: “The reason that it tastes so good and refreshing is that it’s filled with Hello Kitty love.”

Just another typical day in Hello Kitty Hell…

32 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Mineral Water

  1. HAHAHA when ur wife said β€œThe reason that it tastes so good and refreshing is that it’s filled will Hello Kitty love.” it would be so funny if you spit the water out right after she said that LOL

  2. Those win. (Sorry for your ordeal, though!) Tee hee… I know you’re in hell but some of us don’t have access to the variety of HK things you get to suffer through. So, sometimes, I have to be jealous but I still feel sorry for you!

  3. um…. you keep talking about this “wife” of yours; having all this Hello Kitty material.
    but….does she even exist?
    if so, prove it.

  4. i just found this site and i can say i have exzactly the same problem with my sister its always i want hello kitty oh so cute and well since im trying to savefish from turning into catfood every day well u can see y im pissed

  5. All I can say is this,

    If you ever get fed up, then I’ll rent the industrial shredder and bring it over to help you rid you of all this hello kitty trash.

  6. hahaha. “hello kitty love” must be some new code word for some mind altering drug. that’s the only explanation i can think of for the belief that the hostile hello kitty world takeover is just a desire for things cute and lovable. πŸ˜›

  7. Haha I must say I agree with the above posts suggesting you are making this up. Anyone can do this tbh, say they live with someone who is obsessed with HK.

    Thing is, if you hated HK so much, you wouldn’t make a website about something you hate & talk about it even MORE than normal.

    I mean, people send you photos of products they have found and then the next day, your wife ‘magically’ has them :/ Yeah, right…

    Pfft, I wouldn’t be surprised if your ‘wife’ only had like 1 Hello Kitty plush doll, LOLOL.

  8. He has had a picture of his bathroom on here. And I doubt that he could make these stories up. They are pretty weird. Did you know she was such a fanatic when you married her?

  9. I was thinking what Catherine said until you mentioned ‘true Hello Kitty fanatic….everyday talk’. You know what? Count yourself lucky! At least your wife is a HK fanatic and not a LV fanatic! not only will you be in hell, you will be broke ass πŸ˜›

  10. My boyfriend found your website while gift shopping for me. I do have to say you make his day now! He comes home telling me “You would not believe what is on there now…”. You’ve made it easier to talk about HK for us! Thanks. xoxox.. jujub

  11. haha. today i just bought some hello kitty green tea as well as a mystery clear drink (maybe grape flavored?) as well as a couple banana pouches. your wife sounds adorable.

  12. wow! ive been to the doc several times bc i hate consuming water- its so boring. think i just found my solution! i got the HK water dispenser but i wanna be able to carry it with me. this is perfect

  13. & the commercialism goes on….. it is just too too funny!!! WHAT is it about HK stuff that you just WANT it- even if you dont need it or if it’s taking up space on the planet!!! whats HK perfume like??? Sweet & sickly I expect…. Can you get HK toilet paper??? See, now there’s something that I would like!!!

  14. I agree-I doubt about you’re “wife” and hellish HK life. If you did actually hate Hello Kitty that much-you wouldn’t blog about it. That’s like someone-say-who hates the Jonas Brothers or some crap like that and making a blog about the stupid products disney comes out with them stamped on it. Please answer back, and yes-prove you have an actual wife.

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