Hello Kitty Skin Water

It’s bad enough that Sanrio is able to sell Hello Kitty bottled water, but why stop when you have a good thing going? Apparently if bottling water with the evil feline on the front for drinking sells well, then bottling water with Hello Kitty on the front to splash on your skin would be even more successful. Thus, the invention of Hello Kitty skin water:

Hello Kitty skin water

As a guy, if this was just plain old skin water I would be asking “why in the world would anyone need this?” but since Hello Kitty adorns the front of the package, I have no doubt that it is nothing more than another inventive product from the minds of Sanrio to make my life more Hellish.

Of course, my wife insists otherwise. “Hello Kitty skin water is refreshing and makes my skin healthier.” I’m tempted to replace the water that comes in the bottles with plain old tap water, but know that no matter what the results (if I was right and she didn’t notice and I told her what I did or if she noticed right away), I’d end up on the couch in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag…

34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Skin Water

  1. Why do you have to hate everything Hello Kitty? It is getting tiresome reading you complaining all the time. Get over it. Post photos for all of us and stop commenting and your blog will be much more popular.

  2. Darlene, the purpose of this blog is so that this guy can bitch about HK to his heart’s content. We love him *because* he kvetches. GTFO, nuffer.

  3. This is the blog of a man that is sick and tired of Hello Kitty… Let him say what he wants, complain as much as he wants and leave him be. You don’t like? it well then go away and read something else!
    It’s the fact that he complains that makes this blog so interesting (and fun) to read.

    Mr. HelloKittyhell, how do you put up with this kind of comments every day?

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now, and it occurs to me that it might be a good idea for you to find a hobby as equally repulsive as collecting hello kitty junk. Like taxidermy. You could learn from the stuffed hello kitties around your house, like reverse engineering…

    Or you could collect small animals that have severe deformities, and keep them in large pickle jars. And you could progress to babies, human parts, rare deep sea creatures… You know what? I think I’m gonna start doing this!

  5. Taxidermy! Yes! That would be brilliant. I can see it now; a house half-filled with HK shitola, interspersed with motheaten, glassy-eyed dead critters. Especially if it were that style that the Victorians found “cute,” dead squirrels wearing vests, late parrots playing cards, et cetera.

  6. Also, my skin-care regimen consists of washing with soap once a day, but it seems to me that repeatedly sprinkling water on yourself would have the net effect of making your skin drier, not softer. Can someone who would know about this stuff fill me in? I probably shouldn’t expect anything to make sense in Hello Kitty Hell.

  7. Maybe it’s a body mist or something. But yes, water in general does make your skin drier… like when you take a shower after you need to moisturize.

    What will they come up with next? Genetically engineered rice that’s in the shape of HK?

  8. Oooh… HK rice… I would eat the hell out of that… ahem… sorry. I just wanted to agree with Kyle. You could print up T-shirts and things w/ stuffed dead animals, populate the house, and when your wife complains you can just talk about the joy of taxidermy and how it fills your life with joy and prosperity. If I were you I would also develop an affinity for stuffing white cats with big ribbons… heh.

  9. lol this has to be the biggest HK waste of all time. dude, that is like antlers on an elephant. just plain useless.

    and darlene, blogs are all about opinions. if you don’t like it, MOVE ON!!!

  10. Collect Tattoos. No, not on you. Preserved pieces of other people. Maybe you could find that guy with the HK pirate tattoo and ask him for a hunk of skin… for science, yeah, that’s it, and you’re saving it for posterity.

    It’ll never work, but it’s fun to contemplate.

  11. This blog is hilarious! I love it. A friend of mine sent the HK rims off an auto-blog that sent me here, because of (yes) my love of HK. My bf and I have been reading your entries – dying of laughter here! At least you have a good sense of humor (as does he in his HK bathroom I decorated).


  12. Mr. HelloKittyhell, how do you put up with this kind of comments every day?

    It’s just another aspect of Hello Kitty Hell – that is how all Hello Kitty fanatics act. If I let it bother me, I would have been locked up in a room with rubber walls and given a fashionable white suit that restrained my arms a long time ago.

  13. Show us your non-existent wife & none-existent items you “purchased.”
    & it doesn’t seem like he dislikes HelloKitty–it seems he also adores her. The fact he has this website

  14. hello all isnt hello kitty skin water already normal water and your wife just says its refreshing cause its some hell kiity fantic 7 th sense

  15. I used to think that you exaggerated the way hello kitty fanatics acted, but after reading the comments of some of them on this blog, I can say you downplay their true grossness and inability to grasp reality. I feel for you.

  16. Lol, read back a few days and you’ll find a link to pictures of HKH’s bathroom. I’d not mind seeing pictures of him and/or Mrs HKH some time though.
    As for claims that this is actually a Sanrio marketting site, I’d have expected to be moderated for saying my usual “less is more when it comes to cute items” line if it were.

  17. Last night I dreamt that I met some people wearing big plush HK masks. I punched them in their plushy heads, and just kept punching and punching and punching. Once they were down, I took a cameraphone photo to send to this blog. Alas, only a dream.

  18. I just found this blog and am laughing my head off. I sent the link to my husband so he knows just how good he has it – my HK collection is pitifully miniscule compared to your wife’s. 🙂

  19. I think Darlene needs a lobotomy. . . . sever all the overactive HK nerves. Okay, I’m a girl and I should know this already, but what the hell is ‘skin water’ anyway? The bottles are cute though.

  20. I agree is Georg. Collect HK tatts and make a new and improved HK sleeping bag lined with the fur of white kitty cats. 😛

  21. i think the guy who made this site doesnt have a hk fanatic wife and everything he says bout his life is untrue…he only did it cuz it attracts ppl to the site, i also think he has no life cuz who would spend all day hatin on a cartoon character? i think he loooooovesssss hk so prefusely he hates it

  22. Darlene.
    Everyone is alowed to voice there own opinion whether they like it or not.
    The owner has decided that he does not like Hello Kitty.
    Get over it.
    It’s not your website.

  23. Admit it! u ve ended up junky of HK! hahaha u just LOVE her, u r the most obsessed person.. her fans know much less about the hk products than u do.. i bet u could be the sanrio factory owner, after all this extended research 😛

  24. I have a friend who moved here to the US from France. She pulled out a can one day and started spraying her face. I thought she was nuts but she showed me the bottle and explained it was very common to carry aerosol Evian during the summer. I looked up the HK face water and it seems sub par to the Evian. Evian face spray has minerals that are supposed to be good for your skin and it’s fantastic during summer. My friend even used the Evian spray on her baby. It must work because that girl is in her 40’s and does not look a day over 25 and she has three kids. She was amazed that Evian is so expensive here because she lived very near to the Evian springs and she could get it for I think about a dime for a gallon if you bring your own container. She used to use Evian to bathe but of course that would be very cost prohibitive in the US.The HK face water has minerals, herbs and fragrance and I read it is supposed to smell like grapefruit (really? Grapefruit for HK? I would have thought bubble gum or strawberry or something else sweet) but that it smells nasty. So Sanrio apparently ruined yet another product by not only branding the face water with the great white pussy but also because they managed to screw up WATER IN A CAN by adding weird ingredients and smells.

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