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It’s not often that I sigh in relief when I’m sent some evil feline monstrosity, but today was one of those days. I was sent the following photo labeled as Hello Kitty breast implants, but it appears that in reality they are nothing more than soap bars. That sigh of relief, however, does come with a very dark and disturbing side. The relief I felt only could manifest because I knew in my heart that Hello Kitty breast implants were not out of the scope of possibility (and when you think about that, the horrifying reality I live in on a daily basis becomes all too clear).

hello kitty breast implant soap

While these don’t exist at the moment, it’s probably a pretty safe to conclude that it won’t be that long before there truly are Hello Kitty breast implants (my guess is that the people at Sanrio are right at this very second hitting themselves on the side of the head wondering how they could have never considered coming out with a line of breast implants before now). And you know that while they may initially be regular implants with the cat-with-no-mouth branded on them, it won’t stop there. Eventually they will be made in such a way that the woman’s breast will actually take the form of Hello Kitty (because, seriously, what better way to show your love of HK than to turn your breasts into the shape of her?) This will undoubtedly make the fanatic deliriously happy, but will haunt any person who sees it with sweat-inducing nightmares for the rest of their life (and probably require decades of intense mental therapy that still won’t be able to get that image out of their head). And, the truly horrifying thing is that once this happens, somehow it will continue to get worse from there…

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21 thoughts on “Breast Implants

  1. I don’t even… What?
    Would you just have stupid ears on your breasts? I don’t understand. ;_; Like, give your breasts the head’s shape and then tattoo her face onto your breasts? What in the world would you do with this?

  2. All women would love to have these and the men they are with would love them even more! Show me a man that wouldn’t want her woman to have Hello Kitty breasts and I’ll show you a man that really doesn’t love his woman.

  3. I think that this is a biological hazard and could possibly kill the person with the implants if it bursts. Not that that doesn’t already happen sometimes, but at least the theory is that a weird silicone goop isn’t as hard to clean up. Until they find glitter that the body can easily and healthily absorb, I don’t think this is a problem.
    I used to think it would be funny to get saline implants with toy unicorns in them, that way they were reminiscent of those water snake toys, etc… but I have gworn up since then (only kind of).

    • I don’t necessarily think that it would have glitter. It might just make the breasts look like hello kitty. That was my first thought.

  4. OMG SQUEEEEEEEEE! (I think I start out ever comment on here like this…LOL!) I could NEVER use these–I wouldn’t want them to melt!!!

  5. These are NOT BREAST IMPLANTS, they are soap bars, which are quite cute IMO. I would get a few for my daughter to us keep one on display for decoration only!

  6. Those are NOT soap bars. Those are plastic cabochons (flat backed buttons) to make crafts with. Search “hello kitty cabochon” on Etsy and you’ll see.

  7. i think hello kitty breast implants would be a little crazy. next thing you kno women will want pikachu implants and all that. its a truely mortifying idea in the least..

  8. LOL the photo is not breast implants or soap , it’s called cabuchon , girls use it for make decora !!! Please stop to write stupidity.And what is more stupid , it’s the peoples who believe in your fake informations !!!!

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