Hello Kitty Gravestone

One would hope that it would be possible to escape the evil feline upon death, but fanatics are doing everything within their power to guarantee that this is not the case. It’s a good bet that if you live with a fanatic, you’re going to end up in the ground in one of her coffins. It’s an even better bet that upon that coffin you will end up with an arrangement of horrifying flowers. And of course, how could a fanatic ever resist placing a Hello kitty gravestone on top of your grave?

Hello Kitty headstone cemetery

Hello Kitty grave

Hello Kitty graveyard

Just further proof that the one-with-no-mouth has the diabolical plan to not only torture you during this life, but for all of eternity…

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74 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Gravestone

  1. For all the comments asking me to take this down because it’s disrespectful to her, if you bothered to read my post, nothing was directed at your friend — it was a commentary on how fanatics are bringing Hello Kitty into death as well as life. That is why I had no problem taking her name off the headstone as requested and did — it’s not about her, it’s about the headstone. If it had been about her, I would have refused to take off the name as well.

    The only reason you seem to be offended is that it happens to be your friend’s headstone, but if you could step back from that you would see that in all reality, a Hello kitty headstone is something that’s completely ridiculous. If your friend truly is the person who you all say she is and never took “herself too seriously,” (and was a Douglas Adams fan) my guess she understands the ridiculousness of having this headstone in full while fully embracing it — and if she did, she’d appreciate me making fun of it (not her, it). If not, a Hello Kitty headstone is still ridiculous…

    • No. Her family chose to remember that fact about her. You are a disrespectful person for making light of someone’s remembrance not the headstone. Think about that. Have some decency and remove this post.

    • I hope you die slowly of cancer of the eyes, you smug dïck head.

      Yes, we get it. You don’t like HK. That’s not the point and you know it.

      You’ve been asked by dozens of people to remove your unfunny humor then justify your actions.

      I don’t give an ever loving crap what your reason is, you’re a f***ing as?hole who deserves to have a hello kitty doll shoved in every oriface because you’re causing people who knew this young lady pain and suffering.

      I hope they sue the f*** out of you.

      • can you just shush. if you dont like the way this guy treats HK then why the heck are you here. At least he had the decency to remove the name! He isn’t talkin about the human themselves but rather the concept so just stfu

    • It is not your place to decide what she would have liked. Yes, she was a wonderful fun person who would not take things seriously. You do not appear to be friends with her and cannot make that call that posting this is acceptable. If you are a friend of hers, then shame on you. The sting is still very fresh from those who are close to her. Please remove this.

    • I think you are correct in leaving the post as is with the name blocked out. There is no disrespect to the person. Good job standing your ground and keeping the post up. I support you.

    • You say that it was about the product, but you already blogged about the existence of hello kitty tomb stones years ago, using an image of one someone found in a shop window (totally fine; it’s impersonal and not hurting anyone). But, let’s be honest here. You saw the picture, had a terrible lapse in judgement because you have let yourself become too deeply involved in your blog-logic, and now you are trying to cover your own butt, and claim what you did wasn’t totally jerkish instead of apologizing for what was a really awful thing to do.

      This wasn’t about the fact that there could be a hello kitty gravestone. There isn’t a need to duplicate that on the blog twice. It was that you thought that an image you saw had shock value and would get you hits. Now that you were called out on it, instead of apologizing, you are trying to tell the grieving people that what they probably picked to suit their friend was ridiculous. So even if you aren’t making fun of their friend directly (except, you kind of are, since it’s implied by your post that no one would want this memorial) you are making fun of them and how they chose to memorialize her.

      This isn’t the sort of thing where you should just swap out the image. You should have deleted the post, posted an apology/retraction in it’s place. It’s simple marketing logic. You made yourself look bad and you aren’t making it better by justifying your mistake over and over.

        • on a side note i find it interesting that what ppl don’t realize is the fact that gravestones are public. unless they are on private property that is not open to the public, they are considered public. therefore anyone can snap a pic of a gravestone and post it on the web, if they so desire. i hope no one’s arguing this point, at least. now what you may think the blogger has to say about the gravestone is another story. you may not like what he says, but he has a right to his opinion. i doubt anyone would have protested had he showered it with praise, but as soon as he says something someone doesn’t like *his point of view, mind* it’s “oh, take it down and apologize!” so what this says is that if your thoughts may possibly offend (or if you dare to have a criticism of something or dare to express a dissenting viewpoint), you should keep them to yourself? that’s pretty provocative, every bit as much in concept as many may find his posting the grave on his site for the purpose of mockery to begin with. my thing is, how’d HE get the picture? if the grave were so sacred why were people taking pictures of it and distributing it on the WWW in the first place? i’m pretty sure the blogger hadn’t gone out of his way to take the snapshot in person. devil’s advocate for the win.
          for example, i may not approve of people saying negative and downright disrespectful things about the USA president, but it’s not my place to tell them “Shut your face and apologize!” you know why? because it’s freedom of speech. if you don’t like it, just avoid a site like this and keep it moving. gravitate to smtg that suits your fancy and that won’t disturb your sensibilities.

    • Wholly sh*tstorm! I got kind of tired of reading the backlash against you here as I scrolled and scrolled… There is nothing private about a headstone in a public cemetery. If someone makes something to stand out and be noticed, they can’t then scream foul when someone notices. If someone documents the creation with a photo and then posts it… what’s wrong with that? If you have an opinion about AN OBJECT IN A PUBLIC SPACE, then go ahead and voice it. Congrats on being the first blog I actually get worked up enough to comment on. The interenet is a weird place, and not because of any post you make.

  2. Hi,

    I don’t know the girl personally, but I have mutual friends that knew her. Could her name at least be edited/blurred out, please? Thanks.

  3. It’s bad enough that you would put someone’s grave stone on here to be made fun of, but you didn’t blur out the name? Show some respect.

  4. Come on… I knew this person. She was sweet and caring and in no way deserves to have her grave stone made fun of on the internet. Even with the name blurred, this is pretty tasteless. You can even see by the date that this is a recent death. Do you really want to be the one responsible for hurting this person’s family and friends more than they are already hurting?

  5. There’s nothing funny about this post – making fun of the gravestone of someone so recently deceased (and clearly at a young age) is pretty tacky.

  6. Please remove this.
    We are already having to deal with the pain of losing a dear friend and we would prefer this be privately shared among her friends and family, which was the intention.

  7. Hi,

    This is a dear friend of mine and her passing was very recent. It was very disturbing to see this on this site being shared around fb. Her headstone was just a testament to her fun personality. She would have found a regular one dreadfully boring. She was a wonderful, smart, and generous person who never took herself too seriously.

    Out of respect could you please remove this? I understand your site is meant for giggles, but her death was tragic, sudden, and many of us are still struggling with her passing.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  8. The fact that someone would give you the photos that her parents took of her headstone and shared only with her friends is absolutely disgusting. But the fact that you would go ahead and post them is completely disrespectful to her, the family, and her friends. You are turning someone’s tragedy into a joke and it’s pathetic. Blurring the name after the fact does not take away the fact that this is completely wrong. You should remove this immediately.

  9. You need to remove this NOW – this was the tombstone of a girl who died very, very tragically, and was only meant to be seen by her friends and family. It is MASSIVELY offensive that this is on here. PLEASE, out of respect for her loved ones, remove this from your site. Someone stole this off her parent’s private facebook, it should NEVER have been made public.

  10. Hello,
    This is my friend and I would appreciate it if this was removed from the website. She died at a young age and we’re all still missing her deeply. Thanks.

  11. Dude, the date on that is 3 months ago. However poor taste you think the gravestone is, posting a picture of a freshly dead 25 year old is worse.

  12. You are reading these comments because you’ve blurred the gravestone, but you didn’t do it on Facebook – you have been reported on Facebook by NUMEROUS people, both your page and your image. I can’t believe the level of disrespect. This is a huge violation of privacy, and you’re a total shithead for not removing this immediately. You have no idea what the friends and family of this person have been through. Karma is a fucking bitch.

  13. You know how I know the author of this article is an a-hole?

    Because he or she is making fun of a person who died.

    How would you like it if you lost a loved one and their final resting place was made fun of?

    P*ss poor taste, dude… You suck.

    You’re the one who deserves to be made fun of.

    How horrible you’d think you’re actually funny. Actually, there’s probably some upset family who wants to sue you into bankruptcy right now, so enjoy your laugh.

  14. Pretty shameful that you would make fun of someone’s TOMBSTONE. The final resting place of a person who was someone’s daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend, etc.

    Make fun of the billions of HK products out there, but don’t speak ill of the dead. There’s a line, and you crossed it.

  15. Hey. You still have her name in the thumbnail. This is pretty disrespectful. All of us who knew her are upset enough you’re using this as fodder for your blog, but could you at least edit her name out completely?

      • Thank you! Maybe next time please be careful not to include names like that? I think that was the main issue that upset so many people.

        She was very prominent and active in her hobby so it would be easy enough for strangers to google her, peek into her life and mock her postmortem, which is really just the last thing any of us want – especially while mourning.

  16. Hello,

    I didn’t not know this young lady except through a good friend of mine. And she and many others who knew this girl are horribly offended that you’ve decided to mock their friends tragic death for site traffic. Blurring the name may seem like enough for you but not of them wanted this publicized like this; to mock what someone’s family did to try and memorialize their child after their tragic and unexpected death is just low and terrible, and seriously makes me question why you thought this was even remotely acceptable, or simply plain okay. I ask on behalf of my friend and the others who are hurting because of this post, such as her family and closest friends, that you remove this. How would you feel if you lost a child, and someone thought the thing you had chosen to memorialize them was being made fun of on a flame site for something so simple as something that reminds them of their departed child? You’d be, for lack of a better phrasing, pissed the hell off. Should have considered others before you posted this. Please take this down.

  17. I am sure to some this may appear humorous, but this young lady recently died rather tragically and her family and friends don’t need this circulating all over the Internet. It is nice you blurred out the name, but the dates still show and anyone who knew her would know this was hers merely by the date. Please take the high road and delete this post. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is very hurtful to her family.

  18. Out of respect for the dead why don’t you just remove this post? Ever think that her friends and family might find this posted and be offended? Congrats for being an insensitive ass.

  19. Not sure if I’m more bothered by the Hello Kitty stone or by the “Lolita” engraving at the end. Doesn’t seem like a label I’d want on a gravestone.

    • I was acquaintances with this girl and the “lolita” on her headstone refers to Japanese lolita fashion, not anything related to the novel by the same name.

      And to the writer of this blog, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is absolutely the least tasteful thing I have ever seen. Why would you choose to make fun of someone’s grave? ESPECIALLY when the death was so recent? I hope that this lapse in judgement in post this initially and then refuse to remove it, has alerted your followers to your true colors and causes you to lose them all. You really should just remove the post and go back to making fun of contacts and car accessories.

      • I see that between writing my post and posting it, you’ve change the gravestone image to one from several years ago. I still think it is in bad taste to poke fun at someone’s gravestone, but I do appreciate you removing the more recent one, as I know my friends who were closer to the girl are still grieving her sudden death.

  20. What’s so hard about finding a different Hello Kitty item to talk about? Changing the picture to another grave doesn’t make this better.

    Why do you insist on keeping a post about an actual gravesite? You really should think about the families and friends that are still grieving. Grief is not a simple process and does not simply end.

  21. I use to actually find this site rather amusing and funny… but after this? I’m no longer interested in checking it or reading funny posts. This is flat out insensitive and ignorant. The fact that this post was changed from one poor girls head stone to another is still cruel and immoral.

    The post written by the owner about how this wasn’t directed at her is even more ignorant. You still took a photo without permission of a rather hurtful and sad recent death. Ridiculous or not, who are you and where is your place to judge anyone on their headstone?

    If you’re smart about how you run your site, you’d remove this post entirely as it shows complete disregard for many peoples feelings (clearly from the posts above.) Not to mention it shows a sad level of maturity and moral in not being able to handle this gracefully and removing it.

  22. De mortuis nihil nisi bonum

    Google it Mr HKH
    If the image is your and you can prove it then have the family execute a DMCA complaint against Facebook and the web host.

  23. Switching the picture of one tombstone to three others is no better than posting the original picture. You are still making fun of the last thing families do for their deceased loved ones. Make fun of Hello Kitty products all you want, or the fact that people buy them, but don’t make fun of the choices of the family left behind when a life is lost. That crosses a line.

  24. What a testament to a persons character when they are more interested in attention than compassion and kindness. The owner of this blog uses photos without permission thereby infringing copyrights. He has also shown disrespect for those grieving a recently lost friend by simply not removing an insensitive and offensive post when asked.

  25. The owner of this blog posts irresponsible photos and is insensitive to the family who recently lost their daughter, in her 20s, in a car accident.

  26. I hope your advertisers discover that you are bad for marketing. Perhaps someone should let them know . . . Be back soon, got something else to do for a while.

  27. Well, I notified about 15 of your advertisers that your page gives them a bad reputation. After dinner I’ll see how many more I can contact.

  28. It surprises me that the outraged commenters think they have a right to not be offended. No, that right does not exist. We each have our personal “lines” when it comes to telling jokes, and mine or yours don’t and shouldn’t have control over someone else’s, and if you want it to be so, well, go to your elected officials and make it illegal, or sue the pants off of someone because they hurt your feelings. That’s about as much recourse as you have. I can’t comment on the legality or ethics of posting someone else’s photos but I’d like to hear if anyone knows whether cemeteries are public spaces and whether anyone is allowed to go there and take a picture and make fun of it on the Internet. I’ve always assumed that this blog was satirical and even before reading the claims in the comments, it didn’t occur to me that the OP was making fun of the deceased person. Yes, the people who chose the gravestone, but again, you don’t have a right to not be offended. I equate this to someone engraving a cross on a headstone and some atheist or satanist or any disapproving person taking a picture and mocking it on the Internet. I, personally, would be disgusted, but I wouldn’t be so daft as to think they “NEED” to remove it, or that name calling and general lack of comportment is an appropriate/intelligent/effective way to react.

    • Right, because atheists and satanists have nothing better to do with their time than to go to a cemetery, take pictures, have a family holiday, and mock gravestones of the deceased. If you are offended just say you are offended, don’t take it upon yourself to judge what those who believe differently than you would do by your own narrow perception of them.

      • Um, no. I am not offended. And I never wrote that atheists or satanists have nothing better to do that to go to cemeteries, take pictures, and mock the gravestones. No where did I even imply that. I did, however, use that as an example of something I would be offended by, but in such a case, I would not expect that they NEED to remove their post. Not sure where you’re getting the rest of it but have fun building your straw man.

          • What exactly do I need to calm down? I didn’t even use an exclamation point in those comments. Please, do explain how you got the perception that I’m making a big deal over a gravestone.

  29. I’m sorry for the loss many of you have felt but you’re misdirecting your emotions. Your energy would be better spent consoling each other or seeking therapy.

    The author of HKH did not know the deceased & none of you seem to take issue w/ the others being displayed, just the one relevant to your emotions. It’s Hello Kitty Hell. A tongue in cheek site that mocks the extent people go to w/ their love of Hello Kitty, I adore HK & I get this.

    At no point was this mocking the person or how they died.

    Constantly commenting on the page that the author is horrible/needs to die or stop breathing/or is blah blah blah & throwing all out tantrums isn’t going to bring her back or spare anyone any pain.

    You made your requests, the name was blurred out. Now move on & stop behaving like children.

  30. I too love Hello Kitty and agree this site has nothing to do with the person who died.
    I now want that japanese Hellow Kitty headstone if I weren’t being cremated. Oh I know Hello Kitty urn? Feel free to make fun of my Hello Kitty urn when I die. I don’t take myself or my Hello Kitty passion seriously either.

  31. A Hello Kitty urn would be an awesome idea. Both tombstones are adorable, I wonder if I can get my hubby to agree to having the bottom one. 😉

  32. Why are all these people even on here if they can’t look at a picture without thinking “HEY NOW IMMA GO TALK ABOUT CRAP AND DISS THIS PERSON! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Calm down guys and go back to watching your Yo Gabba Gabba.

  33. First I want to express my condolences to the friends and family of the beautiful young woman who left them way too soon. I am truly sorry for your loss. But as a self proclaimed Hello Kitty fanatic I think your friend would be deeply touched that her parents honored her memory and celebrated her life by including Hello Kitty. I also think she would be a little bit proud that her final tribute made Hello Kitty Hell. I was totally thrilled that My Hello Kitty Axl Rose tattoo made this site. We Hello Kitty fanatics can laugh at ourselves, and people will always associate me with Hello Kitty!

    • As a family member, I agree. As long as the name and date were blurred out, I thought she would enjoy seeing it make the website, which is one she frequently visited.

  34. You’re being presumptuous and ignorant. This is a private blog, freedom of speech doesn’t apply except in a public arena. He can choose to censor or reveal whatever he wants, provided he doesn’t violate his host’s TOS.

    As he made no comment about the deceased and his site has a long history of referring to all things Hello Kitty, I think everyone can safely assume that he didn’t decide to entirely change gears and turn this into a blog about trolling the dead. It was in bad taste not to censor the tombstone in the first place, but now that he’s done it you need to get over yourselves and stop looking for reasons to wave your pitchforks.

    Maybe you should look up the phrase “concern trolling” since you’re so concerned with online bullying.

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