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  1. i’m just so enjoying reading your blog, found it while looking for a scooter. my daughter was in a hello kitty trance for about 5 years we had almost everything that sanrio sold in the u.s. even planning family trips around the national locations of sanrio stores…..you describe the kitty scene sensationally! thanks

  2. first and foremost, my email address does not mean anything.

    wow. i’m not sure whether to envy you, or extend a sympathetic, keroppi-ringed hand. i’m a hello kitty fan (notice the omission of the suffix -atic) but this is absolutely wild. especially the story about the toilet paper being out of line. however, i finally read down to your very first post and realised your wife sells the stuff. that, i have to say, is pretty cool. what’s even cooler is that you suggested she take something she enjoyed and make a living out of it – you must truly love this woman with all your heart, even when she makes you sleep on the hello kitty sofa with the hello kitty sleeping bag. you should pick up gundams or something as equally masculine as hello kitty is feminine and you could have wars. but in a playful manner. keep up the great posts, always funny and they keep giving me new honey-will-you-buy-me gift ideas ^^ i would tell you to stay strong, to hold on tightly to the last vestiges of decidedly not-pink colors in your household, but somehow…i think you might secretly, if only slightly, enjoy all of it…


  3. ok…at first: man, this is the best site ever!

    I like Hello Kitty ( the pencils and the rubbers and stuff like that, but Hello Kitty food? Are they mad?) it’s cute, but nothing more than a nice thing to look at.
    I mean, who wants a Hello Kitty dog? no one, thats stupid.

    go on with this blog, its fantastic! And head high, lets the Hello Kitty world not win!

    oh yes, first-class humor, by the way. 😉

  4. oh my god…
    your site is amazing!
    well, i love hello kitty, but reading all this is so funny and shows yourself how idiotic this whole hello-kitty-merchandise can be ;))
    i so laughed while reading, love your site!

  5. Hi, my name is Diana, I am 12 and I live in Portugal. I have been reading your blog for some months and I really like it! I like Hello Kitty a lot but i dont have everything of her. Since i saw the Hk convention thing, I think I am going there with my mum but I am not sure if I really want to since I think there are better things to do than Hk all the time!

  6. I love cats. SO, I love Hello kitty… well.. I loved her. Right now I am kind of scare of her. It is like a cult, maybe they start doing camps and then… we all know what happens next. So, go go Chococat (I like black cats better).
    Nevertheless, I will focus on other characters less evil (like Voldemort…yikes)

  7. You poor man! I like Hello Kitty but the idea of tricking out my entire life hk, or anything, is just plain disturbing. What happened to moderation in all things?

  8. I’ll admit that I’m a fanatic for Hello Kitty and my poor husband must live with my obsession. I’ve shown him your site and he spent a good ten minutes laughing.

    He’s glad to know that he’s not alone in his suffering. ^_~

  9. I love your site you have the most wonderful things on it! I am a huge hello kitty fanatic, I LOVE HELLO KITTY! Bless you your wife is so lucky that she can have hello kitiness all around the house, I only get to have one room. =( Ok well love your site, hello kitty used to drive my boyfriend crazy now he buys me lots of hello kitty stuff!

  10. I absolutely love this website! thank you so much for all the humour! I’m a great hello kitty fan – i’ve got a kittymobile with a giant hello kitty decal on the spare tyre of my suv! i find you and your wife a really sweet couple! all the best to both of you and thanks for all the fun i had reading your entries!

  11. You, my dear good tolerant man, need a large beer (or some Yeager) in a glass that doesn’t have freakin’ Hello Kitties face plastered on it.
    I hope someday your wife comes out of her delusions and realizes Hello Kitty isn’t real, and doesn’t spread love to anyone heart (that damned cat kinda makes me wanna puke). Maybe slip her some Shrooms? Might have the opposite effect on her :p

    If ya ever wanna beer in a clear glass, come to Ohio.

  12. I am so showing my husband this site. I have been an avid Sanrio sticker/stationary collector for as long as I can remember, and it takes a very tolerant, kind hearted person to love us HK fanatics. Thanks for the laughs! I love your blog!

  13. This site is awesome! I LOVE Hello Kitty! And I find this site totally hilarious! I accidently stumbled across it searching for information about the HK Barbie.
    LOL my boyfriend has to put up with my two obsessions, HK and Barbie LOL
    I now know why my B/F said we couldn’t have the HK toaster when we moved out! I had to return it to the store… 🙁 But I still have the HK phone hidden in a cupboard so I can pull it out when he least expects it! Haha!
    Keep up the good work, and be strong! Remember, she’s just a little kitty! =^.^=

  14. I hate Hello Kitty. Absolutely hate it – it’s everywhere from toasters to shoes to nail polish. That’s why I love this site. Keep up the good work.

  15. I, too, am an HK fan – to the point that I don’t even have to buy my own HK stuff anymore – people just know that I love HK and they “just saw this and thought of you – so I bought it for you!” (Yes, grown men ranging from friends/patients/coworkers have brought me HK stuff). Having said that – I also realize there is a line (albeit a very thin one for HK fans) – where one can cross into insanity (HK contacts?!! Creepy.). I’m not there yet – which is why I think your website is so freakin’ funny! LOVE IT! Thanks for the entertainment – and you must be somewhat of a good guy to tolerate the depths of HK hell your wife has dug (although, I’m certain she’s got to be pretty cool too!).

  16. I feel your pain, even though my hello kitty hell is not that bad, since it’s only my friends who like her. But for some reason my relatives think it’s a good idea to buy ME Hello Kitty stuff! This christmas I actually recieved some Hello Kitty socks, which is quite disturbing to wear on my beloved feet. I’m planning on burning them. Those contacts freaked me out, I barely slept that night, afraid I’d wake up staring into eyes looking like Hello Kitty. I’m trying to make everyone realize the evilness of Hello Kitty, so thank you soo much for making this website. Now I’ve got proof.


  18. you have my sympathies. . . it sounds like your wife (although I’m sure she’s nice!) needs to be Hello-Kitty thumped along with all the other fanatics out there.

    And yes, I’m a girl. I have a cat. I DESPISE Hello Kitty. Although that AK does have some potential. . . for pure irony, if nothing else.

    Course, being in the US does soften the blow a little – but being a “mature” student on a college campus ramps it right the heck back up.

  19. I just found your blog it is great, I like hello kitty too but i am not that fanatic :)) and u r posts really made my day! Congrats!

  20. You don’t really hate hello kitty. YOU LOVE HER TOO! Otherwise you wouldn’t make this huge blog dedicated to her. Just admit it… step over to the pink side and admit your secret devotion for Hello Kitty. It’s okay, they make Hello Kitty for guys too, now! 🙂

  21. i am the biggest hello kitty fan in this world, much to my boyfriend’s dismay… but your site is the funniest thing i have ever seen in MY LIFE. literally, i did not study for my final exam and or use bathroom facilities or answer phone calls, i sat here.. reading every last entry. pathetic i know but you’re a fabulous writer! i’m sending my boyfriend here so he can see he is not alone!

  22. oh, and so you know! — i came across your site as the NUMBER ONE spot on the google when i typed in “hello kitty airport”.. hahaha, i typed in 489343 other items to look up and i constantly find myself here. you’re always in top 5~ haha

  23. i don’t like HK that much…. even though i am a girl. be strong. btw ur site is amazing… just like sherry dee said… ur site is always on the first page of google… hahahaha

  24. I love this site, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I am not a Hello, Kitty fan. It irritated me when my daughter was young because what does HK have to to with pen and paper(stationary) there was no logical connection, stuffed animal HK I would’ve made more sense. Needless to say I didn’t buy her any HK stuff. I have come up with an idea that I’d been working on that would beat Hello, Kitty, perhaps I should market it as Goodbye Kitty, HELLO…..! When I mention ‘Hello Kitty’ as my major competitor to any man ove 40, they think I’m talking Dirty to them!LOL

  25. I’m a hello kitty fan, but wow your wife takes it to an extreme sorry about that dude. I know for a fact that as soon as I move in with the bf I won’t be doing that to him at all.I enjoy the site though it’s silly how they make EVERYTHING of hello kitty lol

  26. Great site! But hello kitty is amazing, but the food is annoying as
    you can’t eat it as once its gone its gone O_o

    If you ask me your so lucky that you go to hello kitty themed shops!

  27. your blog is the highlight of my day. i work in retail and you make me realize how it could be worse (working at a sanrio store….)

    you’re hysterical and sarcastic – fantastic!

  28. Hi
    I am a big fan of Hello Kitty – but your missus dont half take it too far!
    I apologise for laughing at your pain, the website always brings a smile. I must give you kudos for putting up with your wife – you truly are a saviour to all men.
    For as long as you stay married to her, you are saving some poor other bloke.

    Take care
    Stace x

  29. I love this website. I think Hello Kitty is cute, but practically everything you have on here is outrageous and gives you some “what the hell?!” kind of moments.

    Thanks for spreading the awareness!

  30. Dude,

    I was up late looking at Hello Kitty stuff to buy and your site came up, and it is awesome!! I ‘m obessed with Hello Kitty mainly due to nostalgia and the fact that I couldn’t afford it when I was a kid. I have made up for it in spades with Hello Kitty luggage, Hello Kitty wallets, Hello Kitty Key Chains, Hello Kitty P.J.’s, Hello Kitty bathrobes, Hello Kitty cell phone, Hello Kitty T-shirts, Hello Kitty chonies, Hello Kitty flashlights (etc). When I cut myself, I use a Hello Kitty Band-Aid. I wanted to deck my car out in Hello Kitty everything! My husband said no, and I thought he was just being a jerk. Until I read your site. I realized this has become a true obession! Whenever I buy Hello Kitty I do it at some ungodly hour and with the fear that Amazon may run out of what I want. Maybe I should buy 2 or 3 items in case one breaks and the other wears out. Everyone has to out Hello Kitty the other person that it becomes almost like an arms race! My husband would just role his eyes when I showed him the 3 items (usually totaling over $50, not that they’re worth it) and tell me “no more Hello Kitty, I don’t care” Thanks to your site, I can see the Hello Kitty hell I’ve been putting him through!

  31. I am a normal HK fan. Like I would get Hello Kitty stickers, playing cards, just small kid stuff. But who the hell needs a Hello Kitty banana cover?! Actually, who needs any banana cover? Its kinda creepy staring at Hello Kitty when you’re about to take a dump. Hello Kitty bento? uh. no. Hello Kitty wedding rings are just scary. And men who use Hello Kitty guns-I’m so sorry.

  32. I found your site via Neil Gaiman’s site – something about a Hello Kitty vibrator. I spent awhile looking around and can I just say, I had no idea.

    I’m stunned, simply stunned. Oh, the humanity!

  33. yeah i thought this was one of the funniest sites ive seen in a while and what i liked bout it is that it was actually serious but anyway good job and keep up the blog

  34. I have been brainwashed with Hello Kitty for most of my adult life. Do you know any organizations that can save me. However, you have to admit that the precious kitty is adorable.

  35. I will be the first to say that hello kitty does not look like a freaking cat. It has no mouth, which I guess is supposed to make it cuter, it has a head shaped like a tictac and it has a bow. It’s not cute.

    If you like it, that’s fine, but it’s not for me.

  36. I like your site because of hello kitty stuffs. You are right that some of Hello Kitty stuffs are idiotic and too much obsession is bad.. I admire you that you can tolerate your family’s obsession to HK. I hope that you can tell your wife in a nice way that too much obsession will make you a freak. I am sure your wife will realize and if she got older, she will not be very fond of HK.

    This site is also funny and buying expensive items will waste HK fanatics’ money..

  37. Okay, i must admit i am totally obsessed with Hello Kitty but i still think this site is hilarious even though i would probably buy almost everything on here that is if i dont already have it lol.
    Anyway just wanted to say Good Job (:

  38. I managed a mall gift ship in the eighties. When we started carrying HK merchandise, girls would shriek when they saw it. One time a customer bought everything we had, duplicates and all. What a fun unique website!

  39. Roflmao! I have absolutely enjoyed your site! It has been refreshing to me in my own HKH as I am having to outfit my eldest daughter’s new car in HK! There was a time in my distant past, oh let’s say about age 7 or 8 that I actually liked HK. Thank God I outgrew that! If I never set eyes on another HK object again it will be too soon. Unfortunately I will have to see it every time I look in the driveway and see her car! 🙁 Ughh, too much cutesy for me now, I think it’s time to go drive the Titan in the mud!

  40. when can we see pictures of your wife’s stuff? i’m very curious!

    I spend each and everyday in Hello Kitty Hell and the last things I want to be doing is taking photos of my wife’s stuff (plus the fact that if she sees me doing that, she’ll think that I like her collection). I did break down and take a few photos of our bathroom to prove that the Hell exists, but that is as far as it will go…

  41. I stumbled across this site while trying to find a good place to buy Hello Kitty crap. (Yes, I’m a boy, 11 year old too)

    How Sanrio makes these ridiculous items are wayy too funny. And how your wife reacts to them, I feel pity for you.

  42. I…I am so, so sorry. I can’t imagine a hell worse than this, and I am infinitely sorry you have to suffer it.

    Your wife’s entire life revolves around acquisition of more Hello Kitty collectibles, but she must be a damned awesome woman for you to have not given up on her by this point.

  43. don’t worry, no one will be afraid or die of a heart attack if you post photos of your wife’s collection. (hint-hint)

    i have told a bunch of my “Hello Kitty Friends” about your site, btw.


  44. I am a Hello Kitty fan and found your site unexpectedly and after viewing it……………even I found some of this things utterly ridiculous!….I think this site is Hilarious and and I love it …..though I still love Hello Kitty I think your blog is great…keep it Up!!!

  45. Great site dude…Im with u…your site made me realized that how genious the creator of HK is…and how stupid the fanatics are…

    “just create something that looks cute (not even close in this case to me), put the picture and wordings on ANYTHING I can find, mark up the price to at least 300% and tada, Im rich!”

    This is so sad. How can people ever go so insane over such things! Oh this box normally cost $15. Oh, if I paint it pink and put a HK figure on it, it costs $50. The best thing is, there will be people flocking to buy this over-priced thing.

    Dude, I totally sympathize you. The thought of even staying in a house full of all these overpriced-inferior-quality goods totally freaks me out. My wife is a fanatic, so I totally understand how u feel. Luckily for me, its all under control since Im the one earning the bucks.

    I sincerely hope that your site will bring more laughters (not from your plight but from your humour) and hopefully some sense to all those crazy fanatics out there who have probably guaranteed Mr White’s fortune for the next 10 generations.

    B4 signing out, u gers out there, WAKE UP! It is not even cute. Even if it is, a HK soft toy should be enuff, so pls stop your nonsense!

  46. GO MR. HELLO KITTY HELL! Kudos for you! For every hero, there should be a villain! And you made our Hero’s life complete! You never fail to make me laugh every single day…Cheers!

  47. I love this website.. I found it while shopping for Hello Kitty items.. You are really funny.. by the way, where did your wife get her shoes? hehe

  48. to Mr. HKH,

    i pity you because you’re blaming the poor feline cat about your so called “hello kitty hell”.. first of all, you’re so dumb stupid not to accept that your wife loves hello kitty. second, blame your wife not hello kitty. hello kitty didn’t tell your wife to collect all the items made of hello kitty. your wife’s the only one who loved kitty, as the people who comment here said, hello kitty has no feelings, no mouth, etc.. so kitty can’t speak to your wife and tell her to collect all the hello kitty stuffs, so hello kitty has nothing to do about your wife collecting hello kitty items and making your life like a hell. its your wife’s fault because she loves hello kitty and she makes your life like a “hell” and it’s not hello kitty’s fault.. you have 2 choices, either accept the fact that your wife loves hello kitty or divorce your wife so your “HELLO KITTY HELL” life will be put to an END.. you don’t need to blame hello kitty..

  49. Hilarious! I’m a fanatic too but I can totally understand you. Sometimes the fanscination can get disturbing for non-kitty-people. I like the tattoo story best because I have on myself and now my boyfriend isn’t safe anywhere not even in bed ^^ Poor boy.


  51. I fel sory for you and your toolerantce speaks of your compasion and charter.
    I am a male furry fan, my Hello Kitty Hell is knowing I can’t really tell anybody I like Hello Kitty plushies . I Finlay scrummed to the cuteness and bought a 20″ Hello Kitty Plush to add to my plushie collection. I do not see it going any further. I wonder there are some similarities between Hello Kitty and Furry fans.
    Keep up the good work.

  52. My wife is also obsessed with this tiny capitalist bastard. Made a picture for her and thought you would get a kick out of it.



  53. I work for sanrio, i have been doing so for 2 years now. its an off and on again relationship with that store. When i get so mad about customers, and all the pink i quit, i have done it 3 times but i keep coming back for more, yes its a pay check, but the more i spend time there the more that darn cat gets to you and i must admit hello kitty is a cute drug. everytime we get a new shipment in all of us girls go crazy for all the iteams and make fun of the stupid ugly ones. 😀

  54. Hey there! I am a hello kitty fan, but i ADORE your website! you take a humorous way of dealing with your wife’s obsession. I just hope my future husband can deal with my and my daughters obsession in the same way you do! 😀

  55. ah. lets see, first and foremost – – i love hello kitty. i came across your site a few months ago, on accident though. i find it hilarious. and mostly i am jealous of your wife, but i do feel a lot of sympathy for you.. :]
    anyhow, just figured i’d mention that i love the site.

  56. I too am a Hello Kitty fanatic, and was googling HK and came across this sight. i must say this is the most extensive compilation of HK stuff i have ever seen in my life.

    You know what really pisses me of, fake HK merchandise, you know when you find HK stuff and she has 4 whiskers on each side of her face instead of 3!!!

    Its really hard to get any good stuff here, but i have been saving up and now i am going to order a Kimora Lee Simmons diamond Hello Kitty pendant. at least i will have one HK item i can charish for the rest of my life.

    Does your wife have her own web sight where she sells her stuff?

  57. I think this is a great idea I’m pulling for you and even sent it to my email so I can let others know. I hope your little friends get great joy out of your mission. My friend and daughters like Helloo Kitty. I did when I was a little girl but then I found faeries and was a goth/but rock chick. I’m not very commited so I changed alot. I work w/ the developmentaly diabled and know how much donations make a differance. If one person checks out a non profit orginization and gives even a secondhand item it could change many lives.
    I wish you well!

  58. I can’t fathom being in your shoes. How you have lived without going completely insane and going on a killing spree is beyond me.

    The site is hilarious though man. I like reading the CRAZIES’ comments and how they with they were in your shoes and similar stuff. Crazy people are so funny. And Sanrio profits off of it so much lol.
    I can just imagine them sitting back smoking cigars, laughing because they make so much money on useless novelty items.

  59. Dude! I totally got a random idea! What if YOU became obsessed with a popular cartoon character? It would mean a battle of the culture icons, right? Right???

  60. I agree that hello kitty has gone a litte too far with making things hello kittified my sister even has a hello kitty nail grooming set, a hello kitty popcorn maker, and a mini hello kitty water cooler.I think people who obsess with hello kitty are weird but I still think she’s a cute little cat.

  61. came across your blog when i was trying to find pictures to support my blog entry.

    well, i totally commiserate with you. i really don’t know why hello kitty is called such because she definitely doesn’t look or act like a cat. as a cat person, i feel a bit weirded out that a character banks on a specie’s name to catapult itself to fame. hahaha, that’s a bit extreme, but really, no wonder i haven’t met any cat person who likes its most famous cartoon version.

  62. What a freakin’ scream!! There is no one cuter than HK, maybe my cat Stella… I used some of your pictures and sent out an email with a little written line introducing what I could use the item for, etc. Boy did I get some responses. My problem, even though you won’t care, is that I bought a Moto Guzzi motorcycle and I cannot find a plate frame for it in –you know what…Couldn’t you just forward this to your wife so she could help me??? I recently had a big bruise and I’m jealous I didn’t think of decorating it. Does your wife have a qevsite, I don’t hink I’ve seen the pictures of your household items that others have spoken about.

  63. I admit I like Hello Kitty in a way, but when I found out there’s an online Hello Kitty multiplayer game, I practically laughed I my ass off. Hello Kitty candy is fine, T-shirts and necklaces and keychains and towels are fine, but my god, I never knew all this stuff and all these crazy people excisted! Your site is very amusing and I can really feel your pain sometimes.
    I’d really like a Hello Kitty keychain, though, and I don’t even know why…

  64. Dear Sir,

    I must confess that I have read your postings from back to front, and I am at a loss of words.

    1) it is commendable that your wife is making a living by pursuing her hobby. “do what you like, and you will never work a day in your life”.

    2) it is the opposite of commendable to be punished all the time for expressing your self about your dislike of the worship-ication of a commercial venture.

    So I truly hope that you are joking about being sent to the sofa with at hello kitty sleeping bag.

    If this is in fact the truth, please provide me with at mailing address where I may be able to send you a manly military sleeping bag. At the very least, your punishment will be less severe.

    I also recommend that you develop a hobby, like for example, collecting playboy bunnies, and have everything you like playboy related. You know, like playboy bunny cups, playboy bunny accessories for your car, a couple of subscriptions to the myriad of publications that the Playboy Corp. has to offer, like Asian lingerie models, Asian college sorority drunkards, etc.

    Maybe then we can read your wife’s new website blog titled: “PlayboyBunnyHell.com”

    I salute you,

    Uncle Jerry.

    P.S.: I would do the Hustler collection myself. There is a lot more pink in their products, maybe they can match your wife’s Hello Kitty Pink LOL.

  65. I have to admit I like Hello Kitty, but, I do believe they have crossed the line of too much. They have made just about every think Hello Kitty.
    I went to a shop once that was all HK. I walked five feet in. And walked straight back out. I think it was the pink overload that turned me away.

    Only thing I can say is I’m sorry you have to go through this.

  66. I am laughing my head off, your mockery is just classic. My utmost admiration how you see your hell through with humor and wit! My sister is a hello kitty fan and I just sent her this website, I am sure she’ll have a blast reading your blog. Cheers!

  67. Hello Kitty just stares back at you in every picture, unblinking… for all eternity… Hello KITTY IS EVIL!!! Even though that cat ain’t real, whoever thought of her is EVIL

  68. i love hello kitty!! but i hate d way people are rude 2 people qho dont like hello kitty! if u like it or not its ure business! right? ye, right! haha u make me laugh!

  69. Hello!
    What can i say i am in love in your site. Oh my name is Ulrika iam 32 and i live in Sweden. Is something for sale???
    With love
    One big fan of Our dear Hello kitty!!!

  70. I have come to the collusion this is not about you wives obsession but your, sadly you are at the point that separates local criticism and madness.
    Don’t believe me that let me challenge you to find one thing good about Hello Kitty Just one thing .

  71. I visite your website at least once a week and although it’s amusing to read your blogs, I realise everytime that we’re living in a sad, sad world that’s dominated by such “evil” witchcraft as the Hello Kitty mania.

    I must admit that I like some Hello Kitty stuff, because I simply can’t ignore the cuteness of it. Therefore I have my own minimal collection of Hello Kitty things that I like. But I certainly don’t like the whole hustle. On the contrary, it’s just awful how many things this commercial trick has cultivated, and how it has become an obsession for many people to possess it.

    No, I only buy Hello Kitty stuff that is really useful to me and that I find really adorable, and I easily manage to walk out of a Hello Kitty store without buying something, and without regretting it 🙂

    But I think the whole Hello Kitty exaggeration should be stopped, because it isn’t cute or fun anymore. It’s simply sick and makes me dislike the whole HK trade.

    I’d say… keep up spreading the message!

  72. You. Are. A. Legend.

    Not only is this blog insanely funny, with the comments always providing additional giggles, but you managed to providing the best way to procrastinate at work.

    I’m not really a hello kitty fan, I once received a HK alarm clock for christmas one year (that was swiftly donated to the five year old girl across the street who was hugging it delightfully) and I knew its scope was huge, but this, I never knew it was this MASSIVE. I knew nothing of shoes, tombstones, and who knows what else.

    I feel for those who cannot read a blog and understand why you won’t tell them where something is, when it’s written down so directly. I guess there is a dip somewhere in the education system…

    Anyway, great blog, hilarious comments and just, fantastic. Thanks so much for this. I’ll keep an eye out every now and again for random updates 🙂

  73. I nearly got a heart attack when I was the pictures of your bathroom! My God! How can you live that way? Does your wife not realise that this is just not normal? Does she not understand that all she does is making the HK manufacturers make money? Do you have children? If not, get some soon! They cost a lot of money, so there will be less money to spend on that awful HK crap, and at least the money will be spent more wisely then. Also, maybe your wife will lose her interest then, as there will be less time to look at HK.

    Or maybe you could start your own collection. Take something that your wife would absolutely hate, spiders or pin up magazines or whatever. Then you can come to an agreement: if she wants your collection out, she’ll have to dump some of her own stuff too.

    You have my sympathy!

  74. HAHAHAHAHAHA…………I absolutely LOVE your website!!! I stumbled unto your website by chance while looking for a skype phone for my niece. OMG I know I shouldn’t be laughing at your expense but you really had me in stitches for hours! Thank you ever so much for sharing with us. Your wife must be a one ‘hell’ of special lady 😉

  75. Hey there! I am from Lima, Peru… I am hello kitty fan… you have to see my car! hahaha… its called the “Kitty Car” for a reason… but anyways… I ADORE your website! you take a humorous way of dealing with your wife’s obsession. I know there is so much stupid things with the cat face on them… but she is so adorable! Why can you love her?? hahaha

  76. OMGoodness! Can I just tell you your sense of humor is wayyy out of here! I LOVE it!!! Although I am a HK Lover (don’t turn away just yet!) I know that many men feel the same way (my husband included) LOL
    Thank you for the laughs I am sure you bring to so many!
    P.S. I really can’t believe the things people do in the name of the kitty!!! LOL

  77. thogh you are against hk (n i suppose u have sum ryt to b) i as a hk fan luv ure site it is funny and gives an insite to the extremity of some fans btw do yew like the twilight books?

  78. Sorry you are in “hello kitty hell”, my husband would say the same thing. BUT-i make sure MY hello kitty isnt out for the world to see, its hidden 🙂 so I can have all the HK stuff I want, just don’t put it in his way. It works out for the both of us. I would think you wife, would want your house to be about who YOU are as well, and not just show her personality and that’s all. I would think you could give her one room, and that be it. I mean, the bathroom picture I saw, was a little much! Even for a fellow HK fan. I wouldn’t go that far considering I share a home with my husband. Maybe you guys can come to a happy medium 🙂

  79. @wendy

    Oh! I got an idea too! HK guy, do you have an attic that is safe to stay up in for a while? Maybe that can be transformed into a special HK office for your wife. I know I’d appreciate it. 🙂 Maybe you guys can come to some sort of agreement so you aren’t tripping over HK merch all day.

  80. Hello. Even though I am a huge hello kitty fan and my fiance hates it! I want to say though that I love the website and I am so sorry for you to have to deal with one of me’s (your wife) HK fan! Just wanted to say that and why do people get so damn mad with you if you dont tell them where to find things? http://www.google.com work well with searching for everything you note on your website!

  81. Heck! I would be laughing at your blog coz’ its first class humor. But for HK, shes working sanrio employees like Ki to death you know forcing em’ to make more HK to conquer the world!

    Let this blog go on…:)

  82. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl. I was born in Japan and I’m japanese. But, I got to say, your site is hilarious!! My husband feels just like you. He hates it, but since he loves me, he puts up with it. I think I will send him here!!

  83. i just came upon your site and was floored when i saw all those HK dolls that ur wife donated and u said it didn’t make a dent? Seriously is this a real site? I can’t believe that your wife owns that much stuff and that you even have room in your home for everything? That’s amazing..i have to give u major props…

  84. Those of us who are devoted to “the one true Kitty” are also shocked by over zealousness. The endless collection of Kitty items limits the amount of time one can spend following in Kitty’s paw prints; acting as ambassadors of friendship around the world. Unless, of course, the items have been collected while making new friends.

  85. My wife reads your blog after I told her about it and she loves it too and she is a Hello Kitty Lover. My wife also says that are stationed over here. Just trying to figure out where are you at.

  86. i love hello kitty but i find this blog funny 🙂

    my bf feels the same way about hello kitty as u haha ill have to show him the site

    your wife sounds kool

    xo keep up the amusing blogs

  87. I love this website! I’m a pretty big Hello Kitty fan, but the stuff you find it absolutely hilarious! Makes me laugh/feel slightly afraid.

    My boyfriend, mother and friends all tend to buy me HK gifts when the “times of giving” roll around, but I think if I ever got any of the stuff you’ve posted on here I’d be a bit worried for their sanity. Better keep them away from this site incase it gives them ideas!
    (But they know I’d love it really…)

    Great site, really fun. Keep up the good work and don’t let the kitty get you down too much!

  88. I have to say – I do own a few Hello Kitty items….but your blog is just GREAT! Your humoristic banter reflects terrifically as you convey your message of disapproval and admiration for such idiosyncrasies simultaneously. Love it! Will definitely become your number one fan as you keep me laughing throughout the mundane days of my “professional” life.

    Best of luck!

  89. I am a 41 yo straight male, married, with one girl, 2 cars (the kind men would like to drive), and a motorcycle. I prefer my hard liquor straight – not wine; smoke cigars – not filter cigaretts. I have both a hairy back and a$$. Except I melt for Hello Kitty.

    I cannot deny the cuteness. I do not resist any longer and life is good under guidance and protection of my mistress Hello Kitty. Each time I travel to the Far East, I load up on Hello Kitty idols because Hello Kitty there is more pure than Hello Kitty stateside. My daughter would like other things but I insist on Hello Kitty, for it is She that will protect us during the Final Days when Kuromi tricks most of mankind.

    One day I wish a pilgrimage to the Great Temple where servants make Hello Kitty. I will use the clue “Made in China” to find it and will travel in her sacred chariot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:EVA_hellokitty1.JPG

    Please, . . . HKH, joy and happiness awaits for you to join your wife and accept Hello Kitty mantra. I pray for you, and pray she will dump that man-wh0re Daniel for me. (I could settle for Mimi, her sister.)

  90. funniest website ever….love the humor from ur personal experiences and what other people say…not to mention hk disasters…..nightmares.

  91. I love this blog – I stumbled across it a year ago when looking for something else, spent hours looking through everything – laughing myself sick. Found it again this morning and am going to bookmark it!
    I live in Japan…and my (5 year old) daughter LOOOOVES Hello Kitty – though thankfully not overwhelmingly.
    We have a Sanrio shop on our shopping street, and the song of the Hello Kitty popcorn machine out the front could easily send me insane. Hello Kitty popcorn is a VERY occasional treat for our little girl!

  92. id like to share a hello kitty story. now im rather indifferent about miss kitty. i admit as a child i liked her and her cronies and now my fave is badtz marou, that little penquin with an attitude. but in all i can see and apprecaite the ire thats has risen up around her. the thought of her heading for global domination doesnt seem like such a far fetched idea. any way i had purchased a phone charm that was this black gothic looking dangle that had a tiny little goth loli hello kitty miniature. more so for the uther part of the dangle than for the miniature but since she was in black and very small it didnt offend much. some time later i attended san diego comic con. and during the festivities i lost my phone. needless to say i freaked the hell out! and i went to the lost and found booth quite a few times to see if any one turned it in. i called my number on a friends phone and thank fully one of the staff answerd and said theyll turn it in right away to the lost and found desk. i high tailed it over there and asked if any one turned in a silver cell phone. ” no, no body turned in a phone at all.” i replied are you sure? it has a little black hello kitty charm..” before i could finish she said “oh yeah now i remember becouse i was looking at that charm.”
    so as irksome as it is hello kitty was helpful in getting my phone back. of course it wasnt some time later that i thought to my self, “wait a minute bitch! you just said no one turned in a phone. and you just had it in your hand not two minutes before i got there?” this year im covering the damn thing in multi colored crystals with a huge skull sticker on one side and a hello kitty sticker on the other flipping the finger. if i lose my phone again there SHE’LL DAMN WELL REMEMBER if some one turned in a phone!

  93. I hate hello kitty! Seriously, this site makes me puke. With that mouthless cat around in this site, I shall really have bad dreams. If u hate hello kitty so much, why post all things regarding about it? it does not make sense to me.

    In case u’re wondering, i did not visit this site intentionally. My horrific sister who is also mad about hello kitty forced me to comment.

  94. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! you poor bastard! what you must have to put up with. i am a Kitty lover myself, but would never subject someone i supposedly loved to such torture. you have gained a new fan – your posts are hilarious, even for someone who loves Kitty like i do.

    May the force of something besides Hello Kitty be with you.

  95. to the owner of this page: where can I find your wife’s “shop”? and are you Americans living in japan? and how and why? I wish there was a guestbook for this, but hopefully someone will dig up my comment and answer….

    does HKH have a facebook or something???

  96. Just wanted to say how much I love your site…. I think my husband and I are living parallel lives with you and your wife over here in Australia. We have the worst Hello Kitty range here, you cant find HK anywhere (maybe you should consider moving down under!). I even pay to have a U.S. postal address so that I can have Hello Kitty items, that wont ship to Oz shipped to my U.S address and then forwarded on to me….We also take regular trips to the States so I can get my Sanrio store fix… Keep up the good work and remember where you may end up when you die!!!!!!! P.S I am having a Hello Kitty tattoo done tomorrow, will be finished mid-May. Of course I will send pics….

  97. I got nudged in this direction by a friend who sent me a link to your message to Hello Kitty whiners.
    I read that and lol’d.
    Then I explored some more of the website, and nothing else that I could ever witness for the rest of my life could scar me as much as this website does.
    These fanatics are brainwashed.
    Peace out.

  98. I love Hello Kitty but let’s say that I am not crazy as your wife about it. Even though: Your page is just hilarious! Keep going! Regards, Lucia

  99. i’m a hello kitty fan, and find your tearing into hello kitty hilarious… i mean, seriously, it’s a friggin’ cartoon, how can anyone be offended about someone hating it and making fun of it… reading the posts of the ‘whiner’s is so sad, those people really need to get a life… i mean, if someone likes hello kitty, you’d think they’d love your site simply because it has more hello kitty stuff than anywhere else… and making fun of it is, well, fun! keep up the good work! but add some more edge to it, i think you’re being a little too nice, er, or, not ‘mean’ enough… lol

  100. Gente…é demais isso!!!!!!!!!
    Tudo lindo, adorei!!!!

  101. my friend just sent me the link to your blog and i must say, what a discovery! like many others reading, i’m actually a bit of a hello kitty fan – but your posts are hilarious. nice work!

  102. A mate of mine showed me your blog. After reading the FAQ section, it gives a clearer picture of your attitude toward Hello Kitty merchandise. That you are just truly venting. I do have one question though, and it mostly to the Hello Kitty addicts that respond to your blog. You do realize that Hello Kitty is not an actual person right? There is no way to “love her” or “adore her”, “she” isn’t your best friend. You know that Hello Kitty is a fictional character don’t you? It’s just a logo, like the Nike swoosh symbol. It was invented in 70’s by a company in order to sell more products. I hate to burst your bubble, but some of the comments responding to this blog makes me question the mental sanity of those commenting.

  103. You must really love your wife!

    I do love this blog it is very amusing and it’s comforting to know that my minor appreciation of HK is no where near this scary. (although I’d love the rifle – is that wrong?)

    Keep it up, It’s entertaining. (not your pain but errr–… Oh! You get what I mean!)

  104. Why… if you hate Hello Kitty SO MUCH. Are you still with your wife? Do you still run this blog? Obviously you’re exaggerating your despise of little miss kitty. I bet deep inside you love the little critter… it’s okay, because so do I ^-^ Hello Kitty is soooo cute! >w<

  105. Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary! BEWARE. MUAHAHA. Anywho, Nothing special on their website as of yet. But I’m checking daily =P. I love your Blog dudddddeeee! /high five!. It makes me feel good that I’m not the only one with compulsive buying problem. Nice alternative therapy group. LOL. Too bad the Hello kitty cult is just getting stronger with every generation. Yup, check out my myspace. That’s my daughter with her favorite doll, got it for free with $100 purchase at sanrio.com during Easter. /Pats your head and gives you a Hello Kitty Lollipop. Suck it up!

  106. Hey HK-Fans,

    sorry for my bad english but I will do my best!

    I love Hello Kitty over 15 years and my family how my friends dont understand my love to the sweetest Kitty in the Comicworld… I am 20 years now^^

    The HP is very great and have many funny things to show. What I need more?!

    In August, I wanna HK Tattoo. That is a dream I must do.


    LG Ina

  107. hello~

    i’m enjoying your blog. and i kinda thought that you just like my fiance. he had a little terrible situations when i’d got too excited with some stuffs.. i love hello kitty too.. but just fan.. not obviously to be fanatic.
    Say hi to your wife, hehe? ^_^

  108. Hi, I’ve just visited your blog for the first time and although I think it’s interesting, I don’t think I’ll be back. I didn’t realize the Hello Kitty crap/merchandise had gone so far, and I can’t bear to read more about it because I can’t see the funny side of it.

    Frankly I’m angered that grown adults can be so out of control and so easily manipulated by a bloated and soulless merchandising empire like this. If we’re going to save the Earth and humanity, we’ve got to grow up and stop consuming unnecessary plastic crap at ridiculously marked up prices.

    I feel so very bad for you, but I’m glad to see you’ve found a creative outlet for your frustration. You must love your wife very much, she is lucky to have you.

  109. i loveeee this website !
    even though you don’t like hello kitty,
    i still think it’s funny reading the things you write.
    i love hello kitty and my boyfriend doesn’t hate her as much as you do lol.
    one time he tried to have a staring contest with her, but umm you can’t win that.
    but anyways thanks for the website/blog because the posts are so funny and i get to see all the cool hello kitty stuff !!!!!!!!!!!
    but i agree with the other fanatics, it is mean that you won’t tell us where to buy the stuff but i understand i guess, you can’t endorse something you hate.

  110. Dear Mister Hello Kitty Hater Person,
    I think your website is lovely =]
    && Even though I am completely devoted
    to Kitty, I can understand where you’re coming
    Have a Cute Day=]

  111. I’m 45 and have dug HK for over 10 years. I have no idea why but my first crush was Speed Racer’s girlfriend Trixie…..

  112. Sometimes I joke with my friends saying that when I have a house of my own I will have a room full of HK stuff. (Yes yes yes, ewww right..I know). But but but but… they are so cute! Some are just weird and absurd.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about HK products. It’s entertaining and informative.
    p.s. you’re such a brave man! Kudos to you. 🙂

  113. Haha wow, this site is funny. I love hello kitty but I agree with the ridiculous merchandise. And I got a giggle from seeing the hello kitty tattoo blog, because I just got a tattoo of a hellokitty bow on my wrist. But all in all, this site is great. Keep it up:)

  114. i just came across this site while searching for HK checks. loved the blog about the credit card! i had gotten one from BOA and was overjoyed, to the point of ridiculousness! showed everyone and was so proud when pulling it out of my wallet to make a purchase…ah but a las the boyfriend just thought i was crazy.

    this a great site, i’m def a fan ^_^

  115. came across you lookin at random hk stuff. im 21 and my room is the decor of a 5 yr olds, decked out in hello kitty. ive even got a tattoo! i def will continue to check out this page and read your witty comments and win kitty stuff!! hello kitty hell was an amazing idea!

  116. About page fail. Why have an about page if you won’t throw the reader a bone and have, say, ONE sentence at least about what your damn site is about?

  117. What is the definition of hello kitty? What is the history of Hello Kitty??? When did it started?? What background does it have???

  118. i luv hello kitty so so so so so so so so so so so much i wish that i could marry her …….. this is so tit i want to thank who ever came up with this web site

  119. wow i just found this blog and i have too say i just absolutely love it. my sis i a fanatic of all things HK. rest a shored that not all girls have lost their minds to HK . who and the heck sits around and thinks this stuff up they need to get a real job. lol

  120. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and I’m relieved to know there are actually people out there who don’t like Hello Kitty.

    Well, I love cat and they are very adorable. But it’s just wrong to classify HK as a cat! Just want to say I can understand how you feel, even though I’m only living in a HK pothole…

    Keep your sanity in the HK hell.

  121. I am a huge HK fan myself i have alot of different HK stuff on just about everything i own including 2 HK tattoos but i love your blog and some people i know can definitely agree with you about it being ridiculous. Keep up the awesome posts. when i have nothing to do i get on here to see whats new, a good majority of gift ideas come from here. i love it.

  122. im christan i used to love hello kiti but if i dont know if i lik it any more is this real where do you get your info from im scerd i dont now if it is a friken mith or not

  123. Ohmigoshh! Hello Kitty is amazing and super freaking adorable! 😀 My friend and I are freaking obsessed! I LOVE HELLO KITTY! 😀 Lol.. :]

    • Hello! I’m an ordinary Chinese pupils.
      I really like your web site.
      I’m through a magazine know the web site, the site really very interesting.
      I hope you can continue to update!

  124. My girlfriend is a slight fanatic, but I have made it extremely clear that I think Hello Kitty is evil and trying to take over the world in a secret alliance with iPods. So she’s nice enough not to rub it in my face too much. Also I make disgusted faces when she wears Hello Kitty clothes or leaves Hello Kitty stuffed toys on the bed. Seems to work.

    It was worse at University, where my housemate put a Hello Kitty toilet seat cover on. The face on it was about 6 or 7 inches raised, so stopped the seat from staying up. Her answer was that I should sit down on the toilet. I didn’t. Normally I would just take it off and throw it somewhere (out the window, in the shower, etc) then one day I was drunk and left it on when the seat bounced back down again. Let’s just say it never quite smelled the same again…

  125. My husband and I LOVE this site! I am a hello kitty fan (Note:not a fanatic), and checking in on this site occasionally gives us both a good laugh! My husband found the site when he was looking for a necklace to buy for my birthday. Very ironic…

    Keep up the good work, and know that another couple shares your pain!

  126. Hi I love your site and left various comments on your post.
    Kuromi rocks better than Hello Kitty any day. All the sickly cute stuff can be too much for a normal people. Anyone who lives with Hello Kitty fan must have strong stomach to endure such torture.
    Dark cute rules.

  127. I love hello kitty so much, but I love reading your site! Sometimes it does get a bit ridiculous with all the things they come out with, but I love hello kitty so!

  128. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your website and I really want everything on it! Thank you for making me a crazy Hello Kitty fan!

  129. Hi,i’m a chinese girl. fought your website in an internet,
    i am very interesting about it
    i have many thing about hello kitty , but i donot like it at all .
    all the kitty is because an important memory about kitty in my life.

  130. Hi I had made a Hello Kitty Rangoli in Diwali and would like to share it on this website.

    Rangoli is made on a festival called “Diwali” in India. Please suggest how should i share it?

  131. I don’t love HK, but I don’t hate her either. I love your website, it is so funny. I love the advertisements that are at the side advertising stupid HK inventions like the microwave hello kitty rice cooker. LOL Keep posting! <3

  132. I happen to be a HK fan but I LOVE your website – it’s hysterical and I enjoy seeing HK items I didn’t know existed. Kudos to you for finding a constructive way to vent you frustration and allowing us to benefit from your misery! 🙂

  133. Like many of the commenters before me, I’m also a HK fan but I love reading your blog! Absolutely hilarious! I love finding out about insane HK products that I would never actually buy, but secretly think are awesome for even existing heheheheheh. For example, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw your “Hello Kitty Hotel Room” post. It definitely creeps me out, but I ALMOST want to drag my boyfriend there just for laughs! 😀

  134. I love all the ads on your site advertising hello kitty produce to me xD It’s like they know most the people reading your blog are huge hello kitty fans…

  135. As much as I love hello kitty, I still totally love this blog! Its crazy how much time someone devotes to something they dislike so strongly. Hello Kitty is absolute madness sometimes!

  136. I hate you!
    You find all the terrible hello kitty things made and then use it against her!
    I love hello kitty and you have no right to say this stuff!

  137. Hi,it is so crazy to see how some people will go to some lengths for hellokitty I am a hellokitty fan a HUGE one!I am 11 and I love ur blog for some reason… I am such a crazy fan I am going to throw a hellokitty party this year and to think that wuz a litte insaine was insaine because once I read ur blog I guess i’m normal:):P-HELLO KITTY <3'S U;)

  138. Oooooook… I’m almost 20 and I actually never really heard of HK until moving to Hawaii where she’s quite popular. I wouldn’t consider myself a fan but I thought the toon was simple and cute and a new idea for some nail art.. I’m kinda 2nd guessing about that now.. Just when you think something just can’t be possible, someone proves us wrong! 😮 I was a bit freaked out by some of the pics i saw on here..
    But I wanna say that it’s people that make things evil. I don’t think (at least I HOPE not) that HK was intended for evil or to take over the world. haha
    Anyway.. To the creator of this site.. You’re a nice husband to even live with so much of that! haha I hope you at least have some kind of “man room” for yourself. And thanks for not using lots of profanity. I think it shows your consideration. 🙂
    To the HK fanatics… If you know that sites like this are for ppl that OPPOSE, I agree with the no whine policy. You’d feel the same about opposers going into fan territory. haha
    ..Btw, yeah HK is cute but TOO much of something can be bad for you.. Juuuuust sayin..

  139. I just wondered what ”Hello Kitty” really was, and came across with your site – I shall be that lucky more often!

    I do not think I really understand what is to be a fan, or even to be obsessed with an image. An overused image consequently loses its meaning, right?

    Anyway! Greetings from Turkey! 🙂

  140. So I’m planning my baby girl’s first birthday and my sister suggested why don’t you do a Hello Kitty theme. I’ve never been a die hard fan but I did like it as a kid so I figure why not. And off I go to do some research on “Hello Kitty Stuff” for the birthday party. OMG!!!! I did not know that people go so overboard with this feline obsession! And then I ran into this site… You had me laughing for hours. I’m saddend to let you know that because of this site I’m now making HK pizza minis and sandwhiches and cookies for my girl’s birthday party. I just think they are adorable and you help me see it! I’m pretty sure that wasn’t your intention but oh well! hahaha!
    The site is great! Keep it up!

  141. HI, Im mexican, i so love your blog, and i should be focused right now on my final work so i can graduate from university lol! But this is just soo cool, last night I discovered the HK Sweets Café in Taipei.. now i am enjoying my morbid fascination here and i must say that this is the first time i left a comment on a blog (you reaallly really got me). It is true, HK stuff are idiotic. Im not a fan, i have never been, its just too much pinky cheesy kitsch for me. But i must confess HK collections have interesting stuff.. for example, the toaster-oven-coffee-machine lol! I want one! but i want it black or silver or normal white. If only some of this HK appliances were sold in normal brands presentation… Plus HK is just so expensive.. its ridiculous… but it is the explotation of afections.. Im a philosopher, im specialized in art matters.. and hello kitty the hell have a lot of material what to investigate for… 🙂

  142. I really like hello kitty, not to the point where it’s fanatic, I just think the image is a cute one.

    The thing that confuses me however, is if you hate Hello Kitty so much, why do you spend your time blogging about it? You’re essentially immersing yourself in the thing that you claim to hate the most? I mean…it’s baffling really.

  143. To say it simple HK is the best thing ever and u man u suck ! U don’t even know about wat are u talkin about! If u delete this site: belive me u will make many pplz happy! So i say. let’s say hello kitty isn’t good or special but u could not have to make that site man ! are u obsessed?

  144. Thank you for keeping this site going for so long. I used to read this at work & forgot about it till today now I’m adding it to my RSS reader! <3 IT!!

  145. I just found your blog and it’s one of the funniest things on the Web! My tastes in cartoons runs more to Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes and Candorville, but the extremes people go to in creating this stuff just blows my mind. Keep up the good work!

  146. I’d always hated Hello Kitty, but your site made me a fan. I mean, who cares about some Kitty on a lunchbox? But a Kitty on a Taser? That’s fantastic! I love that people around the world are joining together in putting the Kitty in the most ridiculously inapt places.

  147. hi just wanna ask where and how can i get a hello kitty oven toaster and microwave oven.. ive been looking for this for a couple of years!
    kindly feedback me on the preocess of ordering. please please please!!!!
    kindly email me or leave a PM on my facebook account for more info…
    god bless!

  148. Dear Mr Hello Kitty Hell,
    You do realize that you are a super hero in a battle where all that is pink and fluffy and insidious. I too am trying to spare one of my friends this sad, sad existence that you lead (sorry I called you sad, and your existance too) But I try every day to glean some of your wisdom so that I might post it and share your real life lessons with him and also stick it in his GFs face that she is a vapid evil woman and should be destroyed or left in the land of HKH where he brain could meld with all she considers Holy (she actually wants the house for gods sake…The HOUSE.) Keep fighting the good fight. Someday perhaps soon we shall be free of the cute evil that lurks.

  149. “#66 Comment from Itakethefith
    Time: June 22, 2008, 9:46 pm

    I fel sory for you and your toolerantce speaks of your compasion and charter.
    I am a male furry fan, my Hello Kitty Hell is knowing I can’t really tell anybody I like Hello Kitty plushies . I Finlay scrummed to the cuteness and bought a 20? Hello Kitty Plush to add to my plushie collection. I do not see it going any further. I wonder there are some similarities between Hello Kitty and Furry fans.
    Keep up the good work.”
    ” I do not see it going any further.”

    Update: I was wrong, I did not know how much she would take over my life. Three years and loving it.

  150. I love hello kitty, but i HATE cats. So if you think about it, it’s better to have a room full of hello kitty, than a room full of cats!

  151. I absolutely love your site. My daughter is 3 and is already a HK fanatic. She threw the biggest, most embarrassing, fit in the store the other day when we didn’t stop to look at all the HK merchandise. I see now where this is going if I don’t nip it in the bud now. Thank you for the wake up call!


  153. I love Hello Kitty and think she’s adorable, but I find it hilarious where the depths of some people’s obsession will go. I’ll take the occasional plush, pillow, shirt, or purse, thanks. You can keep the kitty coffins and other insanity. XD

  154. I’m hello kitty’s biggest fan and i’m fourteen and hello kitty is soo cute. I dont believe in all the real story behind hello kitty anymore now. I did do for about an hour one day and was really upset about it but now i dont think it’s real. Hello kitty isn’t real so it’s not an evil feline and i wish hello kitty haters would stop hating hello kitty as if it’s real coz it’s not.

  155. allthough i don’t hate the cat ,but from these photos,i can’t help bringing up.god,maybe the word is a little crazzy.

  156. Funny site! But do I detect a slight hint of you being a secret fan? Go on, its not too shaming to just come out and admit it you know!

  157. I LOVE Hello Kitty so one would think I would hate you but, I can’t help but think you are a secret HK fan 😉 And while I agree that some of these things are outrageous and I agree Kitty is slowly taking over the world I can’t help but think how fun it would be to drive around in a HK armored car……….

  158. ok i adore sanrio and i think your blog is the most hilarious shit i’ve gone through almost all of it and i cannot stop laughing
    please dont stop running this blog ily

  159. I love this blog; even though I am a fan of Hello Kitty, and I collect– not nearly as much as your girl though; I enjoy reading about a lot of things that are made of Hello Kitty. If you’re ever looking for a place to get rid of the excess Hello Kitty stuff at home, let me know LOL because I will take it without hesitation. XD

    Anyway, thank you for this blog. My fiance rather enjoys my fandom for Hello Kitty, because well, it’s the only Cat he’s not allergic to and he finds my love for it cute.

  160. Well, I am totally positive that you ….. are either JEALOUS of Hello Kitty … or you LOVE her, but are embarrassed to say so because you are a guy!!
    how about that?? it’s OK, I ADORE Hello Kitty, I am her #1 Fan, have been for almost 35 years and will die one!
    When I win Powerball I will invite you to fly Honk Kong – Taiwan in the Hello Kitty jet .. and we stay in the Hello Kitty Hotel!! You can smile, come on, nobody is watching!!
    Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty,Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty, +^..^=
    it’s OK, i am addicted so I do understand!! :)))))))))

  161. Most people making fun of you here are either of a twisted logic or ridiculous fans. That feline cartoon character is extremely overrated, over-hyped and overpriced, yet people fall for it. I don’t find HK hideous, but distasteful and with no personality at all. Besides, some activists would hate me were they to know me better.

    I laugh at their empty laughs they post as they reply with a bit of hatred in defiance of your point of view.

    Keep the fight alive.

  162. Miss you man, wish you had time to continue. This was one of my most favorite blogs. Whatever has happened, I hope everything is going well for you. The mouth-less goddess awaits your return! =)

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